How Daniel Bryan can win the rumble...

There is a scenario where Daniel Bryan can win the rumble without bumping at all.

There are two wrestlers in the ring and they eliminate each other. He comes in at number 30 and receives a massive pop.

It is a bit strange but there you go.

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That would be in awful.

Also how would he not take a bump in his Wrestlemania match!

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Like Vince in 1999 ? I agree it is awful but that’s what WWE is sometimes.

Where could you go from there? I’m assuming you have Bryan as a heel from this point?

I do not know. There are too many possible scenarios. They can do whatever they want.

Vince faced Austin in a cage st the next PPV as a result of it, where as this would be totally pointless.

Well, I said that in the first place because Bryan is still one of the favourites to win on betting sites.

Betting odds can change drastically just because a few people bet on something. If a few people bet on Bryan to win, his odds shorten. Then more people bet on him, as they notice the change, and his odds keep shortening until he becomes a favourite in the odds. It has no reflection on a betting company having “insider knowledge”.

We’ll see what happens.

I still think Roman is throwing Bryan out and winning the Rumble.

That would generate the loudest heat ever heard in history.

At this point if Bryan isn’t in the Rumble by 30 Philly is booing the shit out of the finish anyway. I guess if I had to pick someone to get real heat have Jordan eliminate him.

I do not see Bryan being in the Rumble, and they better make sure nobody in attendance is to think otherwise.

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That’s a complete heel move. Then again maybe they want to turn him.

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I agree with you. If people start to think that he could be in it and he isn’t, it is going to be Royal Rumble 2015 all over again. (I mean people chanting for him and and not caring about the other wrestlers)


That would be ridiculous of the crowd to expect him in after the company said they won’t let him wrestle(two years ago).

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WWE fans still chant for CM Punk. People wanting Bryan back isn’t going to go away and WWE can either lament but ultimately ignore the fact that fans have opinions, let him wrestle, or give them something new to care about in the Rumble.

It’s not wanting him to come back but some people here are expecting him to come back, booing number 30 because it’s not a guy who got ruled out two years ago would be pathetic.

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Sure, sure, but it’s hardly unprecedented and with how invested some people are in the Bryan story I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens. The thing is, I think if people have an adverse reaction, you can make that adverse reaction “this is good, i didn’t expect this, even though daniel bryan didn’t come back” which is still just fine. Or Roman can win and fuck everything.

The favourite (that makes more sense) is Nakamura.

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