Dominion 6-9-19 Live Thoughts

Don Callis made the trip

Well it wasn’t a long match for Mox but OK

Mox wants to be in the G1!!! Here we go


Good story told with Shingo and his moves not being as effective on Heavyweights

Shingo Wants in the G1! Great stuff so far

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After the horror of SuperShowDown friday, theres nothing like waking up at 3am watching Dominion. 3 matches out and its still better than anything on that saudi show. Suzuki and Liger, thats how you do a legend match

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I have woke up at 3am eastern to declare: I WANT IN the G1 Climaxxxxxxxxxxx

I always feel these big shows fly by because the “prelims” are quick quick quick. And when it’s Moxley, Suzuki, Liger, ZSJ, Tanahashi, White in openers it feels weird seeing quick matches from them. But then you remember the top half of the card is loaded and it’s like - I love New Japan!

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I dont get Taichi. I fucking hate him. I mean, its what hes supposed to do i guess lol.


A really good Taichi/Ishii match


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Kenta! Wow that’s a surprise


TakeOver :joy:

I love this stuff

Kenta in the G1 I get the feeling the ending to the show will have the biggest G1 announcement

I won’t be surprised if Osprey announces after this match.

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I had to step out in the middle of the Jr. Match came back and watched the rest, got on twitter to see Wai and a few others ripping Ibushi and Naito so I decided to skip it and luckily the main event is starting. Don’t need to see Ibushi/Naito breaking their necks

Jr. Match was excellent by the way

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Ibushi and Osprey are breathtaking but at what cost? Is it even entertaining to see guys come this close to the edge

No more Judas in New Japan.

I can’t wait til Jericho is double champ - IWGP and AEW. In the year of Champ Champs that would be ultra

Hard to say but Jericho has been in Main Events with Omega and Okada within 2 weeks and has disappointed

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Well their was an announcement, but not of the G1 variety!

Ospreay Vs Eagles 4: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match

June 29th, NJPW Southern Showdown, Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia!


…Wish I was going so badly now!