Hey it’s BrandonfrmNJ ask me anything

What do you wanna know, who do you wanna know, when do you wanna know, let me know!

What do you like to watch that isn’t wrestling, MMA, or Vanderpump Rules?

Why do you like to take up time from other callers with your constant giggling like Doink the Clown and trying so hard to get yourself over on a wrestling podcast?


Jersey shore, love the new season of justified, the bear is great. I’m into docs too The Roosevelts by Ken Burns is one of my favs

Do I? I don’t think I do. I get nervous. They keep me on so I’m doing something right. Might be a you prob not a me one. I appreciate them having me and giving me the grace to do my thing


Would you rather battle 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses running at you?

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Have you seen what a duck does? They are violet sex pest birds. I’d battle the horses cause equine are peaceful creatures.

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They keep you on because you arent a troll fortunately. Doesnt mean you dont take up time with nonsense. You arent the only one, it seems there are a few who try and get themselves over for some reason.

Some do it with lame jokes or singing. I listen because I dont care either way, but Im sure there are some who stop listening at the call in portion, because they dont care for it.

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Hey man I hear yah I think you should call your congressman and tell them how you feel about this injustice because if you vote that’s when change happens. Don’t sit on the fence and speak into the void become the voice of the voiceless start a movement make change happen. Only then will you see real change.


What a promo. :joy:

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You’re right man and I may consider doing that, but I probably wouldnt get through, because you’d already get in before me and try and get yourself over to them by spouting off some useless Canadian knowledge that no one else cares about and giggling incessantly.

No Brandon slander allowed.

He’s actually entertaining, unlike basically every other caller ever.


I’m not going to pick on any particular caller, by calling in you are putting yourself out there, and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. With that said, I stop Listening at the call-in segments as it feels like the same people saying the same things week after week.


You’re a lot nicer than me, but there are some actual good callers that is why I keep listening. Ones who make good points and have interesting discussion points and then you have your group who, I guess they cant be in wrestling, so they use the podcast as a way to try and have a character or get themselves over. I dont get it myself.

Its not just here though, you get that with any call in show. Wrestling just seems to get more of them.

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Again I hear ya that’s why I tell people “hey activism is important and the stakes is high during this election year and we gotta rise up as a people to end the tyranny and let freedom reign again” you are the storm be the storm

This, except I don’t know if the last part is still true, because I stopped listening at that part years ago. But more power to those who call, doesn’t affect my life one iota. Keep on keeping on.


Are you serious? Votes don’t matter at all.

Are you? Are you an election denier

Enough slander get back to the AMA this I command

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The electoral college means your vote doesn’t actually matter. Also there no politicians out there that actually affect change. Or do what they say