FEEDBACK: WWE Raw 3/2/20

What did you think of Raw?

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Paul from New Jersey

Where do I even begin with this show? The now or never tagline completely telegraphed the Street Profit title win. From challenging for the most important championship in all of wrestling, to losing a 24/7 title match to Riddick Moss, Ricochet is truly a riches to rags story. Bait & switch city in the BK. You think you’re going on a date with a good looking soccer mom, but you end up with a hot Carl on your chest. AJ looked like a tool & Black loses his first match on the main roster. Who exactly did this help? Riott Powers explode angle died a death in front of this crowd & Kairi’s tap was bad. I tapped out after that match. So glad I didn’t attend live. If revolution was Kobe beef, tonight’s show was Salsberry steak dripped in sadness. The show gets a 1.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Spider cage.
Spider Cage.
Shown to Jose, while backstage.
Built for months
to our dismay
At least he’s not, Ricochet!
Look out! That was a spider cage!

Speaking of Ricochet, I don’t want to say that he’s just being buried and we should wait and see where the story goes, but this is WWE. Ricochet is going to be beaten into powder and become the next Kofi where he will ignore his loss and be pushed down the card. That was death. Someone pointed out on Twitter that Ricochet couldn’t win a title held by Kelly Kelly and Santa Claus. The big highlight of the night was Randy Orton and Beth Phoenix and it seems that Orton is on the best run of his career. 5 out of 10 show.


Chris from Pennsylvania,

This show started and ended hot, with a weak second hour holding it back. McIntyre was so over tonight, I really worry about the many ways they can kill his momentum with four more Raws before Mania. Orton was fantastic once again in the final segment. This is the most I’ve been excited for a Randy Orton match in a long time. The third hour tag match was a lot of fun and the Street Profits got a huge reaction despite some questionable build over the last months.

The negatives would be whatever the hell they are doing to Ricochet and a bit of a dull Kairi-Shayna match. Still, the top programs are really connecting so this gets a passing grade from me 6.5/10

Nas from NYC live at the Barclays Center

The turnout surprised me given the fears of this Corona virus hitting the US. I bet the show was way better live than on TV. At least the ending segment was great. Though admittedly, I wish they hadn’t made Beth look so weak. Maybe it was just me. 7/10 for me.

Ricochet facepalm

Carl from Cambridge uk

Raw has been a great show to sit through lately it must be said, cast your minds back to about a year ago, their roster back then was severely lacking that they could barely even fill a 3 hour raw. They’ve done a great job at addressing these issues particularly with the male talent look at the level in that tag match alone Mysterio, Humberto, Andrade, Garza it is absolutely stacked now. it’s a much better show than what Smackdown is in my opinion. & What a reaction the street prophets got for the title change… keep Montez Ford in this division for another 12 months I’d say and then put the machine behind him absolute star.

Alexander from Portland

That’s got to be Randy’s best promo ever. The buildup for the RKO was phenomenal, nobody but Randy could pull that off. I really hope a giant spider isn’t the actual reveal for Rowan, but I can’t see myself caring about it being something else. This feels like typical WWE, build something up for months but have the reveal come across like it was thought about earlier on in the day. Serious question, was this the original idea? Did the writers even have a reveal in mind? This company…

Question: with Rey/Andrade/Garza/Carillo all being a part of a feud with each other for the past few months, do you think the four of them would be any more over collectively if instead they formed a faction?

I know many are grumbling over Ricochet losing clean to Riddick Moss, but how many more weeks do you guys figure they will keep pushing Moss before giving up on him making Ricochet’s loss tonight even more pointless?

Brian from New York

And suddenly…between Smackdown and tonight we have 4 hot matches at the top of the Mania card. When he’s on, there’s no one like Randy Orton on the planet. The best villains truly believe they’re the hero and the detailed explanation tonight and the execution down to the RKO hit the spot. They’ve set up Edge’s big return to be a phenomenal moment and there’s not much more they have to do until then.

The opening segment was also extremely well done. Heyman out there calling McIntyre’s Rumble moment a fluke and putting him down had all the makings of a Ricochet conclusion if there wasn’t an equal response. Luckily, tonight they were ready to give Drew that. Quite a response from the Barclays crowd to the second and third Claymores. They’ve done a great job getting McIntyre to the main event level. With both of these feuds, it’ll be tricky to keep the momentum going over the last 4 weeks, but for tonight they’re certainly on the right path.

