The POST Wrestling Christmas Show 2020

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Many surprise guests stop by the POST Office to chat with John Pollock and Wai Ting for the annual POST Wrestling Christmas Show! Plus, the POST Christmas Jingle Contest!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at POST Wrestling.


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Thank you again guys. The graphic looks familiar, though despite its nearly 6-hour runtime, I expect this to be more orderly than any Clusterf***.


Since it’s my favourite show of the year, I for one welcome the nearly six hour marathon ahead of me today.

Thanks guys!

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I admit I skipped to the jungle contest right away. Congrats @Sancty! I’ll be back next year to go for that elusive contest win.

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Jesus Christ this show was almost as long as WrestleMania 32! :smiley:

Thanks guys Merry Christmas post mark’s X

Post wrestling got a Trish interview

Early thoughts:

-Great job on the intro, Neal (Neil?).

-Legend has it, somewhere in Toronto, Wai Ting is still trying to figure out which anniversary he’s celebrating.

Great cameo by Trish but how did you manage to get an interview with the legendary Brandon from New Jersey ?

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Couple guests I will be skipping but looking forward to listening to most of this tomorrow.

Just started listening. That opener by Neal might be the finest piece of production I’ve ever heard.Unbelievable. Gold standard.

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There is a moment in this podcast that I genuinely popped for and may have been something I built up in my head as it’s own storyline but hearing a payoff was as rewarding as anything I watched in the entire WWE year. Maybe all of wrestling. It was borderline Golden Lovers reunion feels.

The new shows and the live recaps are great additions to the Patreon. The work that goes into this endeavor year after year is not unnoticed and supremely appreciated to say the least.

The POST Office is a special place. Happy holidays and a healthy new year to all!


“As some of you may know, I’m not really a fan of the Thunderdome setup.”

“You don’t say, W.H.”

Got some funny looks from the family in front of me for busting out laughing on the middle of a dog walk this morning. Merry Christmas/Happy holidays to all.

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Anyone know the songs played before each guest?

Before Alex Patel

Which ones specifically?

Mike Murray & WH Park
Andrew Thompson
Martin Bushby & Benno
Esther Lin
Braden Herrington, Davie Portman & John Siino

Mr. Blue Sky / Electric Light Orchestra
Died in Your Arms / Cutting Crew
This is The Way / E-Type
Photograph / Weezer
Yankee & The Brave / Run the Jewels


This show was great. A 6 hour runtime is a godsend for a long shift on Xmas day. Nice surprise to get a wee shoutout from @ADThompson and @wai0937. Cheers.

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Thrilled with my first POST Wrestling Christmas Show Jingle Contest win. Much love to @Brad_The_Archivist, @TheRemotePoint & @PodFatherSOH for excellent entries.

Merry Christmas everyone.