Favorite Wrestling Move?


Tyler Reks ruined the move for me… :-1:


I love a good Spike Tornado DDT.


Favourite finish is Brock lesnar’s own version of the shooting star press.

Otherwise Cheerleader Melissa’s kudo driver because I love her.




Okada’s jumping spinning tombstone piledriver


#1 for me is the Styles Clash
#2 for me has to be the One Winged Angel


sharpshooter, I’ll still think of it as a scorpion deathlock from my sting lovin childhood, and anytime someone does an homage to the macho man elbow drop, or anytime someone is macho man and doing his elbow drop.


Man I have so many to choose from. I do like a good F-5 especially on big opponents. And a good RKO outta nowhere. And I’ll always pop for the Eddie Guerrero style three suplexes or the multiple German suplexes in a row. BUT! My all time favorite move I ever seen and looks dangerous as all hell is when I watched FMW. The finisher that Megumi Kudo used. I think they called it the Kudo driver? I have rarely seen it done by anyone in the states and I doubt WWE would allow it today.


Haha Dude I just mentioned the Kudo driver. Love that move back when Megumi Kudo did it. Wish more people used it.


It’s so dangerous. I don’t think Melissa was allowed to use it in TNA.


The vintage Steiner moveset was a thing of beauty.

Arm Anderson spinebuster

Perfect plex
Eddie Guerrero and RVDs frog splashes


I learned that stomping your foot before throwing a punch always made it harder…and when I grab my work glove like Undertaker and Kane, always made me stronger to lift heavy shit.


I love the Oklahoma Stampede by Dr. Death, got reminded of this in the latest PWG trailer when Jeff Cobb busted it out.


A good clothesline from hell never dissapoints (Bradshaw could move building up speed for that thing)

Rko (cutters in genearly but Orton gets the most out of that move & it’s well protected & over)

Double arm ddt by ambrose & Raven’s Evenflow/Raven effect

Step over ankle hold
(Especially applied on World of sport. They’d push the foot down to bend the ankle & it actually looked painful)


I still like the Canadian Destroyer, just looks really cool.


Any form of the death valley driver


Superman punch

Simple, effective and could be done to anyone.


The Randy Savage Elbow Drop and for you youngsters out there who haven’t seen any Savage matches, the Purple Rainmaker.


Do me a lemon. That’s the worst move in history


I love a good Bridging German Suplex or Perfect Plex