NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 Live Discussion Thread

Place to discuss the 2 nights of greatness we’re in for.

Good Morning!!
So glad to be here.
O/U me making it to 3:30am eastern


I don’t know what NJPW is doing with Henare. He seems to be filling the spot that Finlay left when he teamed with Juice.

NJPW Dads work rate is passable. I mean shit one of them could prob be ROH Champion

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Jesus Christ I’m ready

Going to regret not getting that extra hour of sleep in lieu of the preshow…

Wrestle Kingdom!

Who do we think is coming out of this weekend with a major push? Really hoping something in these 3 shows pushes EVIL or Sanada up the card for good. Not sure what it will be though.

Ospreay, SANADA, Evil, and KENTA

Love that everyone’s tron is just a montage of them kicking Liger’s ass.

Really gonna need Pollock’s 1.5x viewing speed in live time for this opener.

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I don’t think that’s necessary, judging from the first minute

Nah, all in jest. Fun seeing everyone do their spots. Big legends energy.

Would have thought the Liger loss was coming tomorrow with the young stars and not today. Dome felt like it died a bit right there, but I get the decision. Feels like he’s wanted to go out on his back…just would have been nice to see a roaring win one of the two nights.

1/3 on predictions, not a great start

Surprisingly good tag title match

Holy Damn MOX!!!

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I really enjoyed that

That Moxley-Archer match was fun as hell.

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This is my first NJPW event. It has not disappointed.


Well…the 2020 bar has been set for now. Holy crap that match.


:star2::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2: Just a fantastic match

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And we still have the Double Gold Dash. Holy shit.

White and Naito have incredible chemistry, personality, and charisma.

Jay White has so much greatness ahead of him.

And looks like the long extended Naito story is reaching a zenith with the crowd reactions. Tomorrow should be something.

Getting myself ready for what at this rate is probably going to be an hour-long main event.