Naming it Dynamite is a stupid move

AEW doesn’t need to name their weekly show. The priority should be getting the name All Elite Wrestling over. You name a show to differentiate it from your others, but Khan has spoken about over-saturation. He knows there will only ever be 1 weekly show. Possibly with a break during NBA playoffs. There’s no pressure to name the Wednesday night programming anything other than AEW. It’ll look a lot better on a TV’s info bar. That little banner is an advertisement. I’d rather have it say ALL ELITE WRESTLING over WEDNESDAY NIGHT DYNAMITE. A channel surfing wrestling fan will stop for that.
When announcers speak of events that took place on that show they’ll refer to the date and that’ll be enough.
“Last week on Dynamite MJF blind sided Hangman Page”
“Last week MJF blind sided Hangman Page”

The show is on TNT


Get it?


I think it is just something most wresting shows have done. WWE always had names for their shows, same with WCW, Impact was the name of the TNA show before it was the name of the promotion etc.

Did they have to do it? No, but it does allow for differentiation between shows if they have more than one, and between house shows (which it seems they will have at least some.). It also keeps it separate from anything they continue to do on social media.

I’m not a huge fan of the name, but I don’t think it is a big deal either way.

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I keep hearing this complaint, and it’s one of the most nitpicky / strange ones I’ve seen come up for AEW and the announcement of the show. I really don’t get the issue people seem to have for it.

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So a company that named themsevles “All Elite Wrestling”…picked an equally off putting name for their TV show. K.

Dynamite is too similar to Nitro tho…they shouldn’t try making any comparisons to WCW at all costs imo.

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By naming it you also open up more chances for marketing and branding, or at the least more opportunities to trend highly in social media. Not sure how much of a factor that is for them, but I’m sure they would like to make as much money as possible.

Naming it Dynamite makes it just look like they’re trying to get that WCW nostalgia on them…but based off the two shows I’ve seen…the bad comedy and goofy characters are not going to keep those old WCW fans, because it’s stuff like that, is what drove them away in the first place.

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Something I agree with you on. When they said more sports like I was hoping more “major league NXT.” Rather than stupid gimmick comedy and “hardcore wrestling. So for me the jury is still out on whether I will follow them closely for a long time to come.

I agree but its also an homage to monday nitro.

I do think the focus should be on All Elite not Dynamite.

It should be called “The Wrath of Khan.”


I definitely agree with you that the show doesn’t need a name. Overall though I think it’s not something will really effect anything. Raw and Nitro started off as the only main shows the company was producing. I think average wrestling fans will just always associate a wrestling show with having a name.

Would agree with naming it All a Elite Wrestling. Just leave it there.

The way I see it, if the product ends up being engaging, no one will care about the name. If the product ends up disappointing, people might gripe about the name, but it wont be the real problem.

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Honestly just want a better product…based on the last shows …idk

I don’t even like the name ‘All Elite Wrestling’, because it ties the company to a specific group of wrestlers indefinitely. But ultimately i’m already getting used to it and probably won’t think twice about it in the future…the same applies to ‘Dynamite’.

For people completely new to the product with no context ‘Dynamite’ might be a little jarring or weird, but i expect it was the same with ‘Smackdown’ or ‘Raw’ - without the context and established history these are weird names for a TV show.


I don’t love the name but i don’t hate it either.

They need actor Jimmy Walker to start every show off or be the Ron Simmons of AEW!

Jimmy Walker played JJ on Good times a 1970s sitcom where his catch phrase was Dynamite

I had to search that one up lol

I can see this being something TNT pushes for as a branding co-marketing thing. Being able to say Wednesday’s TNT is Dynamite sounds like exactly the thing they’ll have announcers say on broadcasts Tuesday for NBA games


I disagree with the OP. It might be a hokey name to wrasslin’ fans (we’ve seen worse, BTW)…But to network marketing execs, it’s a perfect bit of synergy. Not only do you have the TNT-Dynamite correlation, not only is there a tangential connection to Nitro that may entice the odd old WCW fans that still watch TNT for the NBA…But the Turner Sports crew will make “Dynamite” a name synonymous with their version of professional wrestling.

We hardcores can gripe about the name if we must, but the fact that a wrestling show exists on a major channel like TNT is huge. The could call it “Thunder In Paradise Pro Wrestling Power Hour”, and it’d still be a big deal! :rofl::100:


Making it rhyme is a bit cringey.