CM Punk addresses Colt Cabana, AEW EVPs and Hangman Adam Page at post-All Out presser

FTR haven’t had a tag match on Dynamite since May. Completely ridiculous

So with all the reports out there that the Bucks kicked Punks door down (not going to lie, in my head it was a double super kick), are they people who were putting 100% of the blame on Punk still sticking with that stance?

The people putting 100% of the blame (then or now) on Punk aren’t serious people. No matter how it really went down (and we’ll never know the whole truth), the Bucks and Omega take some of the responsibility because they’re EVPs who had a physical altercation with a contracted employee. Anybody who denies that is just thinking what they want to be true.

I’m nowhere near the EVP level at my place of employment, but if I get into a physical altercation with somebody who works for me, I’m going to get some of the blame.


What about the reports, after those reports from both Punks side and the Bucks side, that have admitted the Bucks didnt actually do that?


Bucks didn’t kick down door literally. They were with Meghna and others when they went to confront him.

As for if they were aggressive and Punk felt he had to throw a punch first for safety - we will never know unless someone talks.

I would agree though you can’t put all the blame on Punk. For instance at my job I have many patients will get in my face sometimes and are angry and upset. I can’t randomly swing at them if they take a swipe at me (hasnt happened to me but has to people I know). because of my job. Same thing here.

However I think a big question in all this is what exactly does an EVP do? Did he have any position or is it just a title so they can get some benefits? Because it sounds like it’s the latter if they really didn’t think enough of their position to walk away from this


Can you share? Didn’t see any quotes from Punk saying that.

Don’t get me wrong, I blame Punk more then I blame the Bucks. BUT, many fans are putting 100% of the blame on Punk and 0% on the Bucks which IMO is BS.

Those people are just tribalist AEW marks… their version of the WWE marks who will tell you that Adam Cole isn’t a main event guy now that he’s “crossed over”. Internet is full of them, real life isn’t.


The Bucks brought the head of talent relations and head of AEW legal to try to have an official meeting albeit impromptu, still a meeting.

I don’t think anybody is buying the story that they kicked the door down.

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Anyone that has worked in conflict management knows that when a situation is as heated as that situation was, the correct way to go about things is not to bombard the heated individual with a group of people including the individuals on the other side of the conflict minutes after the incident (ie. press conference).

After reading some more articles, my guess is they came to his locker room heated banging on the door, which triggered Punk and led to him swinging. Again, Punks an idiot for what he did, but its not right how some in the IWC have started a smear campaign against Punk while portraying the bucks as innocents bystanders who did nothing wrong. It’s BS and its not right.

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I wouldnt call this “proof”. I assume you are basing it off of this:

Blockquote Those close to CM Punk and Ace Steel initially claimed that The Young Bucks pounded on the locker room door and after Punk did not answer, Matt and Nick Jackson “kicked the door down.” People who have been in touch with CM Punk and Ace Steel have since softened on that claim, though, and Fightful Select noted CM Punk’s side has instead stated that The Young Bucks “could have kicked, shouldered or otherwise forced their way in.” Instead, “kicking the door down” was just a turn of phrase and they should have clarified.>

This is hearsay and speculation (which to be fair so is the kicking the door down part) and while it may be true, but I’d like to hear Punk comment on it directly.

Could not agree with you more as this is all I am trying to say. Its crazy how so many people have just turned on Punk and put sole blame on him and him only. If the Bucks did nothing wrong, they aren’t stripped of the titles and suspended.

I hate how tribal things are in 2022, people just have this need to firmly take a side and and push defend it regardless of what is the truth. And for the record, those putting all blame on the Bucks (which is a lot fewer people from what I have seen) are just as ridicules.


Did it ever occurs to anyone that Punk said FU to the media and therefore fans are influenced as such. That seemed obvious to me.

Regardless buck stops with Tony. He should own all of it and to the degree the product wins back good will and trust then credit to him for navigating it.

A head coach should have managed the issues with a new star player better
A GM shoulda handled and trained his assistants better.
TK lost control and the fun online is in blaming talent as if it’s Kayfabe to make them heel or babyface. If this is all for real - which it has said to be most accounts including talent at this point - then assign blame as such. Talent fckd up. Mgmt fckd up. Punishments handed out. Buck stops with TK


Cant argue any of this, all good points.

We all don’t know the full story of what has been happening backstage. I dont understand how people could just blindly pick a side to support.

I am a fan of all people involved so it might be easier for me to stay neutral.

If Jim Cornette is to be believed then the elite was also responsible for Cody leaving. He also claims that some of the wrestlers not in the elite freind klique have had problems with them.

He said that CM Punk did not put up with the elite because he does not put up with BS like other wrestlers that stayed quite because they were not main eventers.

I do agree with CM Punk about what he said about Hang Man. Who is he to say that he takes no advice from the older wrestlers. You have Regal, Lynn, Malenko, Taz, and Anderson in the back who were all better wrestlers than Hang Man. Plus he could also learn from current wrestlers like Punk and Danielson.

I also don’t know why some fans are offended about what happened. This has nothing to do with the fans. If the wrestlers want to make their issues public then that is their problem. It is actually entertaining for me.

When we are using Jim Cornette as a source of information about what happened during the fight we have officially jumped the shark.

What does Cornette know that you don’t? He just makes up any narrative bc he hates Kenny and the Bucks lol.

This is like quoting Foxnews saying the Democratic Party sucks. Please consider the source


So if Meltzer reports news then it is credible? He loves the bucks and Kenny almost as much as Cornette hates them. Most sources have a bias and each source has different contacts which influence their reporting. I say this as someone who respects both Meltzer and Cornette. They are both excellent wrestling historians.

Even John and Wai might have biases. Even if they try not to. John might give a better match review of someone that agreed to talk to him in an interview and treated him good. I am not saying that this is true but I am using him as an example.

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I would absolutely trust someone who has their favorites, but can still be critical as credible, over some out of touch, hate fuelled, clown. Hes a piece of shit and his fans are equally as bad, in my opinion.