Quick word about COVID vaccines

I just wanted to drop a quick line as in Ontario were in the middle of what seems like a war zone right now at the hospitals.

They’ve opened up the vaccines for a lot of people. I wanted to make 3 quick points:

  1. Please get whatever vaccine you can first. The AZ which is often been associated with blood clot is exceedingly rare in terms of that side effect. The risk of getting blood clots from Covid is 10 to 20%, which is almost 1000 times more. So, accept a small risk and get whatever shot they’re willing to give you.

  2. Make sure that you treat the two weeks after your vaccine the same as being unvaccinated. I’m seeing a lot of people in that window come in ill. So, make sure you keep your guard up for at least two weeks after.

  3. There is increasing evidence of the virus strain may be airborne. This does not mean outside is unsafe – in fact in Ireland less than 0.1% of all cases were spread outside. What it means is that in close quarters indoors the virus may be in the air. If you are still going to work because you’re in a factory etc take extra precautions. Consider wearing 2 medical masks while there, and if you walk in a room and no one is there be weary about pulling down your mask as someone may have just been in there and left particles in the air. Also consider eye protection while in those high risk environments. Encourage your employer to get good ventilation and HEPA filters.

Above all else everyone stay safe. I know many of our friends in the US and other places have already seen the benefits of vaccination and I am extremely happy for you. However I know a lot of the readership is still based in Ontario and I wanted to get the message out there for anyone that will listen. As always, let’s hope that after a month or two the worst is behind us and we can enjoy the summer and beyond


This is a good resource:



@Alex_Patel this might be a stupid question, but if you get the vaccine, how do you know if you have blood clots? Are there certain signs you should be looking for?

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These blood clots aren’t the Traditional ones that we think about in your legs.

These are an immune mediated response against your platelets. As such, you can actually test for these by having your platelet count checked which is a simple blood test

Most of the manifest with a blood clot in one of the veins in your head. So most times it will present with a headache and feeling froggy etc.

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Thank you for all your info! I’m in Ontario snd drive for Para Transit, and although our clients are all the most vulnerable, we were just vaccination approved as of yesterday. My appointment is next week and I’m very excited!


Good question about the blood clots. Wondered that myself.

Thanks for the news! Keep fightin’ the good fight.

How long before this thread degenerates like the other one did???

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So Rob Van Dam ?

Yesterday I received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I just want to take a minute to publicly thank Dr @Alex_Patel who took a moment out of his personal time in a crazy schedule to reply to a DM from me that really eased my anxiety and concerns.

A very small moment in your day was monumental to me and getting the vaccine and I can’t thank you enough. I am so appreciative of all you have done to educate this forum and that @wai0937 and @johnpollock care about properly informing their listeners.


I can’t believe this place lets people think for themselves and make their own health decisions. I went ahead and ate there because the wings are really good and the Bloody Mary’s are excellent, but you better believe I was glaring at the “freedom loving” maskless selfish customers as I pulled down both masks between bites. I thought about complaining to the manager, but it’s obvious he doesn’t care about his customers and employees because he doesn’t require them to participate in saving lives.


My pleasure. Hope you don’t feel too sore today !

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I’ll be fine. I had two masks on and after spending the better part of an evening in the bathroom operating like a soft serve molten lava machine, I know to stay away from the cheddar jalapeño wings.


Just got my first shot (Pfizer). Was shocked how small / painless the needle was. I’m not a fan of shots, and this felt like nothing.

I’m in Gatineau, QC, just outside of Ottawa. I was able to register last week when they hit 35 year old and up. This week the province is already open to 25 and up to register. Really pleased with the rollout and efficiency.

I hope everyone else is able to get there soon!


I’ve got my shot booked for May 28. I’ll be honest, I was really hesitant at first about these vaccines and I opened up more, but I still wasnt expecting to get one before September at the earliest.

I just want to fucking travel already. I can handle lockdowns. I enjoy just finishing work and coming home and relaxing, but I’ve had to put off my dream vacation twice so far and that doesnt sit well with me.


Got mine this morning. Other than feeling sleepy and a bit of stiffness where they administered the shot, I’m 100% fine.

Go get your shots, POST-Marks! :fist:t5::syringe::100:


Have to ask where the dream vacation is

My wife and I just got our first dose of Pfizer. Feels good to get the first one done.


I get my I’ll be fully vaxed by next Thursday (well have my shots anyway, 2 weeks after to actual full potency.)


As always, thanks for helping to keep this community in the loop in addition to everything you’re doing in the trenches, Alex. Was able to get my first shot yesterday and my partner’s now booked to get her first in a week or two. Feeling a bit dazed and light-headed today, but also hopeful.


Glad to help and I’m thrilled people are getting their vaccines. Hopefully we can all enjoy the summer if we get a good roll out