Don’t know if anyone on this forum would be interested in a football/soccer thread maybe its a dreadful idea but hey its the World Cup so if your watching come leave a message about the tournament so far and who you think will win.


14th June
Group A
Russia 5 Saudi Arabia 0
Y Gazinsky(12)
D Cheryshev (43,90+1)
A Dzyuba (71)
A Golovin (90+4)
Moscow-Luzhniki Stadium 78,011 in attendance

Matches to take place on Friday 15th June
Group A Egypt vs Uruguay at Yekaterinburg -Ekaterinburg stadium
Group B Morocco vs Iran Saint Petersburg -Krestovsky Stadium
Group B Portugal vs Spain Sochi-Fisht Stadium

Well I support my country Sweden first and foremost but we won’t win.

My brain tells me that Brazil will win but my gut says Argentina

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Russa vs Saudi was quite boring. Have high hopes for tomorrow. I think Morocco will surprise a lot of ppl

It was an okay match. Golovin & Cheryshev looked good for Russia. Thankfully the opening ceremony was short. Looking forward to tomorrow’s matches.

Given how much the media talked down Russia and talked up Saudi Arabia I didn’t quite expect a Russian win. Let alone a large win by World Cup standards.

Hopeful that Australia can advance to Round of 16 at least with our interim manager. Honestly thinking Argentina will win, but it would be nice to see someone outside of the 8 past winners make the final.

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For 2 teams I have no interest in, I enjoyed the game. Its nice to see a good beatdown once in a while.

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Sweden have it tough being drawn against Germany but it’s between them and Mexico to get out the group I reckon they beat Italy to qualify for the World Cup so they will have a great chance good luck.

Yes Golovin looked awesome no wonder premier league clubs are sniffing around him atm Cheryshev from the Real Madrid academy looked great even Dzyuba he’s a big lad lol Spain vs Portugal should be pretty tasty!

Very very hard first game against France would be incredible if Australia could come away with anything from that match. it’s between Australia and Denmark to finish second I think, Denmark aren’t a bad side but you can always rely on Tim Cahill to pop up with a goal Aaron mooy is a player I like too. good luck Chris

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I do enjoy the absolute maulings in the World Cup lol hopefully another one today.

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Using Cahill as an Impact Sub can be a double edge sword. Yes he can provide a much needed boost in the last 40mins, but not having the most senior player starting could exposure our inexperience.

  • 16th v France
  • 21st v Denmark
  • 26th v Peru

Also if we advance we will play 1st or 2nd from Group D (Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria)

Would most likely be Croatia then I fancy Croatia to be a real dark horse in the competition tough.

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I thought it was a pretty poor first game for the most part yesterday. Shambolic defending by Saudi Arabia and a total lack of organisation going forward meant they were so vulnerable on the counter.

A few nice goals but I’m looking forward to the first proper matches today, especially Spain vs Portugal later.

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“Given how much the media talked down Russia and talked up Saudi Arabia I didn’t quite expect a Russian win. talked up Saudi Arabia”


Russia is not a good team. They are a decent team. Even so they are miles ahead of Saudi. Any media who talked up Saudi doesn’t know anything about football


I love Cahill and I used to be a massive Viduka fan. So I always keep my fingers crossed for The Aussies.

That said I don’t think you will perform well this year. Cahill seems like your biggest hope and that should not be the case 2018. I would not be surprised if you finish last and not with a single point :pensive:

I have Croatia vs Argentina in the final in my scorecards… I don’t expected it but it’s not unrealistic

Yeah we knocked Italy out in the play off. We also finished before the Netherlands in the the qualification campaignign. France was also in same group. We won 2-1 at home and lost with same numbers away

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The Australian media who only cover football every four years. But given KSA qualified before AUS without the need of a international playoff, just straight from Asia.

Argentina’s 6-1 drubbing by Spain doesn’t change your view on that? I’d consider them outsiders to make the semis.

Spain are my pick to win the competition

Dont care much about friendly matches.

Just before European Championship 2016 Sweden won against Wales with 3-0.

In the actual tournament Sweden were knocked out inte group stage with one single poing. Wales reached the semifinals

Will be interesting to see if the all the Lopetegui shenanigans
has affected the team