POST Racing - A Discussion Thread on Formula One

I didn’t realize De Vries was doing so poorly. It’s weird to hear replacement talk for someone currently second in Driver Standings, but when you see the potential of the car with Max you realize how much Checo is underperforming.

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When you’re at the back of the grid, are you even racing sometimes? Lol.

de Vries has had quite a few moments this season and hasn’t been particularly special in any session. His practice sessions left much to be desired.

At the same time, so it goes in the Red Bull driver world. Ruthless, as always.

It doesn’t help de Vries was the second choice after Colton Herta and Red Bull’s driver talent Pool has Verstappen, Pérez, Ricciardo, Tsunoda, Albon (he’d jump at the chance and was originally lent to Williams before becoming team leader), and Lawson. I think Lawson might do better than de Vries has, although Nick didn’t get a fair shot and should have been given more time.

But, yeah, second in the Drivers standings and we’re talking about replacing you because your not more second place is ludacrous. Lol.

As for Checo, he is in the sister of the world championship winning car (that’s not a spoiler). Only having four q3 appearances - the same as Albon in the Williams - is the spotlight issue, but he has struggled in mixed or wet conditions all season. We’re also in the European leg of the Season on tracks where Perez isn’t necessarily the strongest and often the reasons for his misfortunes are of his own doing.

If there was a Championship fight, the pressure on Checo to perform would be significantly different right now.

So….Hungarian GP this weekend. Ricciardo back on the grid. Coming for a seat a red Bull.

Sergio Pérez at turn five of his first flying lap of FP1:

Lol. Enjoy the new F1 main event story story line.


Not to put more on some people’s plate, but the Dutch Grand Prix was must see.
If you ever get around to it….lol.

The weather this weekend was unbelievable, but it also revealed we’re watching something truly special in many regards.

Like, guys, Alex Albon - a bleeping Williams - starts from fourth on the grid. Zandvoort :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.


Japan Grand Prix today. I love this track every year.

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Completely agreed. Suzuka is my favourite circuit of them all. She’s perfect. :heart_eyes:

Max P1 by 20 seconds. Lol.


Oh man… looks like Zhou, Bottas, and Ocon bumped into each other at the start. And Hamilton got hit by Perez.

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Back to back Constructors Championships for Red Bull. And only Max Verstappen could win a race that has a Red Bull double DNF.

Already won a championship this early, that’s called mass destruction.

Absolute domination. Smashed ‘em all. Unbelievable.

That statement can be used for Verstappen at Suzuka or team and applicable most weekends and in the season overall.

Also, I said Max would win by 20 seconds….



So That’s why the call him “Super Max”…

And here I thought it was because of the NBA-esq super max contract he got from Red Bull after 2021…. :laughing:

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Qatar GP was awesome and I got my first P1 of the season in F1 fantasy! If you haven’t seen the sprint or GP, this one was unlike any you’ve seen in F1 before. Qatar GP brought back vibes of the refueling and tire war eras. Fun race.

Next up is one of my top three circuits and the first of four races on the American continents - Circuit of the Americas and the United States Grand Prix. Can I make it two P1 finishes in a row?


Three liveries for the US GP.

Piastri is out of the race. Wonder if that has anything to do with the contact he had on the first lap with Ocon.

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Gosh dang, Kevin Magnussen had a horrific crash. Glad to see he’s okay but man car is totaled.

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Anybody staying up till midnight to watch the Las Vegas race since it’s at 10pm local time?

It seems like it’s been a mess. But a good race could redeem what feels like has been a bad PR weekend for F1 even though this is supposed to be a staple of the circuit for the next 10 years.


No cause it starts at 1am my time lol

How does everyone feel about the track?