Tessa Blanchard to be in action against Kylie Rae at Warrior Wrestling's 9/12 show

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As a part of their ‘Stadium Series’, Warrior Wrestling is presenting their next several events in high school football stadiums in the Chicago area. Their next event is titled ‘Hot Take’ and it’ll feature the in-ring return of the promotion’s Women’s Champion and former IMPACT World Champion Tessa Blanchard. Blanchard last wrestled in March and she last made headlines over the Summer when IMPACT Wrestling confirmed that they terminated her contract with the company.

FITE noted in their preview that Blanchard is defending the Warrior Wrestling Women’s Championship against Kylie Rae.

For 2 years, the entire Warrior Women's Division has been building to this match.

Two of the best wrestlers on Earth.

The title on the line.

Not their first clash, but maybe their last?

Can a Smile cut a Diamond?

The Main Event. Who ya got? https://t.co/DpA8VOW3fl pic.twitter.com/7yrWt1B0hF

— Warrior Wrestling (@WarriorWrstlng) August 29, 2020

Prior to the news of Blanchard’s contract with IMPACT Wrestling being terminated, her reign as IMPACT World Champion was heavily scrutinized as many wrestlers came forward about Blanchard’s verbal abuse and bullying towards them throughout their respective careers. The likes of Chelsea Green, Allysin Kay, Priscilla Kelly, Isla Dawn, Rebel, Mia Yim and several others shared the negative experiences that they’ve had with Blanchard over the years.

Blanchard was also accused of spitting in La Black Rose’s face in Japan and calling her the “n” word. Blanchard denied that claim in two separate statements via social media.


Right off the bat, I would say no.

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It’s like a choice between bad twitter PR and a women’s division no one rates but AEW should just bite the bullet and sign her. Capitalise off the buzz and if she fucks up again then just release her. They’ll at least have gotten a few months out of her and the bad press won’t last beyond the first few days.

It’s funny cause at the same time, her dad is in AEW. I don’t know what his opinion is.

AEW should just admit they don’t care if she’s a bad person. Bring her in as a heel and let her run. What do they have to lose with the women’s division at this point.

Like how WWE admits a Brock is a mercenary who only cares about money And basically embraces that reality.

Tessa is a bad unliked person in real life to most fans. Everyone knows this. So I would bring her in as a bad ass heel who beats up people and says the women are beneath her bc they all suck and she needs to compete with men. She could really be larger than life without having to sugar coat her

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I think most of the AEW women roster does not want her. I don’t know how they could.

I just can’t stand her. Such a lousy human being. I’ve probably met like 100 wrestlers & I would say two of them were kind of nasty. One of them was just having a bad day I think. The other was Tessa. No time for her.

It’s probably similar to Brock in that regard.

I am not defending her - she’s clearly a bad person. However their women’s division sucks so bad that they only decent match was brining in an NWA champ. Unless some of the WWE women can be signed away she’s the best option they have

There’s rarely anything about Brock going after people backstage to be honest. I feel like the guy just likes being alone. Doesn’t seem like he throws his weight around making people uncomfortable.

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No he doesn’t but I’m sure he’s not loved. He flys in and barely talks to anyone, works very lazy half the time snd gets paid and flys home before the show is done. This is on top of usually winning or squashing people (this part isn’t his fault of course). I’m Sure most talent are thrilled he’s not around

The issue I have is I think their women’s division is so bad right now that she alone doesn’t help. Especially with her baggage. Like there is maybe one interesting matchup with Shida, then what? She owns the division as a heel with no credible challengers?

Sadly you are right. There isn’t much there. If they do build her up as a massive heel maybe you buy time to bring in a new star down the line.

Honestly it’s not even that hard to fix.

There’s some talent on the roster (Shida, Swole, Britt, Abadon, Dani J, Statlander, Nyla, and Diamante/Ivellisse kind of)…But a lot of that talent is either green or being poorly booked.

I think furthering their relationship w/the NWA women could be big, b/c you can plug Rosa, Marti Belle, & Allysin Kay in and that immediately improves the division. And even if All Out was a one-off with the NWA, there are veterans like Jazz, Lufisto, and Kacee Carlisle who could instantly add credibility.

It’s not a difficult fix…The question is, does AEW feel like investing in the division? :100:


Given the bad press AEW has been given for their handling of the Matt Hardy bump at All Out, do you really want them to do this right now? Sure, if that didn’t happen, you could say “Oh well, let’s give it a shot and see if we can do something with her”, considering that their division REALLY need bigger stars to put in front of Hikaru Shida but right now isn’t the appropriate time IMO to take that gamble. I’d rather see AEW try to work something with the NWA to have the likes of Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay enter the division while getting Serena Deeb too.

I’m glad you brought up the names of Jazz, LuFisto and Kacee Carlisle (even though I admittedly don’t know much about her) because it baffles me that they haven’t even been considered yet for a run in AEW so far.

I’ll die on the hill that it is a crime and travesty that LuFisto has never had a run with a major promotion.


While I love the idea of AEW partnering with NWA during these times to boost their women’s division, it would provide so many great match-up options.

However, I’m still puzzled by the current standing of the NWA-ROH partnership. Since 2017 their have had this on again, off again partnership, and if I remember correctly around March NWA & ROH was still working together.

Hyperthetical speaking, wouldn’t ROH be able to block any further NWA-AEW co-operation?

Why? How did she act toward you?

I’ve met several wrestlers, and the only one I had a not so great interaction with was Lance Archer. It was a meet and greet for a reunion show of the promotion he started with in DFW, where he wrestled as Shadow. He wasn’t rude, just very cold and distant. He took a photo with me, but he seemed like he’d rather be elsewhere.

The bad press around the Matt Hardy incident will fade out after the next AEW show as people will just start talking about the fallout from that show. These controversies don’t last long.

If you think Tessa Blanchard is the best free agent for AEW. I say Cheerleader Melissa.

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1000% agree. Her work over the last year specifically has been tremendous, and she would be a huge edition to the AEW roster. Totally believe she deserves to be signed, or at the very least given an opportunity.

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