I'm sorry,I love you.

Not that anyone cares but Wai has suggested I find another community as spoilers for major events will continue.As a UK wrestling fan the sheer amount of content means I cannot watch live so I avoid normally successfully spoilers.This forum cannot be a place to visit.
Other communities can respect that but it’s each to their own.
This is John and Wai’s decision,and i’m sure they feel it’s, ahem best for business.
Anyway goodbye and goodnight.


Don’t let the door hit you on the wai out. If you can’t hold back from clicking a link, or visiting a forum when major events are happening, then that is a you problem. Nah, somehow you want to tell us it is a POST Forum problem for talking about wrestling events in real time on a wrestling feedback forum.


That’s unfortunate but I hope you find the forum that works best for you!

I’m probably late to an already had conversation, but, I didn’t think there was spoilers in live sports. I could see wanting to wait to watch a game or match. I honestly don’t know how I could watch all the wrestling going on these days so I’d think knowing results is part of the excitement and wanting to watch a match cause of them.

I’m sure there’s someone with some education in the area who’s explained the “spoiler” point of view which has taken over much of stuff.

avoiding spoilers is really easy if you think about it.
Stay off twitter.
Stay off other social media where it is likely posted (based on who you follow or your tendencies)
Don’t read results
Don’t go to sites that will have results.

I don’t shed half of half a tear for somebody who cannot avoid spoilers. It’s a self inflicted thing largely because people want to have their cake and eat it too.

Nobody forces somebody to go online or visit websites with results or use social media. It’s a big world - not everybody will cater to people who wanna live spoiler free. Largely when social media and the internet is designed to give people an outlet to share opinions about events.

@Elliott316 I really hope you come back after you’ve seen events to share your thoughts. Always enjoyed having you here. There is nothing wrong with watching something on delay and coming to talk about it after the fact - whether it is a week/month/year.

Come back soon


I voiced my disdain too. I dont think people outside the UK appreciate the difficulty we have in watching AEW over here. Yes - I can find ‘other means’ but I enjoy watching in front of the tv when it’s on.

It isnt available here until Saturday (sometimes friday). So it would be lovely not to be spoiled.

Now if I was to click on ‘AEW Dynamite Results’ and get upset for spoilers - I’m a dumbass. But I dont. I come on the forum for general chat and discussion when I am bored. So when the front page says ‘Hangman Page and Kenny Omega win tag titles’ - that’s a bit shit. Wai explained the reasons - it’s not ideal but come off it… unless you live under a social media rock every week you’re going to get spoiled by someone between wednesday and Saturday anyway.

That said - Elliott: have a glass of man up. You’re making the UK look ridiculous. And you sound like my wife when she doesnt get her own way.


@Benyoude and @Elliott316 please accept my appology as I did not realize this was what you were referring to. I do sympathize with the plight of watching AEW on such a delay because of broadcast issues. I was simple minded in thinking this was about other events, etc. I could see how weekly TV that is not actually on at normal air time in other regions could be frustrating. I wonder if you could mute (ignore?) John and Andrew Thompson which then would mean you don’t see their posts…I don’t know if that impacts the feed/thread with news updates. But then you can check POST for news and the Forum for general chat.

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Obviously, people know my opinion of this and conversely, Wai holding a different view with regards to spoilers.

I treat the site as a newspaper and feel it is fair game once a show has aired and my job is to recap and lead with the biggest news story from that show. If I was an NFL fan catching up on Sunday’s games, I wouldn’t be logging on ESPN or NFL.com and upset with what I found.

With regards to Elliot - he voiced his issues and I was willing to forego posting news items in the Forum on Wednesday nights because of AEW & NXT airing concurrently and those wanting to post feedback.

He got upset that I had the headline for the Bellator show on Sunday morning - that’s my problem that once we bend on one thing (Wednesday nights), it opens the door to be criticized for any results we post right down to a Bellator show or having the Worlds Collide headline result.

Given that it’s been 2-3 people that have complained I don’t feel the need to overhaul our strategy for that number of people. But, if there is a large contingent unhappy with the way I’ve handled it, I am willing to simply run the website end and leave the Forum to Wai’s domain and remove myself.

I don’t have time to be second guessing what is “fair” to post - if it’s news then it runs so the only debate is whether you want this forum to reflect the site or we leave it all of you to post on this forum and I’ll stay out of it.


