CM Punk debuts on WWE Backstage and will appear 'periodically'

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On Tuesday’s edition of WWE Backstage, the show closed with an appearance by CM Punk and the announcement that he would be returning to speak on next week’s episode.

The FS 1 show concluded with Renee Young introducing Punk, who walked out to his Living Colour theme music and stated, ‘Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the culture. I’ll see you here next week.’

The WWE on Fox Twitter account announced that Punk will be making periodic appearances on the program including next week’s episode.

Punk had been in talks with FS 1 for some time and acknowledged to Collider last month that he had auditioned for a role on the show.

It was Punk’s first appearance for a WWE-related program since leaving the company abruptly in January 2014 on the night after the Royal Rumble prior to an episode of Raw in Cleveland, Ohio. Punk was officially let go by the company in June, famously receiving his notice on his wedding day.

He then shocked many by signing with the UFC in December 2014 and dedicated himself to mixed martial arts. He had his first professional fight in September 2016 losing to Mickey Gall and then had a second fight in June 2018 where he lost to Mike Jackson by decision.

The addition of Punk will serve as a huge boost to WWE Backstage, which premiered one week ago to only 49,000 viewers. It is not known when the deal with Punk was finalized.


— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) November 13, 2019

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Well damn. I recorded the episode but didn’t watch it live. Curious to see what he says and how often he’ll pop up.

Even though it’s likely a FOX/FS1 hire, you can never say never.

Not that it means anything but Survivor Series is in Chicago…

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Paige needs to learn when to shut the fuck up.

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Lets hope Punk’s segments are as great as Tge Satin sheet.

The show is so fast paced they all barely have time to speak. On talking smack, they were more taking their time. Booker was saying some interesting stuff but it was cut short. And you had samoa joe ! If only they could chat longer instead of doing promo class, it would be perfect for me.

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“Periodically” as in - let’s see how long til he gets sick of our fluff show OR how long til he says something real and we can’t be having that!

Either way, made me excited which is rare for WWE these days. Good for Fox.

On this episode, Adam Cole actually said he preferred his match with Bryan rather than his match with Seth. They all said that the Lana angle was bad. They are allowed to speak their minds, at least a little.

Congratulations to CM Punk for coming back to wrestling in the least interesting way possible.


I wonder if the CM Punk deal came together after seeing how awful the ratings were for last weeks episode. If so, probably a smart decision by Fox to create some interest in the show.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Punk was ranting about how he would never work with WWE and probably never wrestle again. But amazingly that’s really 6 years ago. I guess time does heal all wounds and I’m sure that Punk will wrestle in a WWE ring in 2020.


I’d like to see Punk come back in a commentary role. He was really good when he was in the booth for NXT back in the day and would be a fresh voice who sounds like an actual person.

‘Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the culture. I’ll see you here next week.’
Love this line - great nod to Piper’s old line with a Punk twist at the end.
Will see how much culture changing he can really do.

“Personal failure at life”.


I was going to watch last night but forgot. Other thing is trying to find where FS1 is at on my cable system

I thought this guy said he was never going to come back to WWE or the very least they would have to pay him $25 million which is what he said in a recent interview. Very talented, but he is very full of shit.


He better be shirtless next time.

The line he delivered was great. He’s still one of the best on the Mic.

The debut on the 2nd show after the first show did less viewers than show up for a Wrestlemania was telling - Fox had to be in panic mode.

He didn’t return to WWE, he returned via Fox so kinda stuck to his word.

He needs to really speak his mind the way we know he is capable of. Otherwise it’s going to feel old quickly. That said, the show is entirely skipable because all the best pieces will be soundbites or clips on Social like last night.

I think CM Punk is winning The Royal Rumble and going to main event Wrestlemania


He is trolling.
He is going to be wearing AEW gear from now on.

Find it
Ps- :pizza: Hut good
Papa Johns Bad