Noah from the Pavlovian dog infested city of Vaughan

Coming off of being in attendance for revolution on Saturday to this show was quite a struggle for me. I did enjoy parts of this show, the opening and closing segments, along with both tag matches. However, I hated a lot of this show, having to watch both Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows both have singles matches was dreadful as they are just such boring wrestlers. 5.5/10 show from me. One thing though that stuck out all night was the atmosphere of the show, or lack thereof. As someone that’s watching AEW regularly, and Raw infrequently, it’s so jarring tuning in and having the crowd be so quiet for most of the show. Just curious how much of an impact the crowd is for you guys when watching these shows cause for me I feel that it really impacts my enjoyment of the show

Stu from Liverpool

I don’t often get to comment as the show ends at 4am here, so I only caught the last segment, but at least it was something that I can say I enjoyed; based on what others have written it’d be polite to call some of the other offerings a “mixed bag”. Beth and Randy were fantastic in their roles, when you get Orton like this it’s compelling TV, and while Beth was never the worst on the mic during her full-time roster days, since she has performed on commentary you can tell she’s added an extra element to her speaking performances.

Credit where credit’s due for WWE here, seemingly the best segment is the one that people will go away and remember, no doubt something they’ve been targeting recently anyway.

Orton stuff was amazing.

I’m really disappointed in Riccochet. I thought he was something special now now he’s a jobber. Worse than Shorty G.

I loved how Beth did not do her pose as she came down to the ring

Both the women’s matches sucked BAD.

Baszler is just someone who will not be a star on the main roster. She’s supposed to be a “cage fighter” and it took her like 15 minutes to beat Kairi Sane. Just brutal treatment of her. Crowd did not care at all.

They’re also killing Becky, she sounded like such a loser on commentary.

And the Ruby/Liv match was just as bad, maybe worse than a lot of AEW stuff. Bad acting, horrible work and Logan as ref dragged it down. What is Liv’s character? Why did they do all those vignettes? None of it makes any sense

But the Orton stuff was incredible. When he’s motivated he’s one of the best and what an incredible performance.

Had to laugh at Ricochet, he should leave ASAP and is now ruined. What company on the planet other than WWE would put Riddick Moss over Ricochet. Did he sneeze on Vince?

The Rowan reveal was also hilariously bad but it’s WWE, what do you expect?

Pretty crappy show overall.

Some of the blame has to go on Ricochet for this as well. He has developed no mic skills and has not gotten over.

Vince have him a chance - we know it would be limited because of his size but they did give him a shot. Either Paul or Vince or both soured on him. We don’t what goes on behind the scenes but I do know he doesn’t have an existing character and he doesn’t have any mic skills. Yes he can do some acrobatics but he’s a poor mans will Osprey basically And he didn’t get any better in NXT.

Vince has him and Shorty G now. Would love to see him team them up as the midgets or something. They would put on good matches and we could get some comedy out of it

If you mean that he should take the blame for not being able to get over a bad gimmick. Or that he chose to go to WWE in the first place. The issue is WWE booking not anything to do with him. WWE presents a product where if you aren’t a champion contender day one you are trash forever. Their midcard is non-existent, the tag division is seen as lower card. There really isn’t a way to build guys up long term. I always think back to Ricochet and Black being a tag team and wider where those guys might be if they had stayed as a team for longer, and then if the midcard titles mattered guys could move up into that position. In the end it is an issue of organizational structure and guys being on the roster far too long.

He knew that Vince doesn’t like small people and if he was going there he needed to up his mic game like Bryan or Punk did. Not just do high flying stuff he knows. I saw no evidence he got any better on the mic and he should have known by going there if he wasn’t going to get a better mic game he was going to be a jobber like Shelton or Shorty G

I think it is hard to know how you will handle scripted promos. He was ok (not great) on the mic in NXT.

We’ve had this discussion before but then that is a failure of NXT. Why was he called up? Why didn’t he get more time in NXT learning crappy scripted promos?

The guy got over in every other company, he isn’t the problem. It’s a stupid character scripted to say stupid things and lose, of course it won’t get over.

Ricochet should be a no-brainer to use but it’s only WWE that decided to make him a superhero. It’s Vince’s obsession with the Mighty Mouse character that I’ve heard people talk about on podcasts. It’s the same character that Neville got (he seems to be doing ok). Point is, Ricochet isn’t the problem

The same thing is going to happen to Baszler. She’s not going to get over in WWE. We all know she’s talented but Vince and Kevin Dunn dont like her look or the way she talks.

Again, WWE problem not hers