Favorite Wrestling Move?


Chris Sabin’s hesitation dropkick. Finn’s just isn’t the same, but it’s ok.


-------> Armbar


Always loved Jake’s DDT, the F-5 (move i’d always pick in wwe games when i’d create myself), perfect plex, Million Dollar Dream, Canadian Destroyer, Vertebreaker.


I always loved the GTS. I always thought it was a cool move!


A good old powerbomb for me


All time it has to be Arn’s Spinebuster. No one has done it better or matched it, CW Anderson came close. A close second has to be Kenny Omega’s V-Trigger knee, it’s just that sound he makes.


I’ve always been a sucker for a well-executed brainbuster.


Any kind of gross look suplex. I’m sick I know. Also always like the Figure 4.


I have to agree the suplexes are great. I really like the Superplex off the top rope. I rarely see it done nowadays unless it’s Big Show and some other giant caving in the ring.


I always liked Barry Windham’s as he floated over into a pin. He made it look flawless as well.


Canadian Destroyer, still my favorite. Just looks so unique, so cool.


The Crippler Crossface was such a good move and provided exciting transitions to and from. It can’t be used yet without bad memories but Daniel Brian’s YesLock was similar enough without the bad taste in one’s mouth. However the use of that move is also on hold for unfortunate reasons.

Anyone remember the Brock Lock. I loved that move but Lesnar only used it for a very brief time.


Kenny Omega’s V-Trigger Knee Strike & Seiya Sanada’s Skull End (reverse DDT into a dragon sleeper)


Actually yah I change my vote. The V-Trigger is outstanding.


Shinya Hashimoto’s Dangerous DDT or Kensuke Sasaki’s Northern Light Bomb (both moves are essentially the same except for the pickup.


Diamond Cutter

So simple, yet effective!


Too many to choose! I was always a big fan of the torture rack as a kid and Scott Stieners Frankensteiner. Michinoku’s driver is a firm favourite too.


Christopher Daniels’s Angels Wings


An RKO to RVD is one of the nastiest things you’ll ever see.


I love Steve Austin’s stunner.