the Pun Appreciation Thread (PAT)

In order to provide some balance with the Fact Checking Thread, I purpose the Pun Appreciation Thread. It’s time to give the fellas a PAT on the back for some of their linguistic gems. All voices on the Post Family of Podcasts are eligible for a PAT. Only requirement is you appreciated the pun (so not merely a pun tally thread). All the podcasts after ‘John and Wai going out on their own’ are eligible.

Post Away! (wait, I mean Post-A-Wai!)


Rewind-A-Raw 4/9/18

John suggests that Paige can be the manager for AOP

John: the Authors and the Paige!

Wai: it writes itself!

Back to back homers for the Post Bludgeon Brothers: couple of PATs


Rewind-A-Smackdown 12/20/17

Jason Jordan talks to his pop Kurt Angle about The Shield.

John answers as if he was Kurt: the only shield I care about is the one I wish I used 25 years ago.

This is a pretty punny thread, I hope it continues to spread it’s web this year.

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Rewind a raw 1/8/18 “Delita” still my favorite


I’m a little mad I didn’t have that one ready to go @terrytino21 ! Good job!

That was a deep blast into the upper deck of the SkyDome (who cares what it’s called now!), round the bases, and all of your teammates PAT ya on the back. Great pun and good call by you.


John is great at the puns. Love how Wai no sells every time.

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Rewind-A-Raw 12/18/17

John would like to see a Ride Along episode with Vince and Hideo Itami.

Vince is driving, speeding like a maniac

Vince says to Hideo (cue Pollock’s Vince voice)

“If it’s too quick, you can always ‘Go To Sleep’.”

I made this a couple years ago.


The best thing about that is Wai breaking Pollock with his puns. I always think of John as the punster and Wai as a poor, innocent victim of John’s punishment… but Wai really does throw out some awesome puns himself sometimes.

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The deleater of worlds

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Hey, anyone new to POST wrestling (and didn’t follow the LAW) please go check out the ridiculously great stuff that @Brad_The_Archivist has posted on Soundcloud. He’s put in yeoman’s work in several different categories regarding our POSTmen.

(heck, I didn’t even remember you had a top 10 pun list from before Brad. I’m gonna go re-listen to all your stuff also!)

From me, thanks for all the time you’ve put into that Brad! (and continue to do with the show summary stats)


Dare I say the SD Live roster is inSanity!

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Rewind-A-Smackdown 4/17/18

The fellas (agreeing with the message board) are commenting on the newly appointed Smackdown GM Paige taking Kurt Angle to the woodshed on the ‘trades’ between RAW and Smackdown.

Wai says that ‘everybody’s singing Paige’s praises’.

John comments:

She took a paige out of the 2002 draft when Smackdown was all loaded up.

PAT awarded. Gonna have to ‘raise the bar’ for future puns using the word Paige. What does that mean?

(I called in Cesaro to explain): ‘well, we are the bar, so raising the bar would be a higher point in which a bar would normally be since we’ve set the bar higher than any previous bar setting would be setting a bar.’

(gonna have to really (rusev) crush any future 'Page" puns) :100::grin:

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@johnpollock should give himself a PAT on the back for that one!

Rewind-A-Raw 10/31/17
(yes I know these shows aren’t yet called Rewind-A-, but for simplicity sake let’s go with it)

The fellas are munching on some Halloween candy and are in the midst of Rewind-A-Fashion-Files when John utters:

‘I think it’s fair to say that these segments … they Twin Peaked months ago.’

Rewind-A-Raw 11/27/17

John mentions that Glen Jacobs is a Mayoral Kane-didate.

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Impact Redemption 2018 Post Show

John is talking about the Eddie Edwards/Sami Callihan post match angle with Eddie accidentally hitting his wife Alisha with the kendo stick:

they had a design in mind and it was very impactful

Nate chimes in later with a -not only because it was so impactful (to use your pun)-

sometimes it pays to just grab the low hanging fruit, pair of PATs

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Rewind-A-Raw 12-4-17

The fellas have just watched a solo match between Bo Dallas and Finn Balor.

John says ‘they tried to really put over Bo’s performance here with Graves saying he should be owed a Bo-nus’

Wai capitalizes on the opportunity with:

‘I thought this was a really BO-ring match’

Cue the fireworks!


Rewind-A-Raw 12-4-17 (both of the fellas getting one in on the same show)

John is expressing his frustrations with getting his laptop back in working order and comments:

‘Dell will never ever see a John Pollock purchase in their lifetime.’

‘They can go to Dell !!’

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