RAW/SMACKDOWN Superstar Shakeup From Montreal Live Thread.

So is anyone expecting any NXT, 205 Live or NXT UK call ups tonight?

Certainly didn’t expect the call up (and rebranding) that I did in the opening match. What a let down…Crazy Uncle Vince…

The Viking Experience? And new first names? So Vince wanted NxT call ups to fail huh?

Peter Rosenberg got laughed at by Wrestling Twitter because he thought War Machine was one guy and for saying that name wouldn’t stick. He turned out to be right, what terrible names

Right? It sounds like the name of a Wiccan folk rock band…

Erik? & Ivar? Sorry what?? :man_facepalming:

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I think they need to add a new category to the “Worst of the year” Show…Worst name change


I know John and Wai don’t talk wrestlers personal lives but if the relationships are public (Zelina/Black, Charlotte/Andrade, Seth/Becky???) Interesting to see if they get split


Cedric Alexander called up to raw good for him and he gets to keep both names for now…

Hope Mike Bennett & Maria get a called up.

I am worried with Cedric Alexander being called up and likely to see Buddy Murphy move to SD as well that it could hurt 205 live a bit. Who else would go there to bring new life into it.

I want to see Pete Dunne, I don’t care which show, SD or Raw.

Balor vs Andrade very very good match.

Should they just do the superstar shakeup on the raw and smackdown after mania instead of waiting a week to do it? We got more in the first hour tonight then we got in a three hour show last week.


with all that heat that Elias was getting, It should have been KO that came out instead of Rey…Place would have exploded

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If I had to guess AJ is the third man with Rollins and Reigns

Haha, did I just see Raw spoil their own reveal?

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This is utterly insulting to their audience. Us idiots won’t get what War Raiders are so its the VIKING experience. Get it? Rowe and Hanson don’t sound viking enough so Erik (super viking name) and Ivar (wtf is that).

I bet vince just decided this and it makes no sense with what’s happening on nxt.


WTF did they do to the War Raiders?!
WTF are they going to be called in NXT
WTF is this continuity bullshit we’ve been hearing about :roll_eyes:


I’m slightly behind but I refuse to sit through Erik and Ivar. I’m dying to see how they treat this on NXT

I wonder if the fans will even get behind the gimmick change. They are still doing the “War” chant. I can see the fans pushing back, I think it was silly dropping a first name or a last name and “The Viking Experience” w/Ivar and Erik is much worse.

It feels like a History Channel special…not a WWE tag team.