Ricochet is just another guy

Offering legitimate complaints is not blind hatred. The WWE star making machine has been broken for a long, long time. That’s the point of this discussion. You have people with the talent to get over, and actually be a decent draw. But they are all stuck in this mid level, nobody get over, vacuum.
It’s like a coach who will not change his playbook, no matter how bad the team is.


Asuka started off by barely beating Emma, she never got over that. Why was she so special in NXT and then could barely beat a low card person? She’s barely ever even used so I’m not sure how you could say she’s popular.

Nakamura was booked to feud with Ziggler in a 50/50 feud, which was a horrible idea. Then he lost a bunch of times to Jinder Fucking Mahal. Again, he never got over that. Hard to take him seriously. He wasnt booked strong at all. He loses all the time.

He lost clean to Corbin and Roode. He was also in a tag team that failed to win the title every time they teamed, including in NXT. He’s had very little promo time. What do we know about Ricochet? That’s not on him, that’s on the writers and bookers.

Are you high? Attendance is WAY down. Like ratings, network numbers, merch, etc.

Again, are you high? Tell that to the NFL, UFC, NBA, etc. WWE’s problem is they are half wanting to be a sport. They only want to be a sport when these other leagues get big TV deals, otherwise they want to be entertainment. The thing is it hasn’t been a sport or entertaining for years.

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For me, it all comes down to 50/50 booking. As Benjamin, nobody gets over. It’s the same in any sport, you want your main event to be the two guys who are (nearly) undefeated and that’s where you create a star (or two).

Star making system is broken because there’s a section of the audience who are openly sabotaging the process.

They have had guys they wanted to build their company around and who do and have done extremely well outside of this rasslin bubble.

Maybe the process would actually work in this bubble if those people acted like fans instead of wannabe insiders who think what they see on TV is all that matters and ignore the real things that generate buzz and money.

I’m guessing you struggle with math.


So, the fans are to blame?

I think you are trying to say that there is a section of fans (mostly younger) that no longer want to watch sports the traditional way (on tv with planned out commercial breaks).

I think this is true. Everyone, except maybe the NFL, should start exploring every different option of content delivery.

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He’s mentioned that many times.

It’s victim abuse :dizzy_face:

The small vocal minority are not fans…not by a long shot.

Just like the losers who ruin star wars threads and anything nerdy that have the audacity to change things they liked as a kid.

They are mentally ill…what else could explain the act of constantly talking about something they claim to hate and criticize on a daily basis? Especially when there is literally a million things out there as alternatives?

Or, just possibly, by not giving the fans what they actually want, Vinny mac is driving the fans away? I know, crazy talk. Its because the fans are just stupid and the WWE booking is too hard for them to comprehend.


You hate and constantly criticize IWC nerd fans, yet you have a billion posts here.

Think of all the wonderful things you could be doing instead.

Learning how to play drums
Automotive maintenance
Mastering a new language
Crossword puzzles
Bird calling


The problem is how they book those stars and their poor reading of the fan base on the whole at times. I think Roman could have been a super star, but they messed up many steps along the way. Just like I think they are messing up with Becky now. It is not necessarily that they always choose the wrong people, it is that they book things in a poor way to get things over.


I think Deezy is drowning in the kool aid.

As to Ricochet, the booking for him and Black has been strange to poor. They generally looked good as a tag team but were a mismatched pair, now Ricochet is losing to mid-card or low-card heels. I think this is symptomatic of WWE lacking enhancement talent, so they never really build up their mid-card guys and none of them feel important. It is largely a problem of a lack of long term booking and them forcing the stars onto every show every week.

Oddly enough, according to various studies, the average wrestling fan is over 30. Perhaps booking for children affects viewership among your core fan base, while not reaching enough outside demographics needed

Not that I have any confidence at all in WWE doing this right, he’s lost twice. Can we give it a few more weeks?

LOL a billion posts here…like that somehow means something…yeah some people can express a thought on a phone very fast…how weird eh?

The irony of your statement…follow the same advice you’re trying to deflect to make it somehow about me.

That’s hilarious.

What is the biggest question casual and non fans ask their hardcore fan friends…“why do fans boo so and so?”…why do the people who are being “booed out of buildings” being booked and doing great on major talk shows?

The problem is the bipolar nature of so called “fans”…when the company listens to them…they change their tune and piss and moan about how someone they supposedly like is booked. Win too much and look dominant, guess what? Superman booking and being crammed down our throats becomes the new narrative, or lose too much…well… they’re ruined get rid of them.

Self fulfilling prophesy…

Odd how I’m only a select few around here who actually don’t speak in the same talking points…and I’m drinking the Kool aid lmao

Ok, let’s change this to “Braun Stroman is just another guy”. The exact same arguments still apply. The lack of a consistent push, longterm booking, continuity, and meaningful feuds have turned a can’t miss into just another mid carder. For what reason? Why does this keep happening to everybody not named Roman or Brock?

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