Future roundtable guests

I wanted to throw it out there for any suggestions on future guest ideas for the roundtable show.

In a perfect world, I would like to do these with people locally based to do in-person, but I feel they can just as easily be done with people via Skype, phone.

Is there a preference for the number of people?

Let the suggestions fly…

I don’t know how much he follows the current product, but get Jordan Breen! DUDE!

And if you can’t do a regular podcast with Court, having him on the round table would be the next best thing.

Meltzer or Lagreca.

Jimmy Corderas would be great for these.

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Jeff Marek if he’s not busy and still follows the business.


Jericho’s always good!

Court Bauer if he is not busy. MSL would also be great to have

3 to 4 tops…

Konnan could be fun, his one interaction with Wai was gold.

Conrad Thompson.

Jason Solomon

Lance Storm


Don Callis

Kyle Edwards would be my first choice, but Arda Ocal is a close second.

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Billy Kirkwood the ICW play by play guy

Meltzer is the obvious one. Always enjoy Alex Greenfield too.

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I’m always game for some of the Voices of Wrestling rascals (Joe Lanza, Rich Kraetsch, Damon McDonald, Collin Miller, Jeff Hawkins, or Rob McCarron).

YES! Forgot about Greeny

If it’s mma focused you gotta get Robin Black and Helwani!

The Podfather himself @PodFatherSOH


Love Meltzer… but please not Meltzer.

He’s already long winded when talking with Alvarez who sometimes doesn’t get much of a chance to speak, I can only imagine how frustrating it would be in a 4 person round table.

Would love to hear some people from Smash or Destiny.

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With all the recent Womens wrestling news, it would be very interesting to here a female. I here Trish Stratus is from near you guys. Ha ha. But seriously, a female perspective would be very cool.

Also my BOY Jay Hunter from OSW.

Second Alex Greenfield. Larry Dallas would be a good one too.

Agnew, Mouth, The Bray D, and Wai!

Most were mentioned before, but thatvs my wishlist:
Jordan Breen, Jack Encarnacao, Rick Kraetsch, Joe Lanza, Damon McDonald , Mouth, Agnew, Jeff Marek, Daniel Cormier (lol), Lance Storm, Don Callis, Court Bauer, Alex Greenfield, Brian Mann (always!).