FEEDBACK: WWE Hell In A Cell 2019

What did you think of Hell In A Cell?

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That was utter and total incompetence. It started strong but after two matches completely derailed.

Why is Asuka cheating to beat a team that bad? Why can’t Bayley and Flair have a decent match? Why was the 6 man even on the show?

I don’t even know what to say about the ending. I have no idea what happened - I think it was a DQ in a HIAC match for what? Excessive violence? Isn’t that the point of HIAC?

That may have been the worst ending to the PPV I’ve ever seen. At this point I feel like it makes more sense that Vince owns AEW and wants to drive viewers there than booking an ending like that

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Brandon from Oshawa

I was prepared to say HIAC stole the week. The first 2 matches were tremendous. Even Orton/Ali was decent and then it just slowly started to go downhill, until one of the dumbest things, I’ve ever seen in wrestling. What in gods name made anyone think, that was a good ending? I can suspend my disbelief a lot, but this was just too much and I knew The Fiend wouldnt win. I was prepared for a shit show finish. I have no words to describe this though.

This company should be totally ashamed for coming up with that.


Alright so the bar was very low for me to begin with. I fell asleep a few times, played my switch a bunch, and gave my attention to that main. That was ‘stop watching heat’. It’s getting harder and harder to sign up for all these free trials. 1/10


That was one Hell in a Cell way to destroy the FIEND gimmick. Nobody involved in that should be applauded. Absolutely terrible and left an extremely sour taste in my mouth. Can’t even discuss rest of the show. Wow, they deserve AEW chants, they deserve the ratings they will get. Embarrassing night for WWE to cap off a wild week of ups and downs.


Sean from the Toronto

How could WWE ruin The Fiend after only two matches? THAT MATCH WAS HOW!!!

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Noah from Vaughan

Imagine having a disqualification in a no disqualification hell in a cell match. This company deserved those AEW chants and then some. Felt so bad for those in attendance who not only had to sit through that awful main event, but in that stupid lighting no less. Horrible, cant wait for next episode of dynamite

There was some good stuff early on, some stuff that felt like tv match filler, and then some all-time wrestlecrap indefensible shit.

Between the $10 I pay and the $6 I pay for your site (thank you btw), I pay $192 a year for wrestling. I think I really might be done. Not switch to AEW but unscribing to everything done. No high spot, no story A dq finish to a hell in a cell? Seth spamming finishes made no sense and I feel stupid for watching all these years. I saw hulk and warrior and many other WWE events in St Louis and I don’t even know what to think. If I quit it all, just know I really loved your work and MCU reviews.

Jeff in St Louis.

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Dave from CT

“In a Hell in a Cell match, there are no disqualifications or count-outs (also no escape). The only way to win is by pinfall or submission inside the ring.”

Pretty much sums up WWE’s booking. Garbage show, garbage main event.

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Damian from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Decent show til that main event. A DQ in the hell in a cell? Come on WWE that was stupid. Way to have the fans chanting for your competition to close the show. Only you could do that.

Outside of the main Orton vs Ali and the opening cell match were my favorites on the night. Ali has star potential and the women were very innovative with the cell. I gave it 6 out of 10.

Jalen from Pickering,

A non finish in the HIAC main event 2 years in a row. Cena, Reigns, now Rollins shows that this company hasn’t known how to book a top babyface in a decade. I said they jumped the shark on Friday and this just further proves it. The Fiend’s first real match and it ended with AEW chants

Chris from Pennsylvania,

They were doing such a good job with The Fiend, I guess it was only a matter of time before they managed to screw it up. I’m having a hard time putting my utter confusion in to words, but what was the point of putting Bray in the title match if you weren’t going to put the belt on him? They put themselves in a terrible spot, and booked one of the worst possible endings to get themselves out of it. Hopefully the heat just stays on the booking and people still react strongly to Bray, because I still think this can be an amazing character.

I still gave this a 3/10 because the women’s cell match was fantastic and the tornado tag was surprisingly fun, but man was this an awful ending to the show.

Eric from Sudbury,
I don’t watch wrestling that often anymore, but all the attention on the product this week made me curious! For the first 3 matches, I was actually really into this show. I thought to myself; why did I stop watching again? This is pretty fun! And then the rest of this show hit and I was reminded. Horrendous. As quick as they drew me in, they completely lost me.

Is it confirmed that Cain and Fury are doing their respective programs in Saudi Arabia? That would be really disappointing, as a pretty casual fan who would tune in otherwise.

Sam from Tennessee

I was all set to come to this forum and say that I thought it was a pretty good show. Then, that main event happened. What should have been a 5-10-minute sprint with the Fiend winning turned into a dreadfully long beatdown.

I could have accepted the format if Bray had just stood up and destroyed Rollins after everything to win the title, but that DQ was just awful. Anyway, first two matches were really great and I enjoyed the Charlotte/Bayley match. The middle portion of the show could have been trimmed down some, but wasn’t bad overall. It’s a shame that the main event had to bring the show as a whole down.

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Joey from Queens,

What a waste of 3 hours, unless I missed it there were only 4 matches were announced for this card and the rest were just slapped together random nonsense with no story or build behind it.

This PPV was the quintessential “monthly obligation” show and that’s bad enough but what the fuck was that main event? The Fiend got very little offense and to top it all off we got a “Think of Your Legacy” moment followed by the most ridiculous ending to a main event match I’ve ever seen.

The Fiend rising from the dead at the end was cool but to see him put the mandible claw on Rollins to a chorus of AEW chants is really lame considering how hot he was after SummerSlam.

Overall Grade: 3 out of 10

Jon in Baltimore

This didn’t hurt The Fiend character IMO, shows that he doesn’t actually care about titles and just wants to hurt people. But the DQ finish was abaolute garbage. A chair shot to the head is fine but the sledgehammer is too much?? After they already buried the Stomp? Fiend still comes out of this looking strong and like the most unique thing in the company but what a way to spit on the HIAC stipulation. First two matches were quite good at least, and The Fiend’s entrance has become can’t-miss for me.

Chris from New South Wales, Australia

First cell match was really good. Unfortunately that was about the high point of the show.

Randy winning while giving the nod of approval to Ali was a nice touch. It will be interesting to see whether they do something with him after the draft.

I’m interested to see what direction they go with Bayley after losing.

The main event… what can you say? Not only did they kill all of Seths finishers, it got so far beyond ridiculous it become comical. I think that’s two DQ cell finishers two years running? Just kill the PPV now. Did not enjoy the blood spot at the end of the show, where do you go from that??

Most of the card was just there, but the main event really killed it. 3/10.

Brandon from Caledonia

“What am I even watching?” aren’t probably what you’d want someone to say during your main event but that’s the only thing I could say about whatever that was supposed to be. Rest of the card was very mediocre but I only cared about the main event so the quality of the other matches really didn’t matter to me. But then to go out and do that? I always hate when people get overly dramatic and say they’ll never watch WWE again but after that AEW may be the only thing I watch on a weekly basis

I signed up just to have a laugh over this one! I was in a network meeting on Friday discussing going head to head with smackdown on another network, telling executives that WWE will poo the bed in no less than 3 weeks. I was wrong, it only took 3 days! Ha Ha the show wasn’t awful, but the ending was. WWE Women’s wrestling is alive and well . Thank you guys for the hours of entertainment!