Future Review Suggestions?

Please delete if I am treading on anyone’s toes here (or stealing any thunder) but what reviews would you like to see the lads do?

I’ve been trying to push one through for years which is the awful Chyna and Anna Nicole Smith film “Illegal Aliens” but maybe it’s a bit depressing now all things considered

Trailer here in all it’s glory…

What do you want to see?


I have a feeling that this would give Wai some horrible horrible memories. Images that may have been burned into his soul.


I’d love to see a review of IYH4 from Winnipeg…seems like an odd choice BUT it has a lot of interesting historical happenings people may forget. It was Goldust’s debut, shawn gives the IC belt up and it changes hands twice in one night.

I was born and raised in the peg and attended this event…red jacket 4th row on the hard cam with a green macho foam finger…you can tell what a Postmark (see what I did there) I was as HBK was handing over the belt…LOL…I also remember going to the raw tapings in Brandon the next night and inadvertently walking down a hall in the arena where there was a window to a waiting area with all the wrestlers breaking kayfabe…was pretty trippy…remember this was 1995!:joy:


I’ve been getting really invested in the Stardom promotion during the end of this past year. After watching the Mae Young Classic, I was intrigued by some of the talent and gave it a shot. It’s honestly reinvigorated my love of wrestling. Also remember hearing Wai say that he wanted to try to check out a show while he was in Japan. Would love to see Wai and John’s take on the Oedo Tai faction and some of the other both established and rookie talent currently in Stardom. For me Stardom is absolutely refreshing in it’s pretty minimalist presentation (on some shows the one camera thing is disappointing for matches). That’s my two cents, and I’m happy to have Wai and John back, this pumped up and ready to go. I’d suggest the upcoming Yoko Bito Retirement show, but anything else would work too.

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I would love to see them review a UK only PPV at some point, One Night Only is probably the best choice.

Davey Boy Smith vs Shawn Michaels
Bret Hart vs The Undertaker
Vader vs Owen Hart
Dude Love vs Triple H

I kept saying this on the LAW boards but I would love them to do a Brian Pillman retrospective. They always do a great job with their career retrospectives and this year marked the 20th anniversary of his death. I would also like them to try a bit of CHIKARA, King of Trios would be good but anything in 2010 around the BDK storyline would also be good.

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Fall Brawl 2000. One of the best trainwreck WCW ppvs. Cannot recommend enough.


That did include the surprisingly good Scott Steiner/Goldberg match as well.

The Dog Kennel from Hell Match

They have done that match. It was the infamous review that they had to redo 3 times. But wouldn’t mind them doing it again as think having to redo it effected their views of the show.

They should review their first Review-A-RAW.


So meta… but that would be cool to hear.

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I’d like that TNA Bound for Glory 2009 review that Nate Milton always wanted.

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Good idea. I vote for this one too.

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I have a strange desire to have the boys review some ICP StrangleMania or JCW shows.

Sorry Wai.


Starrcade 1998
the Nitro after Bash At The Beach 1996
In Your House (the one in December 1995 with Bret-Bulldog)


Wrestlemania 30
Surivour Series 1998
Summerslam 1989
King Of The Ring 1993


Bound For Glory - 2010, 2012
Lockdown 2013


any of the first 11 Wrestle Kingdoms


Border Wars 2013
the event where CM Punk signs his wwe contract on the title
he just won (cant remember the name of the Pay Per View)

The Punk title win is on Death Before Dishonour 3.

DDT New Year Special 2018

I just wanna hear John and Wai review a DDT show as a contrast with their New Japan review.

It might be hilarious… I hear it has a particularly gross 6 man tag that might be fun to hear John and Wai’s reactions to.

NOAH Destiny 2005. One of the greatest wrestling shows of all time and featuring the incredible 20+ minute chop battle between Kobashi and Sasaki. Huge Dome show with a incredibly hot crowd as well.

Had the pleasure of producing English-commentary episodes of NOAH for FN with Mauro & Mouth back then and this show was probably my favourite. Mauro calling Sasaki-Kobashi was incredible. Hope those see the light of day at some point.