Guy in the devil mask

Ok, stay with me here. First off, I dont believe this is true. Its not true at all BUT there are 2 people who used the “devil” moniker in AEW. MJF and…the person who could be but I dont think he is behind the devil mask. Theres no way its true BUT the greatest trick the devil ever played was making people believe he didnt exist. So Im not saying its true, I dont believe its true BUT what if… That would be the best storyline that had ever been done on wrestling history! So discuss…theres your topic. What if the guy behind the devil mask is Mr Phil Brooks? P.S.-I dont believe this is true but Im just asking What if?

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I think potentially tanking your Collision ratings, alienating a portion of your audience and stirring up a ton of negative sentiment about your company just for the sake of “working the Internet” would be among the dumbest business decisions ever.

But hey, Tony is the first promoter in wrestling history who doesn’t need the money. So maybe he would…


If CM Punk was going to make a surprise return to AEW:

-I would feel annoyed about being lied to.
-I would be worried about this being a sign of a poorly run organization.
-I would wonder about all the missed opportunities the maybe fake firing created.

But I would 100% tune in to see what on earth is going on and how they make it work.


I’m with you on this. He’s been away since All In. The rumour spread so quickly at the event live, they planted it perfectly to create a huge buzz. He took his firing much better than any of us expected, he’s been way too quiet for my liking since…Jungle boy is under the mask for sure!!


Jack Perry being the Devil would actually work in my opinion. MJF dumped all over him back in the build to the Pillars four-way, about him not living up to the his hype. I feel like him doing this would be his character stepping up.

I’d say him realigning with Christian (and Luchasaurus and Nick Wayne) would also make sense.

That said, I’m sure there are plenty other people who could / should be under the mask.


Jack Perry is interesting…

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Jack Perry as the devil would be a huge let down. It’s also a weird way to reward someone for being suspended.

It has to be MJF or Cole. Outside of them I wonder if it could be Britt Baker. This could turn her into a mega heel and transform her and Cole into a main event heel couple.

Dolph ziggler?? Mustafa Ali….they’ve both gone very quiet

I wonder how Marty Scurll would be accepted if he was revealed to be the one behind the mask.

I think it has to be Jack Perry. That’s how Tony books

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I think giving Jack Perry something that will embrace the hate he’s already getting and will get, is a smart move.

And why not elevate a talent they already have pushed hard over the years?

He’s been suspended since the end of August. How long should he be punished?

They’re both sitting out their 90 days and cannot do anything until December 21.

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Is he getting a lot of hate? I don’t think many have noticed or cared that he’s gone.

The guy was badly exposed in the entire four pillars feud and his heel run wasn’t great. Jumping from feuding with hook on the pre-show to the main event would make zero sense

I think the whole angle is ambitious because of how locked in the AEW audience is to the IWC and dirtsheets. Any somewhat logical person to be “The Devil” has already been mentioned a ton – Cole, Roddy, O’Reilly, MJF, Jack Perry, Britt Baker, even Punk – and would not be viewed as the level of surprise that they are working towards.

Even if they want to try to ret-con the perpetrator to be multiple people or something like that, we’ve seen the stature of “The Devil” and, if you want the reveal to make any sense at all, that already rules out a lot of people.

So unless they have something in their back pocket that they completely knock out of the park, it’s more likely to be a letdown than not to a large portion of the audience – most of us included.

Having said that, I’m still interested to see how it plays out. Whether it’s for the right reasons (Hogan as the third man) or the wrong ones (“it was me all along!”), it’s got potential to be an all-time angle in AEW lore.


What if the Devil is Tony Khan and he’s fucking with MJF, because he wants to get the title off him, before his contract ends?



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Come on dog don’t do my man Ted like that.


Another potentially satisfying reveal would be that it was MJF all along, and the other masked men are Wardlow, FTR and Spears, starting a new run for the Pinnacle.

But I’m not sure how realistic that is.


I disagree with this. They are telling a story with a mystery. They have set up a few deferent suspects. Nobody is 100% sure. When one of them is revealed and its a suspect that makes sense that means the storytelling was effective. It is still a surprise because nobody outside of AEW knows for sure who it is today.

Only wrestling fans would say that a mystery is a failure because it wasn’t somebody completely out of left field. That’s having a fantasy booking mindset at its worst.


I think MJF is too obvious. Why would it be Adam Cole? He has to disguise himself so he can attack MJF’s enemies? It doesnt make sense unless hes doing it to make people think its MJF so he can set him up. Maybe someone from MJF’s past thats trying to get him to turn back to the darkside