MCU L8R: Falcon & Winter Soldier Ep. 3 (w/ Shane McDonough)

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Wai Ting & WH Park welcome Shane McDonough to review The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 3 as Sam & Bucky recruit Baron Zemo on their continued hunt for super-soldiers.

We discuss Baron Zemo’s re-introduction into the MCU as a fan-favourite,, Sharon Carter’s return and her new hardened persona, Marvin Gaye’s Trouble Man, the show-closing surprise cameo with international implications, and WH takes his victory lap as the show finally travels to Madripoor.

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Ep. 3 Review

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Baron Zemo’s dance moves better come up. Thanks guys!


Do you really think letitia Wright should/will get recast because of her posts about vaccines?

Personally, I hope not, I completely disagree with her on this on every level, but I don’t think it’s unforgivable. I’m sure we all know people with similar views, and I don’t believe they should lose their jobs for them.

Given the reinstatement of James Gunn and Jeremy renner retaining his role as Hawkeye amid domestic abuse accusations, (both decisions I agree with just now, though that would change if the renner allegations become more likely to be true), I’d be really disappointed if the only one to be “cancelled” in the MCU was the only one to not be a white male.

I know WH wasn’t purposely deadnaming him, since it’s very easy to do with a celebrity that comes out as trans, but I should point out that it’s Elliot Page now.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been brought up, but how did Captain America give away his shield when that shit was broken during the fight with Thanos. Even with assumption that Stark had died in Captain America’s alternate timeline, the only person that could possibly remake his shield was Black Panther or his crew, but they didn’t remake it during the time between Civil War and Endgame. He didn’t even have the shield during Infinity War.

Are we left to assume that Thanos never showed up in Cap’s alternate timeline or maybe someone like the Enchantress was pretending to be Steve Rogers to give Sam the shield that could end up turning him evil using dark magic? Evil as in new Cap’s personality. Suckas gots to know!