How I'd Fix The Explosives Match Problem

This won’t solve the “Eddie Kingston killed by sparklers” problem, but it would go a long way in helping this botch, in my opinion. Here’s what I’d do:

On Dynamite Wednesday, have a pre-taped segment with Kenny Omega, after the match on Sunday (this could be re-created if necessary). Kenny says Moxley and Kingston were really lucky - then lifts up the ring apron to reveal packs of explosives that never went off under the ring. Then Omega reveals a cut wire, or a few cut wires, indicating someone sabotaged the explosives. This could lead to Omega sleuthing out who did it as a TV angle. Or, since theoretically no one would know where guys would be positioned when the explosives went off, just kill the “cut cables” part and show the malfunctioned explosives under the ring that didn’t go off.

Or just accept it was lame and don’t ever mention it again in the hope the bad taste fades from the mouth of those that paid for this sparkler show.


I think they can just brush it off with a line saying he isn’t an engineer, show his crayon diagram and have him Callis they shouldn’t have cheaped out on the writing guy or the sketch artist. Make it funny fir a sec and move on. No need to draw attention to it. Match wa a otherwise solid

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That’d be fine, too, I just prefer storylines and think they could make something out of it. Wrestling fans, in my humble opinion, have way too good memories for them to ever hope they’d forget about it.

If Khan had just come out and admitted it was a mistake in the post-scrum, I’m cool with whatever funny excuse they want to give in story. The second they couldn’t do that, it just became a point where nothing that comes after is ever going to matter to me. Just move on and hope it doesn’t happen again.


Maybe he faded when the initial… fireworks fired. I mean, he never saw what exactly happened, he only heard the noise. And you know he is a kind soul, worried for his friend on top of everything.

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Kingston should claim he passed out and didn’t know what happen because he was so scared but did it for his brother Mox. Simple, and I’d believe an Eddie Kingston promo if he delivered an explanation that was in any way plausible.

TK fucked his performers and I’m sure he is distraught and owning the L backstage.

I noted elsewhere had Kingston been more improv and picked Mox up and hugged him to close the show, we may have even not had such an issue with the explosion being a dud because that story with Eddie and Mox was so good and that note hit so had. Then they could just tear Kenny for his job rigging the ring since it was his creation in cannon. That slight on-the-fly adjustment to me would have made the dud less impactful and the Kingston/Mox moment more impactful.

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Maybe he has PTSD from watching too many death matches in the past and didnt realize what was going on.

They should blame Nakazawa.

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Who here wouldn’t believe Kingston passed out because of nerves if he cut a promo telling you he did. That dude makes me want sour patch candy so year, I’d believe him LOL; his promo about this will be :fire:


This literally made me laugh out loud.

Maybe they could have had Tony Khan say that he made the call to have the explosives remotely disarmed due to the aftermatch beatdown and that Moxley had his hands cuffed behind his back.

There is no way to fix it - it’s now a comedy angle and a dead concept for at least a few years.

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Then it’s the same with The Last Man Standing Match after the Royal Rumble fiasco

These types of matches are fucking stupid. If anyone was excited by this desperate attempt at attention then they deserved this ending. It’s like an eye for an eye match, we know we’re not going actually get a real pay off so what’s the point? To see how far off the mark they end up being?

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The easiest way to fix it, is to not promise to explode a ring.

Storyline fixes, Eddie could say he passed out from the excitement, and he can then go a “killing” spree against the Good Brothers and lead into a match against Kenny that Moxley has to return the favour and save Eddie in his return. Then they can set up tag matches against the Good Brothers while Kenny is off winning the IMPACT championship until we get our inevitable Moxley vs. Omega rematch at whatever PPV they can get us too. Maybe somehow weaving into a 3-way match maybe… Kingston vs. Mox vs. Omega or another trifecta.

Eddie Kingston wasn’t even in the match but he comes out of it looking the dumbest. Don’t know how you can realistically get him out of this one looking good.

I like the idea of another wrestler sabotaging the explosives because kenny made it too strong actually. This wrestler is someone who loves nothing but pure wrestling and thinks deathmatches are garbage. Have Kenny try to find this person and then you have a feud that you can put in between the PPVs.

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I mean that would have made sense. I mean was the plan to blow up the ring even if the match had finished early? Like shouldn’t Kenny and the boys have needed to storm a control room or hold back the guys who would disarm the bombs after then end of the match? Otherwise it just means even if the match ends in 10 mins they would have needed to wait for it to blow up anyway.

Agree. It will be hard to take him seriously unless they have a great idea. Right now he looks like an idiot for selling that.

One moment can hurt - I was high on Ricochet but after the Brock match I was so disappointed in him that I just tuned out and now just fast forward or ignore him. Ive lost all interest in him after that match and wish he would just go away.

Hopefully same doesn’t happen to Eddie

On the plus side for Eddie is at least he can talk. But yeah moments can make for break characters in this industry.

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