CM Punk addresses Colt Cabana, AEW EVPs and Hangman Adam Page at post-All Out presser

Most mainstream news is BS. Most news channels on TV are told to say the exact same thing. I hardly see actual news today. They are now always telling us how we should think. How we should feel about the war. They tell us who is the bad guy and the good guy. God forbid we make up our own minds about stuff.

Then they even edit interviews and speeches to fit their narrative. Yesterday I saw an interview that Roger Waters did with CNN. They edited the part of his interview where he told the truth about how the Ukrainians violated the Minsk agreement and were the ones to start the war. The interviewer even said that Roger Waters is wrong because it was not the story that CNN was pushing. We only knew the truth because someone leaked the unedited video.

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It’s not about biases. It’s about sources. Everybody in AEW cant stand Cornette and the feeling is mutual. There is no way anybody involved in the scrum is talking to him about it. So if Cornette is “reporting” on what happened he’s really just repeating speculation and talking out of his ass. The worst of wrestling journalism.

Metzler is a fan of AEW. He has strong credible connections throughout the organization. When he reports on something behind the scenes it has a much higher probability of being accurate. That’s the difference.


Can I ask you this? What % of the blame would you put on the Bucks? Do you put any at all? For me its probably like 75/25.

Cornette is not claiming to be a journalist. So how serious you take his “I heard from so and so” is on the listener. And it’s not really fair to say that everybody in AEW can’t stand Cornette, when you can basically guarantee that Punk, FTR, and MJF listen to him. And oh look… arguably the 3 most over acts in the company.

And yes it is about biases. Because when Dave is discussing the matter, he’s obviously gonna paint his friends in a better light. Omega’s 8/10 comment is a recent example of that.

Big picture on this situation: This was a culmination of things and Punk’s main point was right, just executed expressing it terribly. TK is trying to be everyone’s friend, is generally inexperienced, and shouldn’t have made active wrestlers executives. The Elite talk to the dirtsheets, and have holes in their leadership ability.

No one handled the situation correctly and Punk was the top instigator, but that doesn’t devalue the accurate critiques. There are lessons to be learned and money to be made if those involved are willing to learn from this situation. Granted, my spidey senses tell me that TK may be the only one who learns from this lol.

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What is funny to me (and I’m not trying to start the debate or work or shoot or anything like that) is how Kenny in his promo upon his return expressed how they will continue to “change the world” of professional wrestling and how it is consumed

If anything this shituation has shown me is that intentional or not they have absolutely changed the way Wrestling is consumed in that people are still discussing this and one guy can’t even come back for 8 months (Punk).


Backstage drama has overshadowed the onscreen product and generated more conversation for 20 years. This is nothing new.


Exactly @Derek87

Cornette is not a journalist. He maybe has a couple of friends but he doesn’t have sources or any other real insight into the situation. He’s basically giving you his opinion - bc that’s what he sells. His opinion.

Meltzer is a reporter. He reports facts that are unbiased. In addition to this he gives his view on things like match ratings etc (which he says are based on workrate and less on his personal taste). He does give his opinions as well but usually prefaces it with saying his opinion vs facts.

It’s no secret he likes Omega and the Bucks and AEW and Cornette hates them. But he’s not saying “CM Punk must have done this because…” like Cornette is. Meltzer is basically saying no one is talking so no one has the actual story beyond what we know as fact (that Punk threw the first punch and May/May not have been provoked by the Bucks). Cornette is basically saying “well I have no idea what happened but it must be the Bucks fault bc otherwise CM Punk wouldn’t have punched them”. It’s very different.


The facts of the situation are few and far between.

We know the Bucks went in with Meghna and Daniels. They didn’t kick down a door.

We know there was a confrontation and CM Punk threw the first punch. Whether he was provoked or not is up for debate.

We know people tried to break it up including Omega. Ace Steel attacked Omega. He may not may not have done so out of concern for his wife who was in the room (debate) and his inability to tell if Omega was an aggressor.

Beyond that no one is talking. Omega and the Bucks have had no real communication from TK or AEW what to expect or timelines. CM Punk is injured and it’s possible he’s done in AEW. Again neither issue is resolved. We don’t know how long any of those 5 (Bucks/Omega/Steel/Punk) be gone or if they will even be back.

Literally until this investigation is done, and lawsuits are deemed not to be an issue, we won’t know anything else.

So Jim Cornette doesn’t have facts no one else does either.

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I would put money on it that it went down like this, or similar to this. With that said I acknowledge that parts of this are pure speculation on my part.

Punk went off in a completely unprofessional way at the press conference (mistake 1). After the press conference the Bucks were understandably fuming. They grabbed Daniels and the other guy and stormed down to Punks locker room (mistake 2, this should have been done another day when Punk had chance to cool down, management who are the Bucks should know better). They got to Punk’s locker room and knocked on the door aggressively (I can’t see them knocking politely, mistake 3). Punk hears this and his adrenaline starts pump and is ready for a fight (mistake 4). Punk opens the door and the two parties exchange eyes and who knows what is said and it leads to Punk throwing a punch (mistake 5, and by far the biggest mistake), then things just go nuts.

What should have happened is Tony should have told the Elite and Punk separately escorted out of the building with security, then scheduled meetings with the parties separately the next day. After said meetings, he then should have worked on a conflict resolution strategy. Tony didnt take control of the situation which was part of the problem. All parties are to blame, Punk the most, Tony second most for letting things get to where they got, Buck third for their part it.

