Sean Strickland - has the UFC become a PR firm of far-right fundamentalism?

We’re just coming off of the Sean Strickland madness and all the pathetic comments he made and now seeing the disturbing trolls commenting on the video John and Wai put out which was a mistake on my part. This is part of the reason why I’ve checked out of the UFC over this past year. Dana White claims they strays away from politics when its the total opposite when you got tasteless behavior like this. I’m all for freedom of speech but once you go off the deep end, that doesn’t mean you have freedom from the consequences.

Anybody feel the same way?


It’s actually crazy. I’ve never seen John and Wai get this amount of troll brigading in my ten plus years of following them. It’s a classic example of a bunch of crybabies whining about sensitivity before becoming extremely sensitive themselves with any amount of pushback.

As for why Dana White would allow this it seems pretty straight forward to me. It’s clear that Dana wants to make UFC this alt right conservative haven as he thinks it will attract a large conservative audience. Kinda reminds me of Elon Musk and Twitter.


I think UFC is a part of the anti-woke mob that came up after the Bud Light incident, and maybe earlier than that. And by incident, I mean a 48-second TikTok where they did an ad for someone.

I guess I don’t watch UFC much anymore but I wonder if there will be any talk about it at TKO meetings or even asked at WWE scrums. I know they’re different parts of the same company, but it’s all under TKO. Granted, I remember last year, WWE didn’t have as much focus on Pride as years prior. I remember Dana Warrior, of all people, was participating in pride photoshoots and that didn’t happen this year. So who knows. Yeah, I think there’s more trolling as well, besides that one video post, even on the Talk promotion tweet.

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It has definitely turned me off from the noise around it. Still follow the events but any press conference, weigh-in or other programming is just gross.

But the reality is it’s not a UFC problem, it’s an American problem. The USA is extremely toxic and the way people are allowed to behave there is proof of that.


Thank you @johnpollock @ @wai0937 for being rational and honest voices.

That discussion in Rewind a Dynamite is appreciated.

It’s disgusting that this man, UFC, and others will condone and celebrate this ignorance and hate.


I’m going to the UFC show

My timeline is full of people and friends I know calling
Him a hero. I believe he will be wildly cheered.

UFV is much more right wing audience wise


Needless to say, hearing Mr. Strickland’s well-reasoned and thoughtful oratory performance on Rewind-A-Dynamite was quite the awesome way to start a Thursday morning. :roll_eyes:

To anyone choosing to explore the comment section, fare thee well, for your brave soul traverses territory I wouldn’t consider.

For those who haven’t seen John and Wai’s honest thoughts on this. Here’s the clip. But I do warn you of the comment section, it’s horrific.

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Hesitate to even comment. The more the world talks about him, the bigger a draw he’s going to become and the more he’s going to do it, and the more others will do it. Just the world we live in. Covington and McGregor are perfect examples, not that all three are the same, but examples nevertheless of people doing/saying shitty things and getting people to buy their fights because of it.

Free speech is one thing, but this guy isnt just sharing an opinion about something that happens to be a conservative talking point, he’s just going on a rant and sound like trash. I have no desire to ever hear him speak again.

I called out the right troll army that commented on the video and they didn’t like it.


I’m glad I live in a bubble where I don’t see this stuff as it happens. I just watched the Strickland clip and he’s an awful human, here’s hoping he gets knocked out tomorrow.
In regards to John and Wai being trolled. They don’t seem like the kind of guys who’d care in the slightest. They probably wouldn’t even know the comments existed if it wasn’t for us lot.

UFC seems to be going down a murky path, I use to have loads of mates who care and now it seems very few

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That guy should not lose many more brain cells. :joy:

These MMA trolls are amateurs. If you really want to get under John and Wai’s skin just tweet at them that you’re “sUrPrIsEd” they haven’t seen some popular movie or another. That’s the only sure-fire way to annoy these two.

As for Strickland I already voiced my thoughts. This guy could beat the shit out of me but I’m certain he’s dumb enough that I could lure him into some sort of convoluted trap, Wile E. Coyote style. Fucking clown piece of shit.


Trolls gonna troll. I just love the idea of these guys actively seeking out YouTube videos that they know they disagree with, just so they can accuse other people of being easily offended and participating in cancel culture.


The issue is this is exactly what he wants. He wants half the audience to love him, half the audience to hate him and pay to see him loose. Best thing we can do is show him apathy, its not different then pro wrestling, they just want a reaction.

I mean, I hope he looses to, but I’m not paying to see it (not implying you are).

I’m not gonna waste $79.99 USD (Yes, that is the UFC PPV price in America, folks) on garbage like this when I have better things to spend it on.


We knew the type of reaction we’d get when we brought up the conversation and sectioned it off into its own video. It’s like attracting flies to shit. They’re an ironically sensitive bunch.


$79.99 to watch something on a service (ESPN+) that I already pay for is wild.


I suspect he will be wildly cheered TBH. The UFC fans are like that

Oh I agree. I’ve gone to one UFC show on my life and I hated the experience. Fight galore, and just a ton of guys that I have no desire to be around. I hear people referencing right wing a lot, and I’m sure there are a lot of fans who lean that way, however. I see the majority of UFC fans more as douchebag meatheads who aren’t necessarily “political” but more so white trash.