Report: Marty Scurll Re-Signs With Ring Of Honor

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“The Villain” and former ROH World Television Champion Marty Scurll is continuing his run in Ring of Honor, per PWInsider as the site is reporting that Scurll has signed a new deal with the company. Scurll and Ring of Honor were working on a new deal since late 2019. The length of Marty’s new contract is unknown as of this writing.

As of this weekend, Scurll has taken on the lead booker role for Ring of Honor. Hunter “Delirious” Johnson, who has been the head booker and senior producer for ROH television will continue his duties on the creative side and he’ll be working alongside Marty. It is noted in the report that Marty was heavily involved with Ring of Honor’s Center Stage show on January 11th and that Ring of Honor’s free show in Baltimore next month is Marty’s idea.

Last month at NWA’s ‘Into The Fire’ pay-per-view, Marty Scurll appeared and confronted NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis. Aldis returned the favor and appeared at ROH’s Center Stage show and ambushed Marty’s Villain Enterprises stable-mate Flip Gordon.

Marty Scurll’s next career move was highly anticipated and per report, he’s staying with Ring of Honor, doing work with the National Wrestling Alliance and through Ring of Honor’s partnership with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, the former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion can continue working there as well.


Lmao. Jericho drops his name during the segment and all his buddies are there and even he sees that it isn’t worth it

Big L for AEW

I feel optimistic about this. I’d love to see Marty come into AEW but also navigating himself into a position where he can help influence the creative direction of a brand that’s feeling very lost in the shuffle - this might be the best option for him to cash in and benefit creatively.

Honestly never thought Scurll was going to AEW. He’s a top merch seller without them and there’s just too many pieces they’re trying to push at once, had he gone there, he’d be lost in the mix with every non-Cody Elite member that seems to be spinning their wheels so others can get over first. He’s primed to make a much bigger impact if he goes there next year over right now. I still think there’s probably an even shot he goes to NXT at the end of this, but he did a great job bargaining some real power and money with ROH.

Ultimately the thing I’m most happy about is this almost surely frees him up to do BOSJ in a few months.

So, one immediate thing we’ve seen because of AEW, the wrestlers are getting better contracts because of the competition between companies. Why would anyone here hate on that?


Because people just want to see AEW take “a big L”. Funnier when there’s plenty of interviews with the Bucks last year saying they’re more than happy if the biggest impact they make is their friends making more money.

And as for Mr. Patel, when did Jericho namedrop Scurll on AEW? You really counting the Lexicon segment when he stopped at “Marty”?

I’d rather they flesh out their current roster before signing anyone else. There’s already complaints that they aren’t utilizing their current roster to the fullest. Why add to that?


Good news for Scurll and ROH, who desperately need a new voice in the booking room.

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I just wonder if this big move will be something that is too little, far, far too late.

I am pretty sure Delirious was head booker for longer than anybody in the company’s existence. This among other things needed to be changed years ago.

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I’m generally a WWE guy (does not mean anti-AEW please). But I’m genuinely thankful to AEW for helping pro wrestlers get increased pay everywhere.


Yeah, that time and the other teases on BTE weren’t talking about Marty Scurll. It’s obvious they were about Marty Asami.

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He mentioned “Jericho drops his name during the segment”, I asked “When did Jericho namedrop Scurll on AEW?”, not BTE.

And for the record, I would’ve also accepted Marty Jannety :wink:

But thanks for the addendum, I guess. Still not a confirmation, but whatever.

Yes the lexicon segment.

Great leverage move by Marty. Last night’s Center Stage event had a great energy which had been lacking at any ROH event last year. A very bland brand over the last few years with bad marketing and promotion. Marty can definitely help and I love that he stayed. He seems very loyal and has been very positive about the company so this is nice to see. They have a strong roster of guys who lay their shots in really hard, this should be a fun year for the company. A good ROH is good for wrestling

They might benefit from a rebranding. Logo update, production changes, etc. i think the brand has a bit of stink but isn’t beyond redemption

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Brian Cage has apparently signed with AEW. I prefer this to Marty. AEW needs more bigger guys.


The bad news is that Delirious is staying on. There’s been some significant damage to ROH last year but I don’t think it’s impossible to build back up.

They need to make the TV matter again. The recap shows or sending people to Honor Club isn’t working.

Working with the NWA is also a great move

That’s a great signing. He’s a guy that you would think Vince would drool over

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You have to imagine that Marty would be more open to working with AEW, now that he’s the lead booker. This could lead to something very cool…

Good on Marty. Making a ton of cash, head booker and fewer dates so he can take bookings elsewhere as well (like NJPW). Smart.

Huge loss for AEW? They obviously didn’t think he was worth more than what ROH offered. Good for Scurll!