REPORT: Andrade El Idolo sent home following backstage incident with Sammy Guevara

Originally published at REPORT: Andrade El Idolo sent home following backstage incident with Sammy Guevara

A backstage incident involving Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara has led to Andrade being sent home by the promotion.

TMZ reported on the incident Wednesday evening stating that Guevara allegedly pushed Andrade and punches were thrown, although it’s unknown if any punches landed.

This comes after multiple insults back-and-forth between the two that began after Andrade made comments about Guevara during an interview with Mas Lucha that aired this past Monday.

YOU didnt say shit to me you liar but heres some truth you ungrateful prick You would be jobless if it wasn’t for your dad in law. Are you really mad at me or mad at yourself for failing to get over for a SECOND time. Just go back to Wwe like we all know you want to do & fuck off

— Samuel Guevara (@sammyguevara) October 4, 2022

Guevara was not sent home and appeared on the live edition of Dynamite during a backstage segment with the Jericho Appreciation Society and was scheduled to wrestle in the main event tag match.

Prior to the news being made public of the backstage incident, Tony Khan announced that the match between Andrade and Preston Vance was off this Friday’s edition of Rampage and replaced with a Trios Championship match.

We will be discussing this news on Rewind-A-Dynamite tonight right after Dynamite ends.

How does Tony not see this coming after what was happening on Twitter today?

Not really a leader it seems

Maybe Tony isn’t on Twitter as often as you think?

There should have been people backstage to stop the fight from getting physical.

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Even if he didn’t physically see it someone in the company should’ve called him and told him that this was happening, and they should’ve been ready. There’s no way they should allow the two of them to get that close to each other backstage before they thoroughly been warned that if they lay hands on the other person it’ll be severe repercussions

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Wasn’t Sammy involved in a backstage incident with Eddie Kingston last month too?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sammy is suspended after tonight too.

Maybe he should be. This should help Punks potential unsafe working environment lawsuit

Sammy should be sent home as well, there was no need for anything of this shit.

The problem with that is Sammy seems to be his boy. He danced with him at his wedding, didnt do anything when he pissed off Kingston or recklessly injured both Matt Hardy and Ruby Soho.

So yeah nothing will happen

Oh my god! He upset the great Eddie Kingston by calling him fat in a wrestling promo. How dare he!

Eddie Kingston obviously isnt too tough mentally, if that upset him. Sammy did nothing wrong there, as Kingston did not share with Sammy, what he didnt want said, like Sammy did with him. Kingston was the one who attacked him like the thug that he is.

This kind of thing kind of comes with the territory when you let guys do unscripted promo’s. The entire idea is to generate heat by taking personal shots, except in certain instances (ie. body type) they are one and the same. Personally I put blame on both, if you do promo’s like that, before you go out there give each other your boundaries as what may upset one person may not matter to another.

From what has come out, Sammy did exactly that. He said to Kingston not to say anything about his ex. Eddie Kingston did not do that. That is Kingstons fault, not Sammys.

He called the guy fat, it is hardly the worst insult that could have been used against Eddie. It is something he should know could be used against him.

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That’s honestly how I felt about that situation too. Like it’s fucking wresting heels are SUPPOSED to talk shit about people. Sometimes I see Baker getting pushback for “burying” girls in her promos and it’s the same thing. Wrestlers getting pissed about insults in a WORKED PROMO is crazy to me. Take it on the chin and be professional. Babyfaces get their revenge when they pin you 1-2-3.

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Guevara is even more mentally weak, he’s such a mark that he couldn’t shut up on Twitter and turned the Andrade thing into an even bigger mess.

Give me a locker room of Kingstons over drama queens like Guevara who are marks for themselves and sloppy in the ring

Yes for sure it was a bit weird for Eddy to be that upset after the stuff others have called him. To me being called lazy and waste of talent etc is far worse than overweight.

Sammy is not likeable. He comes across like a guy you want to punch in the face.

He said he wanted to rape Sasha
He constantly tweets dumb things
He proposed to his finance on TV and then dumped her for Tay
He’s now got into two fights backstage

He’s got that look and attitude of someone who thinks they can get away with anything and thinks they are hot stuff and is a brat. Basically one word - douche.

Rightly or wrongly, that’s kind of how I’m sure a lot of people view him. Eddy probably is less tolerant of Sammy saying that versus someone else who he doesn’t think is a douche. It’s human nature.

Me thinks:

Andrade should be sent home indefinitely WITH pay to show some spine to the antics.

Sammy should be fired for repeatedly causing problems that would NEVER be tolerated in the sloppy shop and as a clear message that originals got the opportunity of a lifetime and act professional or you are being cut. Three strikes on Sammy, he’s out. Even if not entirely his fault. How he can’t stay clear of this with his recent incident and past history is mind-boggling.

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Well if you want to be a “conspiracy” person you can also point to TK getting lit at his wedding and surmise he’s friends with him and thus giving me multiple passes.

That image sort of sucks - it’s part of why talent and management should keep some separation.

Throwing it back to my own line of work I have multiple residents and medical students that I’m in charge of. I would certainly go to parties and dinner with them but I’d be hesitant to get out there slamming drinks looking like I’m completely intoxicated on the floor acting too buddy buddy because it makes it harder for me to maintain and authoritative type relationship with them when I need to lay down the law at times.

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He said something stupid years ago. He apologized to her. It is long past time to get over this.

I go on twitter like 5 minutes a day, but it seems like most people tweet dumb shit at some point in their time on that dumb site. He isnt any worse that most on there.

Who gives a shit? It didnt work out, like most relationships in this day and age. 95% of wrestling fans would have done the same thing if they were him.

In both cases, he was the one who was attacked.

I think the guy is getting WAY too much shit. He’s clearly a moron and needs to keep his mouth shut, but that is about it. I dont see any reason he ever has or currently needs a suspension and definitely does not deserve to be fired.


He is the common thread in all of that and that doesn’t happen to most talent. Name another talent drawing so much negative energy to themselves and tell me where they are now? Hopefully not being featured in the main event of a show doing close to 1M viewers on national TV. At some point, some people just aren’t cut out for handling themselves professionally in a professional setting where millions of dollars are at stake. (Of which, I attribute none of that to Sammy, but do think a series of events impacting a promotion does hurt their value with potential partners)

to borrow from Vince: cut Sammy and let WWE choke on that. I’m sure fans will be happy to ignore it in favor of tribalism as if somehow WWE stole Sammy. That is why I say fire him. What’s the harm? He goes to WWE and their fans willfully ignore his track record and welcome him with open arms so he can be another cog in the wheel. How much incremental revenue is he adding to AEW and would he add to WWE? He’s a mid-card act at best who has benefited from opportunity after opportunity because he’s one of the Pillars. (Those Pillars need to grow up, or not be relied upon as Pillars). Let him hack it on his own somewhere else if he’s so great. He’ll come back when he’s more mature and has a redemption story to tell in AEW when he inevitably upsets somebody at WWE too.

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On the Kingston thing, you don’t bury your potential opponent like that.

MJF will destroy guys about certain things (IE: Wheeler’s lack of personality) but then back that up by saying they are talented in the ring. Guevara did none of that.

He’s a moron. A talented moron but lacks a ton of maturity and isn’t worth the headache