Other Wrestling Podcasts You Listen To?

A good chunk of the MLW roster favorite of which is probably the writer’s room. Marty and Sarah whenever I’m having a bad day as that is basically what that show is built for.

E&C’s podcast of awesomeness has become a never miss show lately, lots of fun guests. There’s quite a lot actually when I actually list them out.

From Podcastone one it’s basically just when any of the people have a guest I find interesting and always Killing The Town as Callis and Storm have a great perspective on wrestling.

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MLW, Marty & Sara Love Wrestling, What Happened When, Art of Wrestling, The Old School Wrestling Podcast and Something to Wrestle With…Bruce Prichard. I’m usually far behind but I’m sad how daunting it is to listen to Tony Schiavone’s now that it’s live commentary. I listen to most podcasts at work so it’s tough to dedicate so much time to listening AND watching.

I have been listening to Wrestling Soup for years and have always enjoyed it.

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Wrestling Soup is fantastic!
I also listen to Solomonster Sounds Off, Something to Wrestle With and E&C Pod of Awesomeness

  1. Colt Cabana
  2. MLW
  3. Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling
  4. Keepin it 100 with Konnan
  5. Steve Austin
  6. E&C
  7. Jim Ross
  8. Jericho
  9. Killing the Town
  10. Something to Wrestle
  11. Sam Roberts
  12. Spinning Heelkick Podcast
  13. Kevin Gill Show

The only other one that I listen to regularly is Wrestling Observer Radio. There are a bunch that I’ll keep an eye on, and download when there’s a particular episode that seems interesting (like Austin, Jericho, JR, etc), but I also listen to some non-wrestling shows as well, so I don’t have the time to listen to too many more on a weekly basis.

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Normally i only listen to podcast at work so when i don’t listen to one of their show, i like to listen to What Happened when, even if they change the format i feel like i don’t have to follow along with them to enjoy the show since they barely talk about the show they covered anyway.

Another podcast that i just discovered and love to listen to is Primetime with Sean Mooney. I liked it more when he was with Hacksaw Jim duggan because those 2 had great chemistry together but the new format is really good too since he interviews guys that wouldn’t be doing that many interviews for podcast and goes into details in what it was like being in WWF during the golden era.

Another Podcast that i love to listen to most week is The Jim Cornette Experience, this is just an entertaining show most week especially when he goes on a rampage against donald trump and the republican.

Finally i sometimes listen to Something to wrestle with but lately i can’t get into those podcast because they’re starting to get way too long and i don’t have that type of time to waste in listening to a podcast even if a split the thing into 2 or 3 listening. 5 hours for a podcast is way too long so i tend to skip those even if the subject really interest me.

So that kinda what i listen to on a weekly basis,

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I listen to far too many. Off-site, the Voices Of Wrestling flagship is my favourite – It’s a current events roundup of everything and always compelling. The Fix With Todd Martin is another great one in that vein. Him and Wade Keller have excellent chemistry now and Todd seems to just think on another level than most people.

Other than that, I try to listen to Bruce Mitchell’s stuff, most Observer Radio’s and the Bryan and Vinny show with Granny remains fun. I don’t listen to many of the wrestler podcasts anymore but Killing The Town with Lance Storm and Cyrus is great too.


“Smart Wrestling Fan” - It used to be better, it’s clean (for listening with my kids), and usually entertaining. One host (Larry) away at times lately which weakens the show for sure.

“Masked Man Podcast” - It’s fine; I listen to it while waiting for episodes of better podcasts to come out

“Something to Wrestle With…Bruce Prichard” - Entertaining, but Bruce is so full of crap that it is virtually impossible to ascertain when he is being truthful. He is clearly not willing to be critical of certain people/eras. His crocodile tears when discussing deceased wrestlers is unintentionally hilarious.

“What Happened When…” - Decent, but Tony’s misogynist gimmick (when referring to his wife) is very tiresome in 2017. I know it’s an act, but pick something else!

“Shake Them Ropes” - Fairly new to me, but fills the gap until John and Wai’s shows are up.

Austin, Jericho, E&C, and Cabana depending on the guest. But my favorites beside John and Wai are The Attitude Era Podcast, How 2 Wrestling, and The New Generation Podcast.

The Lapsed Fan is a great podcast I found after John and Wai’s Reviews got cut from The LAW.

They are in depth reviews, sometimes 4, 5 and 6 hours long but never boring. They just completed a multiple episode long arc about the Montreal Screwjob, including reviews of the leading up raws, Wrestling With Shadow’s Documentary, Bret’s book, Julie’s book and any other supporting articles.

They have good chemistry, and they do some voice acting of Vince which it’s so spot on but what he says is hilarious!!

POST Wrestling Podcasts I’m glad to have but I will be keeping on The Lapsed Fan Wrestling Podcast too. Glad I found them.

And OSW Review! I absolutely love watching that, one of a kind video podcast.


Have those guys started enjoying the product they watch yet? I tried them a few times and had to give up because they just hated everything and I found it depressing to listen to.

Another one I forgot to mention and haven’t seen others say; Call to Arms! Bartender Dave’s new show. I heard about it on the POSTwrestling Christmas show and immediately downloaded the first two episodes - it’s probably going to become a weekly staple for me.


I listen to John and Wai and the New Japan Purocast. I like both to keep me caught up without having to watch every thing that is available, there’s just far too much.

I used to listen to some others (Aftermath, Cheap Heat, Cheap Popcast) that all seemed to fall apart or end. So I’m actually really relieved Post Wrestling is happening. I thought I was the curse for all these.

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I listen to a number of shows mentioned. I also recently got into listening to Lilian Garcia’s podcast after she recently interviewed Paige. I also enjoy Booker T’s Heated Conversations, as well as Stevie Ray’s Stand Up for Greatness. Stevie is hilarious and tells some good behind the scenes stories.

In no particular order: WOL, Bryan and Vinny Show (ppv reviews), Talk is Jericho, Steve Austin Show, Solomonster, Killing the Town, Wrestling Inc (show reviews) and anything with Jim Cornette.

Occasional listens: Sam Roberts, Xpac 12360, Colt Cobana, Don Tony, E&C pod of awesomeness, JR, Raven, Bruce Pritchard, Konan (despite Disco Inferno).

Avoid: Vince Russo (nothing against him personally, but I can only hear the word ‘bro’ so many times a day and he vastly exceeds that limit in just a 5 minute period).

I subscribe to too many podcast (wrestling and non-wrestling) but there’s a handful that ill listen to every show. The other podcasts depends on the guest.

Regular rotation: POST wrestling, Pritchard show, E&C, Keepin it 100, Store horseman, Killing the town (i skip the ECW review)

Depending on guest: Ross Report, Austin, Jericho, MSL & Sullivan, Cornette, Raven, Sam Roberts and X-Pac.

Plus a bunch of non wrestling podcast. Im fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to listen while I work.

The only other podcast I listen to is OSW and that’s more viewing than listening.

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Cheap heat with Rosenberg is pretty good. Solomonster is great but nothing really tops John and Wai.

I listen to all the wrestling observer shows. I listen to MLW. I really like Killing the Town and on occasion dabble with Talk is jericho, Ross Report, Austin and edge and christian’s show. ifanboy is my favorite non wrestling podcast.

Do you need to subscribe for the fix? I love Todd Martin.