Favorite Wrestling Move?


Here’s a simple fun question; what is your favorite wrestling move? A move that brought joy to yourself or just always got a big pop out of you. Mine would have to be Tetsuya Naito’s Destino, with Misawa’s Emerald Flowsion as a close second.


Love a Ushigoroshi, and love to say “Ushigoroshi”.


Jake The Snakes DDT


I might be a child of the Attitude Era, but the “Stone Cold Stunner” always got a reaction out of me even though there has been countless instances in WWE TV.

Cena’s modified version didn’t elicit the same reaction more recently though.


Okada’s Rainmaker!!!



Canadian destroyer by Petey Williams or the C4 by Paul Burchill aka Walk The Plank I think


fucking capture suplexes, half nelson suplexes, cattle mutilation, why i gotta pick just one man this is hard


What can I say, it’s just Perfect


school boy…most protected move ever.


Growing up it was Jake’s DDT for some reason.

Now I think it’s any Arn Anderson spine-buster


At the moment i love the Black Mass. Looks simple but he’s swinging that thing blind and it looks awesome every time.


I love a good Emerald Flowsion


Blue thunder bomb or end of days, both just look so cool


something you can hit on anyone, so the stunner or diamond cutter


Thanks to Excalibur/PWG, it’s the Falcon Arrow. It DOES THE DEAL!!!


Has to be Mark Davis’ pull-up piledriver (aka 'Close Your Eyes And Count To Fuck).


JBL’s Clothesline from hell looked great when he nailed it, or Billy Gunn was selling it. I have to say the 3D though, I mean come on now!


Always loved Rhyno’s gore. And lately I’m loving Pete Dunne’s Bitter End.


Tough question. At this particular moment, I’ll say the Anderson-style spinebuster.


Tully Blanchard Slingshot Suplex and Midnight Express Divorce Court.