Patreon Update ------

Hey guys,

Some issues right now with the Patreon login. POSTmaster Robert Brockie is working hard at it.

UPDATE: You should able to login via your Patreon account now using the “Login via Patreon” button.

UPDATE 2: It seems to take a brief period for the sync to line up. Anyone reading this in the future, please give it an hour or so before voicing any concerns.

  • Wai

Disabling the login with Patreon button for now to avoid confusion. As long as Patreon users signup to this forum with the same email everything should be smooth (until I get the damn button working).


Where should that feedback portion show up in the future? I registered with the same email, but I’m not seeing anything, I don’t think. Love having you all back, and thanks for all the amazing work. So awesome to see all this!

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Hey Jeremy, you should see the locked Feedback area soon. The Patreon sync isn’t instantaneous.

Hey, signed up. Super excited. Gladly pay 6 a month for you guys. Hoping to get into the cafe site soon

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Thanks for the reply postmaster! Totally just showed up, and I see Wai’s post!

I was briefly looking for a Patreon signup, but glad to know it’s being worked on. I’m using the same email, so I should be fine when it’s ready.

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How long will it take to show up? I signed up around three hours ago now.

I’m not sure, but I’m starting to see it trickle in. To be honest, you’re not missing much there at the moment (I’m the only one talking).

Took a few hours for me so shouldn’t be much longer for you

I signed up initially with a different email. I have since changed it. Not sure if that will affect anything.

Very excited about your new venture! More than worth the 50 dollar donation - 12 years you guys have entertained me and it’s the least I could do in return! THANK YOU!!

Hey guys . I wanted to donate the 50$ and hopefully pick a progress or roh show for you review . I’m wondering if donating the 50$ is what gets me that or if it’s 50$ a month every month to get this ? Or just the initial 50 and then paying the 6$ a month after- A little confused as when you go to donate the 50$ it says it’s a monthly payment - thanks in advance, love the show and super happy to see you both together still

Is the future Review a Wai a Patreon exclusive?

Hey guys, I re-enabled the Patreon login button. Hope it works!

I think Review - A - Wai (which is being rebranded Rewind - A - Wai) is available on the special RSS feed for all Patreon’s (6 bucks and above).

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Hey - it’s currently modelled as a monthly recurring pledge. Signing up puts you in a queue where we’ll tackle each review in order. You’re right that the description could probably use some clarification. Will be updating and messaging everyone who has already signed prior to their cards being charged at the beginning of January.

Thanks wai - happy to donate 6$ monthly for as long as the podcast is up and going - appreciate the explanation. Also it may be a long shot as y’all are in Canada, but if anyone from the team is interested in going to the roh 16th anniversary show in March shoot me a message as I have an extra front row ticket that I’d be happy to donate to the cause aswell :ok_hand:

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I’m not sure that I’m doing this right, but the link I received from the Welcome email doesn’t work in my apple podcast app? I simply copied and pasted it (from the rewards email) into the search section in my podcast app. Did I do this wrong? Thanks!

Hey - here’s a guide: