United States Election Night 2020 discussion thread!!!!

Why don’t we have a thread here for tonight just for the hell of it?


Kanye West takes on the winner.



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In both threads?


What about some predictions! Who do you think:

  1. Wins the president?
    1a. Who wins Pennsylvania?
    1b. Who wins Florida?
    1c. Who wins Texas?

  2. Which party has control of the Senate?

  3. Which party has control of the House?

  4. Do we have a clear indication if Biden or Trump won the election by late night Tuesday/early Wednesday?

Bidden wins
GOP remains in control of the senate
Dems retain control in the house
Yes, I think Bidden wins by a wide margin

But like I’ve said, nothing will surprise me.

This except I think the margin is smaller, and we may not really have a winner tonight because Trump refuses to concede

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Trump doesn’t like tough questions.

My answers

  1. Biden wins
    1a. Biden wins Pennsylvania
    1b. Trump wins Florida
    1c. Trump wins Texas

  2. Republicans keep the senate

  3. Democrats keep the house

  4. I think by the end of the night (early Wednesday morning) it’s obvious that Biden has won and he gives an acceptance speech. Followed by Trump refusing to concede until all the ballots have been counted, election fraud uncovered, lawsuits get settled, etc etc.

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Shy trump voters ruining my life

“It’s not a series until the road team wins a game…”

No early flips from 2016. Texas is currently Blue due to most of the reported votes thus far coming from Dallas, per CNN. Florida seems to change every time I click refresh (which is WAY too often).

Ohio is leaning Bidden quite a bit right now, however with this election being so unique with mail in ballots, who knows.

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The story seems to be early voting vs. in-person voting: Democrats voted weeks ago and Republicans voted today. Biden has had a bunch of apparent leads (Texas, North Carolina, Ohio) shrink or disappear as more and more data rolls in.

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Looking like a trump win

Guess I could move to New Zealand

Way way too early to say that. Bidden did loose his early lead, but that was to be expected.

If Bidden wins Ohio, it’s going to be very hard for Trump to win.

Really thought this thread would be more active.

Looks like trump got Ohio, Bidden appears to have flipped Arizona. Seems like at the moment Pennsylvania is a big one for Bidden. Hopefully he flips that as well.

Because this is fucking miserable. Looks like for the second election in a row the winner of the popular vote will lose because of the electoral college.


People get to high with the highs and too low with the lows. I’ve been going back and forth between CNN, FOX, TYT etc. (I try to get all perspectives). Everyone has said it’s going to be a dollar coaster of a night. Nothing is over yet.

Trump won 306-232 last time.

Bidden appears to have flipped Arizona and Iowa which is 17 seats (ie. 289-249).

*edit…Iowa appears to have flipped back to Trump

Pennsylvania is 20 seats, if Bidden can flip that it’s tied 269-269.

If I had to bet, sure right now I’d put my money on Trump, but it’s by no means over yet.