G1 2019 Contest Results Updates

Hello, G1 contest entrants! Thanks to the 533 of you who entered this year’s contest and good luck to you all. I will be posting PDFs of results and statistics to this thread in a similar fashion as to what was done last year.

Randobot 2000 is back and has submitted a contest entry. This is a list of picks that was completely random so you can compare your results and see if you’re as accurate as a series of coin-flips. :smiley:

Good luck to everyone, enjoy the wealth of great matches we’re going to see, and have a CRUEL SUMMER!!!

CLICK HERE for a master list of Listener Predictions

Randobot 2000’s score after day 4: 15 out of 20

Results PDFs:


Hi, is there a way to see what you predicted? I’ve pretty much forgot all of mine. Thanks.

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Hi, everyone. I have to head out early for the day tomorrow and won’t be able to update the G1 Contest results until later in the evening or possible Sunday morning after day 3. Enjoy the matches!


533* entrants!
Technically 552 but it’s wrestling so…

835 entrants! Wow!

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Thank you so much for this Chis

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Hi, guys. If you check the main post there is a link to download a file that has a single page summary of each listener’s predictions. You can search on your name and find the picks you made.


Thank you. Love the contest.

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Hey Tony, search for your name in the Master List:

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