  • Mehga “the other guy” is a woman. Just for the record. And is the head of AEW and Jaguars legal departments.
  • Is it not possible that Tony did exactly that when he became aware of the situation?
  • It’s also entirely possible that Punk let paranoia of rumours spreading (not by the Elite) get the best for him.
  • There are multiplepeople behind the scenes who are verifying the story of Punk telling them to “watch the scrum” several weeks in advance, alluding to what he did. There is a story that he almost no-showed Cleveland. The reason most of the stories out there paint Punk in a negative light might just be because the reality of the situation is just that… The reality.
  • Punk stated his locker room was open to anybody who wanted to speak to him during the scrum.

Me personally, I put 95% of the blame on Punk. The guy is a known trouble maker. People in AEW warned about him before he even joined the company. The guy planned his press conference attack weeks in advance, despite the fact that he has claimed multiple times, that this was the best year of his career. That just tells me that he wanted to start this kind of trouble. He had every intention of this exact scenerio, otherwise you go about things in a different way. The guy is not any idiot, he knew what he was doing.

He also said his door is always open, dont say that if that isnt actually the case. Whether you are heated or not. The Bucks called him out on it. They brought someone very important in the company with them and look what happened, we have CM Punk acting like a little bitch yet again. Threatening lawsuits and physically assaulting people. The guy is all tough talk in a public setting, but when it comes down to it behind the scenes, he is a fucking coward.

Feels like wrestling fans desperately want this to be a good guy/bad guy situation. I highly doubt it’s that neat and tidy.


My bad I assumed Mehga was a man, I did so because pretty much every person in power in wrestling in AEW or WWE outside of Steph tends to be a man. I guess I assumed and made an ass out of me lol.

I agree with everything you said about Punk outside of the paranoia part (to a degree). I obviously can’t prove anything, but I just don’t see a world where he completely makes this stuff up or is delusional to the point where he convinces himself of something that is nowhere close to true. I think there is something to he claims, and the Bucks 100% did not handle the situation properly as EVP’s. They handled the situation like “one of the boys” which is precisely the point, you should not have active performers acting as management.

It’s tough bc we have to base our opinions on the available information.

Is punk difficult to work with? Probably.

Is punk ultimate warrior level difficult? Probably not.

So, unless something has changed in the last 8 years with punk’s mental health, which is possible, then I’m going to assume there is blame to go around on all sides (tk included).

I know the press conference and fight are really not good but you’d think they could still get their shit together and make money off of this.

I first heard that there were problems in the AEW locker room from Cornettes podcast. It was actually his co host Brian Last. I heard this a few weeks before Punks interview.

I can easily see FTR talking to Cornette about what has been happening in the locker room just like Jtom mentioned.

I dont have to like Cornette in order to admit he may be right about some things. I hate Cornettes opinion on politics because he blindly supports his party. (The same party that has done nothing about Wall Street fraud and is getting us into another war.)

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Because Cornette was just parroting other peoples actual reporting. Of course there have been minor issues behind the scenes. And these have been reported on when legitimate. Cody was obviously frustrated enough by his diminishing role he left for WWE 6 months ago. A move that has worked out to be be the best for AEW, WWE and Cody. So it’s not all doom and gloom either.

But this whole topic has nothing to do with Cornette or the war in Ukraine you have somehow managed to reference in this conversation that obviously has nothing to do with it. There are separate threads for those discussions.


And honestly, not on this board.

Gotta love a random derailment by a rando poster.

…“Kenny Omega is so overrated, but you know what’s not overrated, truth. Infowars is where I go for all my MSM free news!!”


It was the doctor that brought up the news channels being biased. It was not me that started it. He did have every right to anyway since it fits the conversation.

The war just happens to be the big news story now. The war coverage was my example of people not using their critical thinking ability and just blindly trusting any news source. It is not about me supporting any party because they are all corrupt.

I have never gotten my news from info wars if that is what you are implying.I actually had to look that up. I am listening to independent journalists who are not just puppets reading from the same script as everyone else.

What is your definition of random poster? You are just as random as I am. I have been supporting John and Wai since the very first day that they said a word on the radio. I am also visiting the post website everyday. So why should I not share my opinion here?

I was using it as an example of bias and considering the source. I was not adding in my political views onto a post.

Does Jim Cornette have some good points at times? Of course he does. He’s quite a smart gentleman and knows a lot about wrestling history.

Does he have unbridled and biased hate that’s almost irrational towards the Elite? I think even he would admit he does. He clearly does not like them on a personal level or a professional level and clouds a lot of what he says.

He is not a reporter nor does he have access to any more information than anyone else. He was going off what he’s read on other reports and forming his own narrative. To then take that and regurgitate as fact is a problem.

As many people have stated better than I have above, the facts of this case are limited and won’t get more information until people are allowed to talk about it. More than likely, there is enough blame to go around on all parties.

Tony should’ve done a better job controlling this. The bucks and Kenny should’ve acted more professional. However, I think based on what we know so far it’s virtually impossible not to throw the bulk of the blame at CM punk as well given how it all went down.

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You are correct about us not having all the facts about what really happened. That is why it makes no sense to pick a side.

I think that the only thing we can all agree on is that Tony should not have let things escalate as far as it did.

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