Other Wrestling Podcasts You Listen To?

Yeah you have to subscribe I’m afraid. There’s sometimes promo codes for a cheap month but nothing right now.

I got a Torch subscription to follow Todd from the Observer but I also became a fan of Bruce Mitchell and of the Wade Keller Hotline, so has been worth it I’d say.

Same as you on #1 and #2. I listen to Wade Keller occasionally but I totally identify with Conrad Thompson when he says that the way Wade pronounces “Double-U Double-U ee” makes him want to punch a baby.

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I drive for FedEx so I love the longer podcasts like What Happen When and especially The Lapsed Fan. For serious talk about wrestling the PW Torch podcasts are really great, maybe because he’s a fellow Minnesotan but I prefer Wade Keller to Dave Meltzer.

Used to take a nap at lunch time but it was messing my sleep and energy up so I started listening live and recapping WOL for the F4W forum instead and grew really fond of the show.

besides a few of the E+C shows, and with LAW defunct, John/Wai and WOL are the only wrestling I listen to now.

I take that back… I left my wallet in Greg Polanco with Antonio Promise Thomas is a mix of sports and wrestling and I recommend that to everyone who likes both.

Jericho and Austin sometimes but really depend on the guest

The only 2 I listen to on a weekly basis are Don Tony Kevin Castle show and Wrestling Soup

Can only handle so much wrestling talk so I have a ton of other podcasts I listen to (comedians etc…)

I don’t have a lot of time with work and a child. All of my podcasts were from the Law and Joe Rogan.

It amazes me how many wrestling podcasts are out there. I do find myself listening to clips of various shows on YouTube quite a bit.

I listen to Wrestling Observer Radio, The Bryan & Vinny Show, Edge & Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness every week and when it’s released OSW. I occasionally listen to the Ross Report, Talk is Jericho and The Steve Austin show.

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The only wrestling podcasts that I consistently listen to are WHW with Tony Schiavone, Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Cheap Heat outside of John & Wai.

The podcasts from E&C, Austin, Jericho and JR are mostly based on that episode’s guest.

WHW is still a good listen since they went to their MST3K-style format going over past events, and even better when it’s synced up with the network.

keeping it 100 with Koonan is one of my favorites. A good mix of everything (politics wrestling sports movies mma).

Voices of Wrestling flagship, their NJPW Purocast, and their wrestlenomics show
Jericho’s wrestling related shows
Colt’s most of the time aside from his live shows
I’m about 20 behind on Bruce but I like that one during long projects uninterrupted
PW Ponderings, podcast of honor and newscast
On occasion Ring Rust Radio if good interview or want to hear some stuff joked about
Jim Ross most of the time

Lucky enough to have the ability to listen with an earphone at the office daily.

I enjoy listening to Talk is Jericho when he has a wrestling guest on, but my only issue with his Podcast is the awkward segue into talking about his sponsors but before I talk about that I would like to talk to you about DDPYoga…you can tell that its an inserted audio clip done at a different time. I think Austin promotes his sponsors a little more “naturally” on his Podcast.

As an Observer subscriber I listen to WOL, Anything with Meltzer & the Filthy 4 Daily. Couldn’t get into Bryan & Vinny Show. Sometimes give Karl Stern a listen depending on the topic.
Edge & Christian most weeks but sometimes don’t have time.
Jericho, JR & Austin depending on guest.
And I now listen to Call To Arms With Bartender Dave.

Keepin it 100 w/ Konnan & Killing The Town

The wrestling observer, talk is Jericho, Steve austin & PW Insider.

Has anyone mentioned Tight & Fights yet? I blooming LOVE that show and it’s hosts. Basically, if you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a weekly recap of the major stories of the WWE weekly TV - mostly just RAW and SmackDown, but occasionally 205 and NXT get a look in, and they do mention stuff like Lucha Underground, New Japan, PWG and other places when they get the chance. It’s a lot of fun.

Hearing Tony Schiavone curse like a sailor is so weird.

all the podcasts from Conrad Thompson

Jim cornett experience and drive thru

I used to listen to mlw flag show and kevin Sullivan… but not anymore… first one because court bauer is not on anymore and the Sullivan show… run its course… its hard to follow him… he is all over the place.

Wrestling specific…Talk is Jericho, Keeping in 100, Raven Effect, What Happened When, Something to Wrestle With, Sam Roberts, Ross Report, E & C pod of Awesomeness, Cornette, Killing the Town.

Non wrestling…Hollywood Babble-On, Fatman on Batman, Marc Maron, Nerdist, How Did This get Made? UFC Unfiltered, Joe Rogan, Drink Champs

Yea I see where you’re coming from, they can be pretty negative but in a weird way it’s interesting to see it from a whole different perspective. They don’t pull any punches.

I dunno when it happened but for me Smart Wrestling Fan has fallen off a cliff.
I used to love that show but now I can take it or leave it.