Rumoured Wrestlemania 34 Card (Potential Spoilers)

John Cena vs. The Undertaker

Universal Title: Brock Lesnar © vs. Roman Reigns

WWE Title: AJ Styles © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Ronda Rousey and partner vs. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

IC Title: The Miz © vs. Braun Strowman

RAW Women’s Title: Alexa Bliss © vs. Nia Jax

Smackdown Live Women’s Title: Charlotte Flair © vs. Asuka

Seth Rollins vs. Jason Jordan

Crusierweight Title Tournament Final

Share your thoughts and opinions below.


I know it was rumored that Cena was facing Taker but after seeing Taker on RAW a couple of weeks ago, I dont think hes coming back. I think they wouldve had to start setting up a match that big by at least the Rumble and they didnt so I dont think that match is happening. I see all the other matches happening and they make sense. Lesnar vs. Reigns does nothing for me because everyone knows how that match is going to end. AJ Styles vs. Nakamura will be a fantastic match but I wonder if they keep it a babyface vs babyface match or if they turn one of them heel? I really hope they talk the Rock into being Rouseys partner at Mania. If they do, that match will be huge and will be the main event of the night! Miz vs Strowman could be good but I dont know how those two will look together. Id much rather see Strowman added to the Universal Title match because I think that would keep the result of the match in doubt and I feel like theres a good chance the fans may crap on that match if they keep it one-on-one. The two womens matches make sense. And Rollins vs Jordan does nothing for me.

Now that the streak is done, Cena vs 'Taker does nothing for me. News is circulating that Jordan may be out due to injury and Miz may also be off the show due to the birth of his kid so I would have Braun face off against Cena and maybe have Rollins be Ronda’s partner.

ALTHOUGH, Braun and Triple H still have unfinished business, so it’s Ronda/Braun (having won the Mixed-Match challenge, hence why Ronda chooses him as her partner) vs Triple H/Steph. Then you do Cena vs Rollins, or Cena & Rollins vs The Bar.

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I think they could just have Cena lose in the Chamber, and be lost on his road to Mania. Then you have Cena call out Taker, or vice-versa. I think with the Strowman match will and should be a squash, but yeah I’d rather see him added to the Universal title match. Tbh I’d have him win and pin Brock, then him and Roman can feud cuz, “You didn’t pin the Big Dog on the grandest yard of them all to win that!”

Yup, Cena v Taker means nothing and helps no one at this point. I’d rather do Joe v Cena, is Joe is healthy in time. I like your idea of Braun being Ronda’s partner, but you could also put Angle in that spot and have Braun face Taker. It would be a terrible match, but very symbolic past vs present theme there

I agree with Angle being Ronda’s partner.

Braun needs to be in the Universal Title match.

Asuka should challenge Alexa and have Charlotte face a legend such as Trish.

I think it’s lame when wrestling fans complain about “spoilers” for wrestling and podcasts. It’s naive to have that mindset. It makes every one have to please those that will get butt hurt if they hear “spoilers”

Well the Smackdown matches will be good. The match that intrigues me is Asuka and Flair, in which hopefully it gets a good amount of time and they get a good story to tell.

And by “rumoured” you mean speculated card right?

It’s the card what Meltzer is reporting, he’s normally pretty spot on with the mania card, of course Vince could change his mind.

No one’s really talked about it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Cena teaming with Ronda if Taker isn’t in, and personally I’d rather see that than Braun or Angle.

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Based on the rumble and Raw and SD this week this is pretty much the card I would have predicted for better or worse. I would not have predicted Nia vs Bliss or Miz vs Braun. Braun already seems so far past the IC title. The match seems like the latest attempt to set a WM record for shortest squash match.

That being said, there is a lot of time between now and wrestlemania. A lot always changes due to injuries or surprise returns.

I do NOT want to see Cena vs Taker. I think Cena is physically strong enough to literally carry Taker through a match but it won’t be good and would just repeat the retirement angle at last years show. I would rather Taker just do a special appearance. Hype up the main event between the only two men that beat him at the show, etc.

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Where is Balor?

Dark match 6-man tag against The Ascension and Mojo Rawley.

Those aren’t the only matches.

From an in ring point of view, the only matches that do anything for me are Reigns/Lesnar, Asuka/Flair and Nakamura/AJ. The rest doesn’t look great. I really don’t think Cena/Taker will be good – Reigns/Taker was bad and I’d take Reigns over Cena as a worker right now.
The McMahon/Rousey stuff is what it is – I’m tired of seeing Steph/HHH in featured spots but I guess it kinda makes sense.

Could this be where we get a RAW vs Smackdown match? Balor Club vs New Day? It’s a waste of Balor, but looking at the options it could be a lot worse…

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This is high profile enough for both teams and they’d do great to work together. New Day wasn’t in a match last yea either.

I was hoping for a Balor Miz IC title match to be honest as it’s time to out a belt on Balor and Miz has had a great past 2 years so I view him credible enough to put Balor over in the IC program at Mania. Also, can have Miztourage and Club stuff in the build and we need a Deamon King entrance at Mania

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I wouldn’t be shocked if this is the card but they’ve thrown up enough other stuff to make me think that there’s a possibility of Asuka/Bliss, Braun/Brock and Rousey/Flair, which would change a few things about the card as it’s laid out there and open up the possibility of a few notably missing names getting included; such as Miz vs. Balor with the MizTourage and The Balor Club brawling among themselves outside to make it a fair fight.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

They’ve been building up Brock vs Roman for 12 months now I’m 100% sure they won’t change their mind on that now.

Also the first Brock vs Braun match at No Mercy was somewhat of a disappointment.