Rumble Pool Discussion

I just wanted to read some of your picks. I have picked Carlito as a surprise entrant. I don’t know how likely it is. On the women’s side I thought about Layla El and Kristal but I think they have completely retired. I have written Alexa Bliss BEFORE she announced it on monday so I hope it will be counted.

For my surprise picks on the men’s side I went with Adam Cole (BayBay), Alasteir Black and DDP and for the women Victoria, Alundra Blaze and Molly Holly

Surprise entrant Jeff Jarrett :slight_smile:

I would be surprised if Molly or Alundra Blayze were not in it. I have also picked Trish as a surprise.

Now I wish I would’ve waited a bit longer. Wonder if Abyss will now be a surprise entrant

The Rumble surprises are weird for me. I read a good summary of my feeling by Meltzer (I think) recently; he called it something like the “you’re good for a pop, but not for a dollar” spot. That is to say that WWE doesn’t think it’s missing out on any ticket sales or network subs by not advertising that you’ll be there.

Abyss could be in the rumble if WWE is interested in a 45 year old wrestler.

Only a few years older than AJ Styles. 45 is nothing for a Rumble spot. Much rather see Abyss than a guy like Jinder or Titus O’Neal.

Oh yeah definitely but I think if he’s in the rumble, he will be signed.

Yeh that was my thinking. I also think we’re due an appearance from Victoria. As far as I know shes not fallen out with the company and it would be nice to see her

I would love it. She could have a great spot with Nia.

For the women surprises I chose Eve (did some class at the PC recently), Victoria (heard she’s retiring soon), and Melina.

For the men I chose Bray Wyatt (dude’s been healthy and off tv forever), Booker T (just had a match so he’s in shape), and Road Dogg.

It makes sense. I’m just not sure for Melina. She had a really bad rep back in the days.

Wasn’t the last time Melina was in a WWE ring the Wrestlemania where she bitched about her and Morrison losing to Snooki?

Yeah she was refusing to job.

I completely forgot :frowning:

I made my picks but i’m curious as to what everyone thinks constitutes a surprise? WWE have only announced 20 names for the men’s Rumble, missing off quite a few upper mid-carders.

Does Bobby Roode count as a surprise? Dolph Ziggler? Or does it need to be a returning superstar?

I think the only “current” roster guys that would constitute a surprise would be Taker or Triple H. Even a guy like Kurt Angle has lost his “special-ness” to me at the moment.

And I suppose Lesnar, but it would be a wild set of circumstances to get him in the Rumble considering he’s starting the day as defending Universal Champion.

EDIT: Add Kane or Big Show as a “nice to see you, but who really cares?” surprise.

Truth taken out, Braun Strowman entering no30. There is no chance that Truth will be number 30, there must be some swerve.

With the NXT UK guys in town I went for Dunne & Storm as my two surprises.