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0 voters

Actually enjoyed a lot of the matches, even if I don’t understand some of the positioning. And, seriously, how hard is it to incorporate your team’s colors into your normal gear, instead of the geek shirts?

Can you believe this is the first and only time Ronda has ever gotten brutalized?

Heel Charlotte is good Charlotte, though. Or are they doing this to make her cool like Becky? Perhaps for the Mania-spot?

Hey guys, fairly new here, so I won’t take up too much time.

What the hell? I think this ppv shows WWE’s biggest problem.

They can’t make a good babyface, or don’t know what to do with them. So instead, to get people cheered,
they try to get “MEGA HEAT”. People hated Nia, is this win going to add much more? Bryan cooled down as a face, let’s add edge/development by turning him heel, turn Charlotte heel cause people will be pissed that Becky won’t face Rousey!

Where does this lead? What is the payoff for Becky if it seems like Charlotte and Ronda are getting a rematch? Maybe the injury is more serious than we thought, and they don’t want to risk it.

All in all, this PPV was pretty okay at best. But looking at the card, I guess I expected too much.

Much love, you guys. Keep up the great work.

PS. John, any updates on injuries? I’ve heard Joe is hurt. I also saw Kalisto go down on the pre show.


Not much to say about this one… There were some bright spots for sure but I really just can’t understand the way they book anything on the main roster.

What I’m really posting about is to make sure you talk about the crowd after Ronda’s match, in case you skipped over it in the show.

Chris from Pennsylvania:

The last two matches saved what was looking like an uninspiring show. The two traditional Survivor Series matches did nothing for me. Rollins-Nakamura finished strong, but the first two-thirds of it was pretty slow. Murphy & Ali had by far the best match of the undercard.

I thought Charlotte-Rousey was awesome. The pace and the urgency that both women wrestled with made for an intriguing match. It’s remarkable how engaging a match can be without a three minute rest spot in the middle.

I thought for sure we were getting a Lesnar squash, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much offense Bryan wound up getting in. Overall, I give this a 10/20, for what was pretty much a transitional show. I do think both shows have some interesting storylines going forward as they go back to their normal programming.

Andrew from Cape Breton

I think you guys did this show shortly before leaving the LAW, but do you guys remember the 2009 draft? Tonight’s show reminded me of that. Basically, the ECW brand was beaten into oblivion, and the only draft pick they won was Vladimir Kozlov. That was tonight, with the Usos win being as meaningless as getting Vladimir Kozlov. Raw just murdered Smackdown and if I didn’t know any better, I would think they were cancelling Smackdown altogether. However, tonight had some excellent matches, in particular, The Cruiserweight Title match, Ronda vs Charlotte and Bryan vs Lesnar. What I loved most about these matches was how different they were, yet all still excellent

One was a great high spot match that won over a dead crowd, one was a brutal fight, and the other was a great David vs Goliath story. Because I liked those matches so much, I actually gave this show 15 out of 20. I guess the big question I would have tonight is, why watch Smackdown? Only losers wrestle for Smackdown, and tag teams don’t count.

Mark from Vaughan

The lack of stakes and logic behind most of the matches took away from the card for me. The Ronda/Charlotte match leaves me intrigued to see what comes next but also concerned Becky may not be positioned where most fans would like heading into Mania season. We may be in triple threat territory at this point.

Question: They’re obviously (hopefully) going somewhere with the clean sweep story for Team Raw. What would your best guess be as to what that direction is? Is it feeding a Shane heel turn?

I thought it was a good show, one of the better main roster PPVs this year, though that’s not a high bar to cross.

Asuka still gets big pops. Just saying.

Huge props to Murphy and Ali, they got the crowd into a match that clearly most of the crowd wasn’t familiar with. This was my match of the night. Ali doesn’t get enough recognition of being one of the best workers on the roster if not the best.

WWE is in this weird place where heels are getting a lot of face heat. Charlotte beatdown on Ronda was a good decision on paper, I think but the crowd reaction was jarring for what they were trying to do. I wonder if any of this has to do with fans rebelling against WWE storyline decisions because of how poor those have been for the past few years now.

