Scott D'Amore fired by Anthem - out of TNA

Very curious about the situation that has lead to this.

“Cicione replaces Scott D’Amore, whose contract with Anthem has been terminated. D’Amore has been a part of TNA since 2003. He held many key leadership positions and played a vital role in the growth of the company leading to its strong industry reputation today, including the successful return of the TNA Wrestling brand in 2024. Anthem thanks him for the commitment he brought to the business, the talent, and the people who work outside the ring.”

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Just saw this myself, just telling us he’s terminated with no other info is odd, like why? After basically 20 years with the company.

Very odd. Thought he did a great job over the years. If this isn’t a Vince situation, then TK should absolutely hire him to run ROH.


I can’t imagine this was a amicable parting of the ways.
Scott was key in the hiring and pushing of a lot of folks.

Not sure what to make of this. If there is more to it, I hope it comes out. But I have no doubt that corporate wrestling is being very careful about rumours and allegations right now.

This is pure speculation. For all I know Scott’s leaving has no bad blood behind it. I hope that’s the case, and he will find other employment soon.

Oh dear. What did you do Scotty?

Strong chance it’s just Anthem being Anthem. But I guess we will see.

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Maybe Anthem was pissed he brokered a deal at Royal Rumble with all the sex pests at WWE.

If I’m Anthem I can’t be thrilled to be mentioned at the same press conference where HHH looked like a fool. Great, we worked a deal with a guy who claims he didn’t read a lawsuit.


From PWInsider…

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From the press release (and Pollock’s story):

The move aims to further integrate TNA Wrestling into Anthem’s Entertainment Group, of which Cicione is the President, leveraging the entire Company’s resources to add more value in areas including production, distribution, marketing, viewership, customer acquisition, digital revenue streams, ad sales and sponsorships, digital tech operations, and more.

So, if you take that at face value, it was just corporate restructuring.

Also, if you take that at face value, he should be out of a job for about 15 minutes. Any wrestling company in the world could benefit from having him around.


If this is true - I also think it’s clear that Anthem has no interest in TNA being anything more than a loss leader for their television networks.

Meanwhile Nick Hausman out here being completely normal and throwing around allegations…

Allegations of what?

It’s Nick Hausman. He likes to make thinly veiled allegations of misdoings…

He also posted alluding to this story:

Please note, Kris Levin himself has been outted as an abuser too - and is no longer in the business.

There were rumours of weird stuff happening with Don Callis and Scarlett. But nothing confirmed.

Based on what talents are saying, it seems like just a dumb corporate move. Horrible decision if that’s the case. And TK needs him for ROH now!!

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Gotta wonder if people like Josh will be a whole less loyal to TNA going forward.


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Unless you’re one of the weirdos who cheers for stock prices and profits, the “non-wrestling people” in charge of wrestling companies in North America are not having a great 2024 so far.

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A month ago, none of any of these shake-ups could have been predicted.

So it seems like perhaps Anthem wanted Scott to make sure TNA was serving Anthem’s best interests and not working with other companies?

Lol the corporatization of wrestling continues.

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