Peyton Royce calls out Meltzer

Meltzer came across as so pathetic. He had nothing to apologize for. I lost respect for him in the way he handled that.

He should of just said that fake tits are gross and Peyton really didn’t need them. It’s a shame Vince loves them so much.

Vince is married to a women with no tits.

But let’s pretend it’s just him and no other cosmetic businesses push women with fake tits.

Actually the Saudi Arabia thing is the same thing.

How many of these guys defending Royce turned down that Saudi Arabia payday?

I remember when RVD had balls and didn’t want to go to Iraq. All the WWE guys today replied and defended her like mindless zombies. If they’re all so organized and on the same page, why not do something worthwhile and, oh I don’t know, start a union?

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Vince and Linda’s marriage is a total cover up like Bill and Hillary’s. He openly has discussed sleeping tons of women while married and I wouldn’t be shocked if he still does. Pritchard often talks about how much he loves giant fake tits.

Prichard talks more about CHOCOLATE TITTIES…but don’t let the facts get in the way of a narrative…you’re good at pushing narratives.

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Using the Hulk Hogan rules of punishment, Dave said mean words about an oppressed group and should never be allowed to work again, no matter how much he “apologizes”. #peytonsboobsmatter #consistency #thatass

And the Orton investigation just so easily gets swept under the rug…

It’s not a rug, it’s plugs