Bryan was always going to get face heat against Lesnar. The match delivered though. I thought Lesnar’s beat down on Bryan was too long but after Bryan went on offence, it was one of the best main roster matches this year in my opinion.

In closing, I do have to wonder how Fox will feel that the show they paid big money for has mostly been portrayed as the B show? This isn’t the first time Smackdown has lost these brand vs. brand shows. Given the rumours that Fox wants a more in-ring product, I wonder if those wins and losses columns may have an impact of how they feel the WWE treats the show because the WWE itself does not care about win loss records.

Excellent match between Ronda and Charlotte. I guess snapping and turning heel is the new babyface turn. Good, hard hitting match, both are kept strong by the finish.

SuperShane flies again… just like we were all clamoring for. Seriously, is there any segment of the audience that really wanted to see him look stronger than Samoa Joe? My thanks go to the audience for their “this is bullshit” chant after his quick exit.

In all, there was some good action on the show, though it felt like a rest stop from their usual storylines…i don’t mind something different now and then. I will say that I was fully prepared to turn on the show after the first 10 minutes of the main event. I almost…ALMOST believed Brock might tap. Strong performance by Bryan. Non-essential but entertaining show.

Dan, from Liverpool

I enjoyed this show, much better than last year. The top two matches were excellent. I can’t remember the last time a WWE match left me so wanting a rematch more than Charlotte Flair Vs Ronda Rousey. Unbelievable fight and crazy angle that’s surely going to draw big money.

The main event was stellar, Bryan excelling in his heel role, rolling back the years and perfectly recapturing his ROH persona. Brock brought his working boots too and made Bryan look like a million bucks.

Wish WWE could think of more creative ways of occupying Strowman’s time in big matches than simply putting him through yet another announcers table. Is that the third year in a row now?

Raw taking a clean sweep felt odd at first but I’m coming around to the idea. WWE typically books these brand warfare PPVs by having one side win the majority of matches while the other wins the big Survivor Series elimination match, so both brands end up with bragging rights. With Raw winning every match on the main show there might actually be consequences now, presumably the motivation for Shane’s heel turn.

Considering the story they were going to tell on the main show, would it really have hurt to put The Revival over the Usos on the preshow? Guess it doesn’t matter, and I suppose that about sums up Raw’s tag division

7 brand specific t-shirts out of 10

Ari from Montreal
Im sure many will talk about the questionable booking, so rather than talk about tht I have 2 questions

  1. Are you suprised about Lars Sullivans call up?
  2. Anyone else getting called up either on RAW or SmackDown?

Hey guys, long time listener first time writing in.

Truthfully this show was just weird, you could definitely tell they wanted let people know that Raw was the flagship after tonight. Loved some the of old school aggressive Bryan stuff we got in the Main Event, and it was nice to have Brock in a match longer than 5 minutes. Overall the wrestling tonight was good, but the booking was just strange. Getting a 14/20 for me.

Also after seeing the promo for Lars Sullivan getting called up where do you see him fitting in best, personally I think Smackdown, the show is lacking big monster guys like him compared to Raw.

Corey H. in Long Beach

Day 2 at Staples wasn’t nearly as fun as Day 1 since WWE decided to sacrifice their entire SDL main event for the sake of Raw

Is it so hard to have Dean cost Seth the match or Braun cost Brock since he’s already fulfilled his Team Raw duties. Raw men’s team is literally fighting with each other (why did the SDL guys get involved in that again??) but can still have 3 survivors. Shane is the Best in the World and the last person left on the team, as the most protected person on SDL he must be gearing up for a title shot

Isn’t SDL moving to Fox in a couple months?? What’s the point of keeping up when this PPV so clearly showed Raw is superior

Nia had BY FAR the most heat on the show…loved the end sequence of Rollins-Shinsuke and the Charlotte beatdown plus the preshow match was fun

Best part for me was sitting in front of two 8 year old girls who reminded me what it’s like to watch wrestling as a child…personal highlights included them insulting Carmella for being eliminated, saying Nakamura couldn’t win because he’s “too ugly”, and refusing to root for Daniel Bryan because of his heel actions on Tuesday

8 sad Rousey faces out of 20

Ed in Charleston,

Enjoyed the show tonight. The men’s 5 on 5 got a lot of criticism for Joe going out early, but hasn’t he been injured recently? I thought it was better than the Triple H nonsense last year.

