Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall added to AEW All Out

Originally published at Paul Wight vs. QT Marshall added to AEW All Out

The fourth match added to the All Out card.

AEW’s next pay-per-view is All Out which is scheduled for September 5th at the NOW Arena in Illinois. The latest addition to the card is going to be Paul Wight’s first match in AEW as he’ll take on QT Marshall.

Wight and QT first crossed paths on last week’s Dynamite when Wight saved Tony Schiavone and Schiavone’s son from a beat down courtesy of The Factory. On this week’s program in Houston, Paul Wight announced that he spoke to Tony Khan prior to coming to the ring and it is official that he will meet QT at All Out.

What an announcement for #AEWAllOut, it's going to be @PaulWight one-on-one against #TheFactory's @realmmarshall1 on Sunday, Sept. 5!

Tune into @tntdrama NOW to watch #AEWDynamite LIVE!

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) August 19, 2021

Paul Wight’s last sanctioned match was on the 7/3/20 episode of Monday Night Raw. As of this writing, here’s the updated lineup for All Out:

  • Women’s Casino Battle Royale: Participants TBA
  • AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) (w/ Don Callis) vs. Christian Cage
  • PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo
  • QT Marshall vs. Paul Wight

This PPV looks really weak. Basically just a one match show to see CM Punk I guess.

Does anyone want to see Big Show? This should be on Rampage


No one wants to see that match, total waste of time

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I can remember being over seeing The Big Show 10 years ago, I have zero desire to see him in a match in 2021.

AEW has such a stacked roster, I really don’t understand why they are so insistent on using these old WWE guys. I guess they want name recognition, but when you have Punk does Wight even move the needle? At this point, I think I’m going to pass on this PPV, I’m sure the Punk vs Darby match will be available somewhere.

I wouldn’t worry too much about this, as I can’t see it getting more than two minutes of match time.

I’m figuring there’s going to be a stipulation added to Christian / Omega (ladder perhaps), to go along with the Bucks defense in a cage.

While it looks pretty lackluster on paper so far, I have faith to see where the next two weeks take us, and for a hot card to come together.

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Yes we’ve seen lots of Paul Wight matches before, but no Captain Insano matches. :thinking:

I suspect we will get

CM Punk vs Darby
Lucha Bros vs YB
Mox vs someone from NJPW (ie Suzuki)

So it will get better for sure. But we have seen LB vs YB so many times and Mox and Suzuki as well (I imagine Tana is being saved for another show)

It’s still a weak card. Both men’s and titles matches have weak challengers with the real challengers (Page and Rosa) waiting for another show. MJF and Jericho was built for a long time and is done now before the PPV.

It’s going to be show they are selling based on Punk and saving everything else for another show.

I probably will pass on this. Dynamite and Rampage shows have had matches I wanted to see more than this.

It feels like AEW is trying to serve too many masters. They have to keep Dynamite hot, make Rampage seem important and build to a PPV.

Right now the PPV build is suffering. It’s bizarre that QT gets on Dynamite every week - the guy sucks. Big Show shouldn’t be on PPV at this stage of his career.

They have so much talent with not a lot of direction for the PPV. I want to see MJF, Guevara, Darby, Malaki Black, Starks, FTR, LAX, Wardlow, etc on PPV.

Wasting time with QT/Big Show makes no sense when so much talent is sitting in the back

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I love how everybody here is calling him Big Show. Can’t get away from the WWE moniker which is pretty telling, I’m guessing. Some will always be associated with their WWE characters no matter where they go.

I mean, he’s been under that name for 20 years - so it is pretty understandable.

I know I probably seem like the eternal AEW optimist around here, but I have faith they’ll put together a worthwhile show. And while I don’t want to see Wight as a regular roster member, once or twice a year as a special attraction, I don’t mind. Especially when I again, see this as a total squash. Maybe with a couple extra minutes of Wight laying out the other Factory members.

They have loaded up the last couple months with of shows - but I am sure they have a few big attractions still left to pull out.

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Well, there’s a point where people need to move on from that.

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I think this will be a quick little break match and thats all. I’m not thrilled with it, but it works. I have more of an issue with Miro randomly calling out Eddie Kingston. If anything, he should have been calling out Sammy Guevara, due to the stuff with Fuego and save Kingston for the Arthur Ashe show.

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Honestly it’s never going to happen. You play a character for 20 years on that big of a stage, you’re going to be known as that character forever, and I’m one that actually used his proper name when talking about his current incarnation.

Hell, I remember on Big Brother when they previewed the TV show “Me, Myself and I” which featured Jaleel White, the cast still said “hey, it’s Urkel”, family matters ended in 1998.

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Here’s what I would have booked for All Out:

Christian vs Omega (I guess)
MJF vs Jericho
Bucks vs Lucha Bros
Punk vs Darby
Miro vs Guevara
Baker vs Statlander
Black vs Dustin
Pac vs Andrade
Women’s battle Royal
Cage vs Starks

That’s eleven matches, with one of them a Battle Royal.

Paul Wight and QT should be/likely will be short.

If they have Punk, he’s absolutely headlining this card.

Last years All Out had 11 matches, with two on the pre show. Black vs Dustin would basically be a squash. The point is there’s too much talent not booked at this point IMO

My issue with the Paul Wight vs QT thing is who does it help. For me the best outcome is booking an angle where Wight gets beaten down by the factory. But where do they go from there? Up the card? They don’t feel like a faction that should. Like this feels like a match that should have been booked for someone like MJF and the pinnacle, because they could do something with the heat. QT and the factory don’t feel important.

Why does it need to help anyone? It doesnt hurt anyone. The Factory is a loser stable. Paul Wight is a known name that will get cheers. Its just something to break up the action.

Someone could always come out and help Paul Wight and get some rub from it and then you got your help for someone.

For me it’s just boring…when he gets in the ring I just want to fast forward. Id say the exact same thing if Kane came back or if Mark Henry came back. Only exception would be in a battle royal style match.

If this match goes more than 3 minutes, I’ll be surprised. Would I put it on a ppv instead of TV? No. But, a 2 minute squash match ain’t hurting me either.

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