Hogan on the Steve Austin podcast

By no means am I the apology police. I didn’t need the two of them to go into the racial stuff for two hours, but there was zero acknowledgment of it at all. I found this to be pretty disappointing. Austin just kissed hogans ass the whole time.


Thanks for the heads up. Saved me wasting 2 hours…


Austin is not an investigative journalist, people.

You don’t need to be an journalist of any type to not “kiss ass the whole time” when conducting a 2 hour interview. Nobody was expecting hard hitting journalism, but if they don’t acknowledge such major parts of Hogan’s life, not even to try and put a positive spin on it, then it sounds completely uninteresting.

Steve Austin beat his wife, so I don’t really see how him interrogating Hulk about his racist comments would be of any benefit to society.


Exactly! It was just a waste of time.

Ha ha no problem. Yeah there was nothing new or interesting about it.

If you want someone to teach Hogan a lesson and say “Terry, what you said was really bad, do you understand that ?” send him to Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory. That’s what she said to Mandy Rose (talking about her behaviour on Tough Enough).


This podcast was two giants in the wrestling business hanging out and “shooting the breeze” as Austin said, and that’s all it needed to be. Anyone expecting anything more than that will be disappointed by most of Austin’s interviews.

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Conrad Thompson didn’t even grill Hogan over his comments that were revealed through an invasion of privacy. …where were the same expectations when he was goosing and a giggling while marking out over Hogan feeding him his embellished stories?

As someone said Austin beat his wife and never talked about it. You expect him to grill Hogan?

Honestly I think most of the people in the wrestling journalism/punditry bubble would gloss over Terry’s transgressions because it doesn’t register to them (that bubble still being overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly old). I think it would take a POC interviewer like Andreas Hale or Marcus Vanderberg OR a hard-hitting journo like Brother Pollock to ask that question…Everyone else either doesn’t care or doesn’t want to lose their access to Hogan. :100:


What question is Hogan supposed to be asked that he hasn’t already answered. How many more times does he have to apologize before he’s forgiven. Are nails and a cross necessary before his detractors deem him worthy of existing?

You disparagingly use the phrase “old and white”, yet you’re still hung up on something Hogan said in private years ago.

You keep those POC glasses screwed on tight over your eyes. Hogan will still make more money in interest from the lawsuit than you’ll make this year.

Reverse racism being thrown around

I’ll address the only salient point of your comment, my friend…

As a journalist part of your job description is asking the tough questions. Neither SCSA or Brother Conrad are journos, so that lack of training combined with not having the perspective of a person of color makes it completely understandable that they would neglect to ask Terry about the incident or what he’s learned or how he’s grown as a human being. And for the record, that last hypothetical question that I just posed is one I haven’t seen him be asked & it’s one that I would think he’d be eager to answer IF he’s truly changed as a person. :100:

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People should be given second chances and opportunities to redeem themselves.

I’d say that Hogan hasn’t done a great job doing either if those things from what I’ve seen. Maybe I missed an interview or something.

And I don’t care that this came out due to an invasion of privacy. He showed himself to be a racist asshole at that time.

Steve Austin is not a journalist.

What Steve Austin is… is a worker.

Also of note does anyone really think Hulk is agreeing to go do an interview that is hard hitting on his race issues? I’m sure he has topics that are off the table when he agrees to do these things. If he wanted to talk about it he would. I’m not saying that makes him right, it just makes the expectation of interviewers hitting him on his comments unlikely.

Also what he could say is that he understands what he said was wrong, from what I understand a lot of his apologies have been were akin to “I’m sorry I got caught.”

That scenario is very likely. And it’s probably why we haven’t heard Terry on any program w/an interviewer that would pursue that line of conversation. Combine that w/Hogan’s legendary knack for “embellishment”, & the Austin show was a hard pass for me. :100:

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