Raw Live Thread 1-7-19

This is not the feedback Thread

Just wanted to get some live thoughts as Raw has decided a 30+ minute segment with a wild brawl, Cena retutn and all star 6 man tag. The show I guess their seeing as competition has started with a pick 6 Clemson TD, a 62 yard pass Bama TD and as I type Clemson just scored another TD

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Not the warmest reception for Hogan

Anyone else here live? Actually there was a loud pop for Hogan here. Standing up etc. A small smattering of boos when they announced up next but that’s it

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LMAO Hogan gets the biggest reaction in years and people trying to pretend it wasn’t a warm welcome back…like I said numerous times…nobody gave a fuck.

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To anybody that still want to pretend that Hogan isn’t over. Just rewatch is segment tonight, everybody from every age and race was cheering for the guy and from the beginning of his tribute to the end, fans bought it because the whole thing felt genuine and they knew that Hogan meant every word he said.

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The tribute video they put together for Mean Gene was fantastic. Really puts into perspective how many people from that era are gone now though. Sad to think about.


Brawn strowman needs some help with his trash talk. It’s pathetic

They flew him down here to waste an appearance for that?

What happened to Strowman? He just stood there like a goof. 6 months ago, he would have hightailed it out of the ring and chased down Lesnar.

Probably not cleared yet for contact I’m assuming. He looked like a goon just standing there begging him to get in the ring

What the hell was Sasha trying to do there

Just started Raw so can only comment on first few minutes. But hey did you know if you win the royal rumble match you get a title shot of your choosing at Wrestlemania?

Fucking Michael Cole.

After a weekend of Kevin Kelly and Chris Charlton and Don Calis, it’s lovely to have Michael back !

They finally realised they have Sasha banks on the roster then!, and that you know what she’s actually got a hell of a lot of talent in the ring.

LOL talent isn’t botching and almost crippling yourself almost every match.

She has talent a lot of it… admittedly maybe it’s hard to see it when she’s in there with nia jax LOL

Did Nia say she’s 19 lbs? (300oz)

Hogan was fucking awesome. That segment for Mean Gene was perfect.


Understand those who don’t want to see Hogan, but for what it was, that was their best usage of him in god only knows how long. Ten years? Longer?

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Not wrong

And frankly, no problem with him being used.

Issue I have is they could have simply brought him out unannounced or at the top of the show announced it. I didn’t like how they clearly took the opportunity to advertise him appearing as if it was a way to get people to tune in. That was tacky

From my “Casual viewing friend”: (keeps up with WWE and will breeze through the main shows and watch PPVs with me but no interest in anything non main roster)

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