Smackdown on FOX

I’m starting the show about 20 minutes late. I’m pumped and we have Vince and Stephanie starting the show!?

The set looks incredible.

Oh, and that Rock guy has still got it.

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Great set! Great start to the show too! I have to admit Baron does a great job in his role. Although I have to admit about 30 min in and it just sounds like good ole WWE again lol , seems like things are business as usual, unless they switch things up later.

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My goodness the Rock put on a clinic on the mic. That was a fun start.


Only ones that can control crowds like that to this day Rock and stone cold. Awesome open to SmackDown.

Why did I spend 2 hours watching this?

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Oh fuck off. I stayed up till 3am for this shit?

Just started watching it. I haven’t watched a WWE RAW or SMACKDOWN in over a year— I’m not a technical guy, but are they using a different camera / frame rate or something? The quality of the image looks a lot different than I remember.

Is this a Smackdown only change?

I keep playing myself when these “big” shows come around

ugh. I feel so dirty. This didn’t do much for me honestly. I was looking to have a pleasant friday night but it was mostly just meh. The opening was amazing and it’s what I would tell people to go watch. The ending was also very cool because we finally got Brock , who unfortunately is a step up from Kofi.

First time I watched a full episode of WWE programming since I was a teenager without turning the channel. Impressive stuff, felt fresh and I love the new set.

If you thought that show was impressive, kudos to you brother. I wish I were able to feel that, but so much crap from them, makes it hard to enjoy more than bits and pieces.

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Your main eventers:

Rollins - Best Brock twice, scared of the Fiend
Kofi - champ since Mania, lost in 6 seconds
Lesnar - Lost to Seth twice, beat Kofi in 6 seconds, ran away from Cain

Who and what am I supposed to buy in to?

First full episode of wrestling television I’ve watched in well over a year. Honestly, everything felt rushed and disjointed. Cain was cool, but did the title match have to be 3 seconds? Did that lumberjack match have to happen at all? I also feel for the live fans who were promised Steve Austin and the Undertaker.

Despite my complaints, the filthy casual in me will tune in again to see what happens with Cain and Tyson Fury.

Thought tonight was going to be a huge step towards a new direction but it’s more the same and never going to change, this was the first time in 2 years that I actually watched an episode of smackdown and wish I hadn’t, ruined the Chinese takeout me and my wife got. Thank God for AEW and NXT.

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Much like MattFromThornhill posted, this is the first time I’ve watched an entire episode of SmackDown from beginning to end in years. I usually just rely on Youtube highlights and the various “Review-a” Post recap episodes. Loved the look of the set and the wide screen presentation. Definitely gave the show a more sports-like feel. Matches varied in quality, but I felt all the main performers really stood out and really got the crowd buzzing. Despite that terrible squash that my man Kofi suffered, I left the show feeling very positive, and will be tuning in again next week week.

“…are they using a different camera / frame rate or something? The quality of the image looks a lot different than I remember.”

Other people started to notice something last week too, about the image.

There are probably a couple of things at work: 1) Dunn did say they are going to use different cameras/tech, 2) Your local cable company may use compression on their channels such as USA that will not happen on the OTA Fox broadcast stream, 3) IIRC, Fox stations use 720P, not 1080i, and if your distribution system and display/TV are of sufficient quality you might be able to tell the difference.

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I agree, thought it was much more of a sports presentation tonight

Didn’t watch Smackdown so I am catching up by reading the reports, but dumping Kofi in 6 seconds really says something.

Kofi was always a placeholder, but he does have his fans and they must be disappointed. Certainly Kofi and Brock could have had a good 8 minute match, but Vince had to spend all that time on his son being featured on TV. Remember, WWE is a vanity project.

Dont wanna say anything in the review thread, but one dude who brought up the race card in the Brock/Kofi stuff is fucking stupid. What the hell does their skin color have to do with anything? This guy just had an undeserved 6 month title reign, all because the fans felt sorry for the guy. He’s not world title material and if it were real, Brock would murder the guy in even less time.

Don’t know about the boxer and the homophobic stuff, but I legit never heard of the guy before tonight. I don’t know why some people feel the need to always have to point this shit out or talk about politics or whatever. It’s fucking wrestling.

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