My kids loved Full gear until...

I have to force them to watch anything WWE produce,and I cant blame them but they watched intently full gear for 3 hours,especially loving the Young Bucks,Private Party,Jericho and Cody.However they both left out of,in their words “no I dont like this” or “urgh I dont want to watch anymore” during the Mox v Omega match.Personally I thought the match was stupid,why Omega is involved in this crap is beyond me,the same crap was fine for Janela but not for Kenny.
Anyway here is my point,is AEW just for the adults?My kids are 7 and 9 into Fortnite,nerf,Overwatch,Call of Duty,Soccer but Kenneth v Johnny was a step too far for their senses.


I am going to quote Bryan Alvarez. Hardcore matches have never been a way for a mainstream product to elevate itself. Furthermore, Tony Kahn said hardcore matches will not be on weekly shows, so I don’t get it. I hate this kind of match, it serves no purpose.


I don’t think that match was appropriate for a 7 or 9 yr old. Kids made the right call for themselves


I think it was too far and too “silly” at times as well as the over the top violence. The feud wasn’t built well enough to justify the hated, and a “fight” ending with a cover always seems out of place. I feel like this kind of stuff should be super rare, blow off a huge feud, and be either last man standing or “I quit” style matches and the spots should reflect that. Slicing someone between the fingers unless the thought is they will tap out won’t help you pin them. Nor will a contrived board full of mouse traps. So it comes across as violence for violence sake.

Mox needs to go back to the Indy scene.
This ain’t the 90s or 2000’s. CZW is waiting. Just have to take a massive pay cut.
All seriousness… Imega doing this makes no sense. Mox has no hardcore people to wrestle as of yet so match was dumb, but good none the less. Omega is an amazing performer, but somehow is lost this far.
AEW needs to build their roster.

A friend of mine who has been a lapsed wrestling fan since before the Attitude Era watched Full Gear last night and honestly the deathmatch was his match of the night.

He understood without watching any build what was happening, what the rules were and he loved when Kenny brought out the glass and dropped Moxley into the Sharpshooter making him crawl through glass for the ropes.

He knew that the rope break wasn’t possible that the ropes were used for Mox to pull himself up and out of the hold.

It wasn’t a match I’d want to see every PPV and we’ve seen Omega now do one with Janella and now Moxley. I can’t see this type of match happening for a while after this one.

I felt they told a story in the ring that was above the shock value that comes with these matches.

Deathmatches…like them or not, they get people talking and in my experience the people were new fans. After this even telling my friend “Don’t expect this all the time” he said “Well Full Gear was enough to get me to check out TV this week, and if PPV’s are of this is the quality I’ll host and shell out the $50 for them because it felt like old times”


My only gripe with this match, was that it should have been the final match in a series. The match it self, I have no problem with. I like the barbed wire, glass, mouse traps far more than garbage cans and kendo sticks that we always see. Do I cringe when a move takes place in that stuff? Of course. But these guys are doing what they enjoy and I like seeing what kind of moves they can come up with, with some of these contraptions they build.

For me - it feels like wrestling cant do anything right…

The whole world called hell in a cell a joke, didnt like the finish - found it wacky and spoilt the point of hell in a Cell.

So a company makes a stipulation saying it’s so violent it cant be sanctioned. They make it so violent it cant be sanctioned and the fans say “this isnt for me. It’s not appropriate”

How can they do right?


Everyone knew what this match was gonna be, it wasn’t for kids that’s for sure.


See the women’s hell in a cell? Or you know not have a match stoppage for one weapon after a bunch of other. Gargano vs Cole (while not my favorite of their matches) in the cell with weapons was better as well. Heck even this match if it had been built up better and not ended in a pin fall would have been better.

The first Omega vs Jericho was also a very good compromise. There’s a world of difference between CZW hardcore and PGWWE Hardcore. I also like NXT street fights.

I am probably in the minority but I don’t think “death matches” like Omega vs Moxley should be allowed to happen. States or the companies themselves should ban it.

All you have to do is look at the list of broken and dead bodies from ECW and the Attitude era and I never want to see that style of wrestling be glorified again.

There have been excellent hardcore and no-dq matches all over the world that didn’t resort to barbed wire. AEW didn’t need to do a hardcore match on their first show at all and I’ll be avoiding shows with “lights out” matches in the future. Just not my style (obviously since I just ranted about it).

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Fair enough. DM usually aren’t my flavor of wrestling… but I’d say they have their place. It’s a buffet. Something for everyone. B

I think Omega vs Moxley delivered what it promoted. They used glass, and barbed wire in the build-up. They showed clips of Moxley’s deathmatch past. They promoted it as a violent unsanctioned brawl. They delivered just that.

You can not enjoy the match - but it’s on you the viewer and your own personal taste. AEW delivered what was promoted.


I’m wondering what exactly people were expecting. There’s been glass and barbed wire in the build to this show. They showed various clips of Moxley’s past and the shit he’s done. This stuff tells me personally, that it will probably used in the match and be a very violent match. John mentioned on at least one, if not a couple that he expected the same.

If this type of thing is not peoples style, why did you watch it? I’m genuinely curious, knowing what we knew going in.


If you’re referring to me after my stance against death matches, the answer is I didn’t watch the PPV. Mainly because I didn’t want to spend $50 bucks. But enough clips are all over social media to give anyone an idea of what the match was. Im glad I didn’t order it considering the main event.

I had a very similar experience.

I was watching with my nine year old and he was done after the blood started. I was about to turn it off anyway but he really didn’t like it.

I even tried to skip ahead hoping the rest of the match was just tables and shit, but I stopped at the part when he had the screwdriver and that was it.

They are trying to be different from the WWE, I get it, but this doesn’t work for what I like to watch.

Only just finished AEW Full Gear now as I could not watch Saturday night live.
I absolutely loved the show until…Omega Moxley. That was absolutely gruesome and not professional wrestling. I’m not sure why they allowed that to close the show or even be on the show. The singular good thing that came out of it was the Lights Out concept or Unsanctioned match being extremely well defined…but also something AEW should decide is no longer allowed in its promotion. If they do another one I can’t imagine the match having any positive hype.

@Rated_R_Poster I hear what you’re saying but those spots could have been incorporated as big spots without being the entire match

Very disappointed in AEW and that’s a lot coming from me as most of you know.

I was referring to people who arent into that stuff, that actually watched it. Though it is on you still, if you chose to watch those clips.

@RedRaider07 ironically the viral nature of the clips supports the reason to do the match and furthers thinking this should be on a major brand PPV.

This is how I look at it…if blood makes you uneasy, ok I get it. But I dont understand how people can be cool with some of these other matches, where guys are constantly getting dropped on their heads and necks and that stuff is awesome. Barbed wire and glass are giving you cuts, they arent going to end your career potentially.

If someone asks me, do I want my head or back cut with barbed wire/glass or do you want to take a piledriver. I’m taking the barbed wire and glass all day.

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