REPORT: Daniel Bryan has signed with AEW

I don’t really think having too much talent is a problem for AEW. They’ve proven they can cycle guys in and out pretty seamlessly.

I’d argue a bigger problem, especially in WWE, is overexposure. Talent doesn’t have to be on every week. Let people want to see them and build some anticipation. When someone is on every week it just doesn’t feel as special


Yeah I agree. They only really have 52 weeks of TV a year and 4 PPV. Even if you extend that to 10 with specials then that’s 62 dates a year. He would be on one a week then. It’s not that much

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I assume they’ll run a Rampage live semi-regularely as well. Plus, I’m sure they’re hoping to hold more special “house show” style events filmed for release at a later date.

But even if you add all that, it’ll still be under 100 dates - and that’s if they’re in EVERY show.

I think 50-60 appearances a year at most, and he still is a full-time player.

Here is an interesting question guys. If this does indeed happen, should he have a complete overhaul of his character? For example: Should he rid himself of the “YES”? Or should he keep it?

Personally I want to see shaved head ass kicking American Dragon back, shed all the WWE stuff.

I do think there’s a way to revisit the environmentalist schtick down the line but make it a lot more interesting because a weird 74-year-old man won’t have the final say.

I think the “yes” aspect to his character is inevitable. Even if he doesn’t do it, the fans will chant it. Only way around it is if they turn him heel which I think would be an awful idea for right out of the gate.


Total fantasy talk - but that’s what all this discussion is, until he is on camera - but agreed. Fans will go crazy with the “Yes” chant, because that’s what the majority of fans are familiar with. Also, it’s super over.

I am sure he will try and grow his character over time - but there are aspects of the YES stuff that he should absolutely hold on to.


Give the ring to Bryan an Jericho for 2 minutes and Jericho will kill YES just like We the People

It is a bit different though. We the people was a bad gimmick, the yes chants at their peak were one of the most over chants in history, and a highlight of Bryan’s career.

Like @MarkP said, go with it an evolve.


Very true lol, I do feel this thread title should changed to something like “Report: Bryan signs with AEW” because this not a done deal from my understanding.

[Wai’s edit: updated thread title]


With this and the Punk rumours…it’s easy to get caught up in it, but until I actually see it, I’ll remain a bit sceptical. Either way, I imagine we’ll see a ratings bump the next few weeks


I think that’s very wise for everybody.

Well, if it does create an inflated bump for a few weeks - it would likely be a great time for new fans to be tuning in, due to the loaded shows the next few weeks - centering around their established roster.

Feels like even without these rumours, this company is building a lot of momentum heading into the fall.


I would agree. It seems like It was super hot when it started and then cooled off and now it’s back to just as hot as it ever was if not hotter. It helps that they created some legitimate stars like Britt Baker


As an investor in GameStop let me tell you that excitement for random events and dates can lead to massive let downs. The best bet is to watch and enjoy. Consider that the buy and hold strategy for this. Doesn’t mean we can’t have a ton of fun with it. And if you believe in the underlying entity and people behind it - GameStop or AEW you won’t be disappointed.

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When you look at the biggest stars in all of wrestling (including Bryan and Punk) and you give it maybe 3 months to re-establish them it’s amazing how many are AEW

Yea Roman is the biggest star in wrestling by a wide margin. But factor in Britt, Jericho, Mox, Omega, Bucks, Page, Jungle Boy, Orange and now Punk and Bryan, Cody, Darby. This also assumes they don’t make Black, Miro, Andrade, Archer, Wardlow and Sammy into prime time stars soon.

Outside Roman they have Lashley and Charlotte. Otherwise Drew feuding with Jinder over a sword and for some reason Binaca vs Carmella two weeks in a row. Seths character is hopeless. I also have tons of faith they’re going to make a big star out of Kross after what just happened on Raw lol.

It’s not even close anymore.


And the Roman character took years of rejection from the fans before Heyman stepped in. It is too nuanced to be a Vince creation

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Ya I agree with this for the most part, the one I give them a pass for is the Carmella/Bianca matches. They needed a heel they could plug in last minute who they could afford to beat twice in a row without any build (which makes it worse), Carmella perfectly fit that mould perfectly.

I would also classify Edge as a star, I know hes old, but if were counting Jericho, I think we can count Edge. I agree with your overall sentiment though. WWE loves to do 50/50, and outside of a couple performers, they just have a way of making everyone else seem like upper midcard (ie. Owens, Zane, Big E, Sheamus, etc.)

If Bryan comes in he should job to Luther in 1:40. Just think of the heat!

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