Charlotte/Ronda might have been the most vicious women’s match I’ve seen in WWE. Despite the unintended reaction it got I think the Charlotte heel turn was needed and I don’t think Ronda will be booed like she was tonight. Barring a Roman return, do you think the last match at Mania 2019 will be a women’s match?

Rob from Mississauga.

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. Is it really necessary to have a Raw vs. Smackdown rivalry anymore? This show killed any reason to have Raw vs. Smackdown matches anymore. According to Vince, the minor leaguers are on Smackdown, while the pros are on Raw. There were some pretty good matches on this show, but the booking was horrible. That makes two poorly booked shows in a row for WWE with Crown Jewel and now Survivor Series.

Overall I liked the show. It had good and not so good moments. Flair destroying Rhonda was confusing. Rollins VS “the blue meanie” Nakamura had a great finishing sequence and although Bryan VS Lesnar was hard to watch at first seeing Bryan taking those German suplexes, I thought Bryan’s comeback and the match overall was pretty awesome. Disappointed Becky was a no-show.

Louis from Long Beach

The more I see WWE booking the more I wonder if they have any idea what they’re doing. I wonder if their expectation was that the Flair beat down was going to get booed or maybe this is another Becky situation and they expected her to get cheers as well. Ultimately regardless of their expectations they really put Ronda in a bad situation with this match with the early audible boos becoming full blown chants of you deserve it and cheering on a continued attack on her behalf despite how the announcers sold it.

Also as good as the main event was for me there was just no tension when Bryan had the yes lock applied just because you know there’s no way they’re having Brock tap out. The Brock beat down also went on too long for my taste and really bogged down the match.

Ultimately I wouldn’t call this a disappointing show as my expectations were low. 11/10.

Also currently watching the livestream as I write this. I really enjoy the live reviews. Thanks as always.

Steve from BC

Decent show tonight. But a little confused with the burial of Smackdown. It just seems weird with them going to Fox next year that you would bury what should be the A show come next fall. But aside from a little bit of questionable booking, all the singles matches I thought were really good to great and the 5 on 5 matches kept my interest. Ronda easily had the best match of her run, and I enjoyed the assault from Charlotte after. The whole Becky/Charlotte/Ronda/Nia situation presents many different unique scenarios leading into Wrestlemania and I gotta give WWE props for that as I’m genuinely excited to see where it goes.


Question: Do you still see Becky vs Ronda at Wrestlemania? As after tonight I wonder if they will still go with Ronda and Charlotte.

Jesse from the 6

I still don’t have the network as part of my protest of the Saudi deal, but a couple of friends were nice enough to invite me over to watch tonight.

While I enjoyed most of the show, I ultimately just thought it was weird. Why did SmackDown! win the pre-show match that didn’t count (for some reason) if they wanted to tell the clean sweep story?

Shane sucks.

The first half of the main event was bad; the second half was very good. But I can’t help but think of how much better it would be were Bryan the ultimate baby face that he should and can be.

And with the Charlotte turn, it’s gotten ridiculous how many heel turns the WWE has had recently. Flair, Bryan, Jax, and Lashley in the past month alone.

Take Care

From Steve in Sydney, Australia.

Survivor Series was an interesting one. We had Enzo Amore appear in the crowd who got removed by security, a pathetic attempt at getting recognised perhaps? Nia Jax got nuclear heat from the audience after putting Becky Lynch on the shelf. Our very own Aussie, Buddy Murphy, put on an amazing match, elevating his career and an entire division in just one night. Shane McMahon continues to be pushed as one of the best wrestlers in the World for some reason…? Charlotte Flair snapped and went crazy brutalising Ronda Rousey, leaving many options open for Becky Lynch’s return. Brock Lesnar put on a great match against Daniel Bryan, showing that Brock actually cared about his opponent for once, giving us a compelling story whether you liked the end result or not.

This was a good show. But it was definitely not anywhere near the incredible level that was NXT TakeOver.