Rewind-A-Dynamite 1/22/20: I’m On A Boat

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John Pollock and Wai Ting review AEW Dynamite on tape from Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea.

This week’s episode came from the Bahamas and was headlined by the #1 contender’s match between Jon Moxley and PAC to face Chris Jericho at Revolution. The show also saw Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky defend the AEW tag titles against Kenny Omega & Hangman Page, Chris Jericho teams with Santana & Ortiz to take on Jurassic Express, a change in character for Britt Baker, and someone gets tossed into the pool.

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  • WWE Raw rating and its rebound from last week
  • Edge comments on stories of a potential return
  • AEW planning to go live next year on the Jericho Cruise
  • Report on Lance Archer in talks with AEW
  • Impact confirms the date of Rebellion pay-per-view
  • NWA Hard Times card for Friday night in Atlanta
  • Larry Walker voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame

Plus your feedback, comments, and questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.

Photos Courtesy: AEW

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I watch on the FITE app and had the same crowd censoring and my friend in the states who watches on cable - same thing. Agreed, really annoying.

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And it seems to be a split second behind. So you will get a chant of “holy shit! —y shit! —y shit!”
Censorship sucks, and they suck at censorship

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Can anyone with TNT confirm if the censoring is occurring for the crowd chants, as well?

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I had been on the Norwegian Pearl twice about 10 years ago. It was cool seeing the pool deck converted into a wrestling arena. I was surprised they made that area of the ship look as big as it did on TV. It’s not that large of an area.

It does not seem like it to me. We got Cowboy Shit chants a bunch in the first match.


Some stuff passed through like Cowboy Shit, but Baker’s promo was heavily censored and a lot of the main event, as well as the moments leading up to the Bucks coming out to Super Kick MJF.

Confirmed. I usually watch on TNT but switched to the FITE ad cause I was completely over the Picture In Picture. It’s such a better experience and well worth the $5 monthly. Cool to see what they’re playing between commercials and having uninterrupted matches - feels much more like a PPV.

Anyone looking to use AEW+ in the states, you can just subscribe from your iPhone and chromecast to your tv. You’ll just have to use a VPN (which you can also use on NJPW World for any region blocked content like CMLL) to trick your computer into thinking it’s overseas but honestly really easy to set up - it’s actually more complex trying to type it out. Haha

Bakers Promo had her swearing and then it seemed to go straight to commercial after rambling nonsense so I could not tell the censorship in that section. Got to the MJF section they were definitely censoring the F word from the crowd. Which makes sense certain words are not allowed at all.

Baker was not censored, the crowd was for their chants.

Frankly I was surprised they didn’t ask the crowd to tone it down given it was being taped for TV.

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On a taped episode of Dynamite I can’t believe that Britt Baker promo made it to air. This was the worst promo I’ve seen in a very long time. Here delivery was nervous and mumbly, she ignored the camera in the ring, she let the fans interrupt her and they decided to cut her off and go to break. None of this promo came off a good heel heat to me, it just made me cringe.

I’m not trying to hate on someone so much but everything Baker has done in AEW has not been up to standard for a wrestling company airing on national TV.


She needs to just be her self I think. She obviously isn’t a natural heel, and they need to make her less of a “I’m a dentist who wrestles”. I think they are struggling to find what fits for her right now. She just needs to curate her in ring style to be more simple and just be herself on the mic.

@Brad_The_Archivist is the new heel heat just being bad and cringe worthy?

Seriously, any good heel work gets fans to react positively which is why MJF is so good/unique right now. But it does feel like the way to get across as a heel is to be really cringeworthy. It’s the Corbin method.

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Maybe she needs to start ripping teeth like Isaac Yankum.

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Britt Baker coming out weekly and saying her boyfriend is better than people would be great heel heat and something AEW could potentially get away with tongue-in-cheek whereas WWE wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Also telling Britt Baker her boyfriend is dead would be funny, if only because he is literally on the other channel at the same time. But that’s BTE humor that prob would flop on TV. I digress.

Although somebody eventually telling her off and saying that it is undisputed would get a pop.

I was actually thinking during her promo, if she wants heat all she need to do is go. “I’m Smart, I’m Beautiful, I’m dating a champion, as soon as I’m the champ I’ll have everything.”

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Cringe heat can work but I was cringing every week when she was a babyface. IMO every one of her wrestling matches looks like she is following those dance routines with all the footsteps laid out on the floor to follow. Even her posing on the ramp makes me cringe and it feels so rehearsed.

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She’d be better served in NXT. How does AEW trade her for Io Sharai?

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I cannot see NXT making that trade. But I feel like most of AEW’s women would be better in NXT as they need more experience.

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I actually liked Baker’s promo and Tony’s sell job of it. She showed some personality and I think will make a way better heel.

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