Talk Is Jericho- Jericho explains going from WWE to AEW

I won’t spoil too much but it was a great episode, there’s a ton of news and information we did not know the past year. If you heard the Omega episode last year and his Summerslam preview show you knew some of the details on how Don Calis got involved, him suggesting an IC Title vs Title match with his reasoning being “Bruno went to other companies as WWF champion”. One interesting thing for me is he said he called impact and suggest they hire Callis and D’amore and later on saying he thought about wrestling in Impact. Great episode, tons of news, check it out if you can

It was a good episode.

I particularly enjoyed how humble Jericho is :lying_face:


Surprised that his contract was for AEW is for three years.

But you know what, I appreciate that, I appreciate Jericho realizes he could do the Convention loop and do Y2J for everyone but challenges himself to do something new. I appreciate that he was pissed that the Observer Wrestle Kingdom preview said 5 matches could be match of the night and his match was 2nd best

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It was basically Jericho saying Vince didn’t call him enough…

The thing is with jericho especially know is that he’s a creative person i feel like he can still help other wrestlers by coming up with creative ways of telling a story. In WWE he did pretty much all he could do and while he does have some creative freedom, he won’t be put in a position of having total control because vince like to use guys like jericho to put over other talents and have some sort of control on what the narrative is and that the WWE way. Vince does thing that way and HHH is doing it as well so that won’T change.

So if he had a chance to go to another promotion and get a huge pay day out of it, Good for him, i’m glad that he’s moving on from WWE. The fact that he didn’T burn the bridge with WWE tells me that he still holds Vince in high regard and that someday, when he’s finally ready to retire, he will comeback to WWE for his farewell tour like so many others are doing right now and they will inducted him in the HOF when the time is right.

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I don’t know that’s it, but the bottom line is anybody likes knowing they are wanted or perceived as important. And when you consider Khan as early as All In was willing to extend himself in ways Vince wasn’t, it makes you wonder. It sounds like Vince didn’t even know there was an AEW forming during the summer when clearly plans were being laid. Why else not pay Chris the respect or fly him in etc. unless Vince never thought he needed him. Which seems so shortsighted because surely he would know another company could leverage Chris, if he knew there was another player out there making moves. To me it’s a complete whiff by Vince. (Based on what Chris says, which, two sides to every story and the truth).

The other thing is this endears Chris to the wrestling fan in a way not many others have been. We think of Hunter as The Godfather of NXT and Chris knows in WWE he’ll always be the employee and not the beloved founder. He’s in at the ground floor and surely if this is a success he cements his legacy as the guy who helped birth something industry changing. That’s worth the risk alone - these are pro wrestlers and anyone who thinks at that level they don’t think about legacy under estimates how competitive and ego driven they are. Just like an athlete knows his or her legacy and place in the game, I think the crew involved here look at it the same. As Cody says - live forever.

This was captivating to listen to and I would love to get the story of negotiations and decision makings the Bucks and Cody and Kenny all did. To know their thought process like Chris provided makes me like them even more. Their characters and who they are are more real to me because of stuff like this.

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Jericho was only ever going to reach a certain level with WWE because he’s not the right size in Vince’s eyes. He’s also too old and isn’t Undertaker, HBK or HHH and won’t get the chance to main event (even if he’s a WAY better worker at this stage of his career).

Point is, he’s more well-known and over than almost everyone in WWE. His matches in NJPW proved he can still go and him going to AEW is good for the business.

Reach a certain level? He has done everything in WWE. You act like it’s 99 and he just debuted.

His match against Owens ended up being a lower card and shorter match at Mania. He won’t ever be booked like HHH, HBK and Taker so why not go somewhere else and be the legend he should

Can Jericho become the Ric Flair to Hunters Hulk Hogan?

Besides the Reigns match…what Mania was HHH headlining since the Orton match almost 10 years ago.

Are considering being booked to mainevent the much maligned Saudi Arabia show as some kind of good thing now? LOL

HHH’s matches always matter more than anything Jericho is doing. Look at his matches with Sting, Brock, Bryan, Reigns, Taker, etc. He is always booked to be the most important legend, despite not being as over as Jericho. Wasn’t the plan also to have HHH face Batista this year?

Jericho helped make Owens a huge deal and their feud was the best storyline that year. It’s just reality, Vince likes HHH’s body more than Jericho’s so he gets first pick.

Vince likes Triple H’s body more?

Lot of assumptions there.

It’s safe to assume that the guy who works out everyday and started the WBF likes HHH’s body more than Jericho’s. Thanks for playing.

We know Stephanie does


Triple H is in the inner circle, there is no point in comparing Jericho to him. Triple H will be booked in basically whatever he wants, which is fine. Look at Shane, he’s in the inner circle and is terrible but still manages to be part of big profile matches (even if it isn’t the main event).

And Shawn Michaels is a once in a lifetime performer. He’s better than Jericho and deserves more than Jericho, as does Undertaker, and lots of guys. Jericho is a great talent, but has never been and never will be a guy that breaks through to the next level of superstardom the way many people think he should be. He’s never single handedly moved the needle over an extended period on his own in the WWE. He was never going to and he never will, he just isn’t that guy.

He should go to AEW. He can be a big player there, he can help move the needle for them, they’re going to pay him well, he can still wrestle with NJPW, do his cruise, do Fozzy, and whatever else he has going on. This is the best place for him right now, and WWE will welcome him back with open arms some day, and he can go into their HOF whenever the time is right.

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Only one playing here is you…obviously just arguing for arguments sake.

No one moves the needle for WWE anymore. It’s not about performers, it’s the brand.

My point was, he is and has always been more over than HHH but will never be booked like him. It doesn’t matter that he’s better at his job than HHH.

Totally agree that AEW is the perfect fit for him, and it should also be for a bunch of guys languishing in WWE.

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I found it interesting Jericho, Kenny and the the top guys in Japan drove NJPW subscriptions up 400k worldwide with WK12. On a relative basis is anyone in WWE driving network subscriptions up 100k on their own that isn’t a UFC crossover?