Future Guests

Hey - I’m throwing this out there for those that have guest requests for future editions of the Hangout, etc.

Who would you like to hear from? Do you like the idea of subject-based shows that dive deep into a topic with some supporting guests the topic?

Any feedback is appreciated.


First person that comes to mind, Chris Harrington - former Wrestlenomics - brains behind AEW Data Analysis

Second person - Chris Charlton - author of Eggshells, and former POST contributor - part of the best 3 man booth in Wrestling today.

Chris Samsa - statistician for NJPW (@TheChrisSamsa on Twitter)
Craig Leask - statistician (@PWMusings on Twitter)
both these guys are doing incredible things with Stats on Twitter

As for Topic Based shows - I loved the initial RoundTables you had in the early days of POST Wrestling (that is so weird to say, but true!); if you incorporate that for the Cafe, and perhaps can ask some listener-based questions from the chat or submitted ahead of time on the Forum that would be fun interaction.

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Jeff Marek, I loved the Owen interview and would love to hear his thoughts on the current product, if he’s still even watching.

Meltzer or Alverez on a hangout would be great.

Jeff Marek! Been wanting that POST roundtable for a while now!

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Jeff Marek is a great call.

Court Bauer and/or MSL would also be interesting to have on the air to talk MLW and the whole wrestling scene.

Super random but I would love to hear someone interview Adam Ryland… the designer of those EWR and TEW wrestling games. I love those games and would love hear about the finding and creating of that community. There’s a super interesting subculture around those games that should be explored.

There’s a new game coming out in the spring so I can’t imagine Ryland wouldn’t mind a chance to talk about his games.



I think that a lot of the POST-Marks over the age of 30 have at least heard of EWR/TEW (if not played the games), and Brother Ryland could make for an interesting guest. :100:


Thanks for taking some feedback!

My list of people that I think would make great guests: Wade Keller, Conrad Thompson, Chris Van Vliet, Dixie Carter (Why not?), Matt Farmer, Jay from OSW, and Jordan Breen

As somebody involved in the Canadian indie scene (as a promoter), I’d love to see some sort of discussion on the current indie landscape (Canadian, or anywhere in North America). Perhaps a few different promoters or bookers of notable promotions for a discussion.

Everybody seems to know about the PWG’s of the world, but so many people don’t know about what’s in their own backyards. Often times, most major cities have high quality indie promotions that are packing venues.


Would love to see

Carl Demarco (former president WWE Canada)

Bob Kapur

Kevin Kelly

Tony Khan

Alex Greenfield and Court Bauer.

Michael Landsberg

With no regard/knowledge for what the relationship between POST and these guys might currently be:

Court Bauer
Alex Greenfield
Jimmy Korderas
Dave Meltzer
Brian Mann
Damian Abraham
Any OSW Review host
Any New Generation Podcast host
Any NXT Wrestling Fan host

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No particular names come to mind, but maybe someone who left but was associated with NXT UK behind the scenes set up for the first “global localization” branch.

Also the occasional wrestling historian from other parts of the world when their is a big news story (passing / retirement / major company signing). From Latin America to Europe, and from Asia to Oceania.

Mike Quackenbush
Brett Lauderdale
John Thorne

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Michael Landsberg

Jeff Marek

Would love to see Jimmy Korderas appear on a rewind a dynamite as he’s been quite critical about the show on twitter and I think the difference in opinions could make for an engaging discussion and enjoyable listen


Hi guys,

Someone I’d love to hear is Findlay Martin. He does a podcast for Inside the Ropes and is a well-respected UK journalist who’s been covering wrestling for decades. He often has a different and down-to-earth take on things and I think it would be fascinating to hear him chat with you guys.

Colt Cabana is always a great guest and I don’t feel like I’ve heard much from him recently. I’m sure he would have a lot of interesting insight into the changing wrestling landscape of the last six months.

Peter Rosenberg or Sam Roberts. I thought the interview with Pat McAfee was a lot more interesting than I was expecting. It made me wonder who else from the media who have become WWE talking heads have thought of the transition.

Both these guys were WAY better as Wrestling podcasters / commentators before joining WWE.
Rosenberg has become unbearable.
Roberts feels like a clown.

Just my personal feeling(s), and Opinions are like Baron Corbin feuds, everyone has one.