For me the Wednesday night thing is the only argument I thought was reasonable for most people. That said if it is all or nothing I’d rather see the news threads as I don’t care about being spoiled.

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@johnpollock I really enjoy being able to come to the Forum to get the news feed. Please don’t change that. Also didn’t mean aggravation for you by engaging in this complaint. Wanted to stand up against it and backpedaled because I do sympathize with the Wednesday night situation for AEW in other regions of the world. All events that are live ought to be covered as such and your headlines are news headlines so no, do not change it.

A bias, spoiled, loyal POSTmark,

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I’m with John. I couldn’t watch the Rumble for personal reasons. I stayed off the forum until I could watch it. If Wednesday’s are an issue then perhaps wait until after you have seen it. The discussions here tend to be all week long :slight_smile:

I live in the UK, I’ve never had any problems. I watch and then I go on other websites. Please don’t change.


This is towards you and Wai:

first of all respect for all the work you guys are doing. In regards of it, I get the current system with the main page news and the auto-post on the forum. Thus said - it can be a problematic system, as proven by this Wednesday thing. I’m pretty sure an easy solution can be found, as I am one of those who are finding this annoying and clunky, especially if you want your forum to be place where people are not afraid to log in and post their opinion on something, while afraid of being heavily spoiled on something else. It’s just stupid to push away users like that. An easy solution I can think of and am pretty sure your platform must have the option, is a simple check mark button for these articles, to be posted or not to be posted simultaneously on the forum.

One click, that’s all.

that is a better question for @POSTmaster as to whether the forum has the option to hide certain types of posts for the end-user. I would try using the mute functionality.

Can the News Posts be classified under their own category like General or Cafe or Expresso posts are?
If that is the case then there is the option to MUTE a category so you don’t see posts from them. If the default is everyone sees News posts, then at least some folks have the option to turn it off.

I’m sorry, procrastinating and trying to think up ways to help.

Maybe I’m wrong here, but isn’t the concept of spoilers referring to the outcomes of things that haven’t happened yet? Like if I told you how a movie ends a week before it’s released, that’s a spoiler. Giving a result of a sporting event that already happened isn’t a spoiler, it’s news. It’s akin to complaining that you heard the result of the superbowl on monday morning after. At that point, it’s irresponsible to not report it.


No it is frequent used in reference to “spoiling” the result of something for another person. For instance when Endgame first came out if you stood outside the theater having seen the first showing and told everyone going into the next showing the ending that is a spoiler. Spoilers typically aren’t a thing for sporting events though as they are usually live viewing. No body comments on post Super Bowl social media posts with the result in them. If you cared enough you watched live or stay off social media/news sites. I think the Wednesday night conflict is the only real issue due to the forum being used for feedback and 2 shows happening at the same time. Almost every other occasion I can see waiting to come on until I’ve watched because posting here isn’t time sensitive other than feedback threads.

I don’t get this complaint. I didn’t watch the Rumble until Monday afternoon/evening and wanted to keep the Rumble winners a surprise. Avoiding a wrestling forum where discussion about wrestling takes place was an extremely obvious thing to do. People that watched the show will obviously want to discuss the show as well.

It’s annoying when spoilers pop up out of nowhere which is why I also avoided Twitter and messages from people. Thankfully there were no emergencies…

If people are going out of their way to spoil something then they’re being assholes but when it comes to places where people will obviously be discussing it, it’s your job to avoid them.


It’s a click that will thereby disable discussion of that news article. If John doesn’t want to check that box that is his decision.

I always see the same line about avoiding so and so place, until after you’ve seen something. I get that with Twitter, where you have absolute idiots that can spoil anything at any time, but aren’t we supposed to be promoting discussion on a forum like this? Why would we want anyone to wait, when a simple solution is…

“AEW results” over “Hangman and Kenny win tag titles”

If the spoiler titles bring that much more hits, then I guess I’m wrong. I know me personally, I can avoid opening a spoiler article, I don’t even have he chance though if it’s in the title. It is what it is though. I get more enjoyment not knowing stuff and I’ve been lucky so far not to be spoiled for anything huge.

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The news headlines have to be more specific to draw other readers.

The options are really spoilers or click bait. I’d rather see “spoilers” that are truthful than see “Title change on RAW” for every time R-Truth and Mojo trade roll-ups.