You said different from the groupthink.


It sucks that the threads here that get the most attention and replies are usually on the most negative topics.

The only time John Pollock ever offended me was when he said he’s never had cereal in his life. I am a strong cereal enthusiast and can’t fathom someone never trying cereal before.


I think there’s room for criticism of everything that is a product, especially if it’s constructive, and possibly in addition if the subscriber actually paid for the product. That said, his criticisms didn’t seem particularly attached to any reality, so he’s getting the reaction he deserves here.

On the politics front - whether I agree with the contents of the discussion or perspectives either take on it kind of feel irrelevant. I don’t subscribe/patron John and Wai to get some censored, sanitized form of their opinions in a business that is built on their opinions. Whether I like it or not is my own problem, not their’s. And while the forums can be a great place to actually discuss the content of what they say and the merits of it (and other perspectives), demanding limits on what they can say isn’t even close to reasonable, so I can’t even find even footing with MikeG’s posts. I’m glad to see most people agreeing on that front.


Most podcasts you here often have an anti Trump vibe to them. These guys do a great job of not coming across as anti Trump or anti Ford. It’s refreshing and they should be applauded for keeping their views largely out of the podcast

Well I can assure you that we will be okay without you. It’ll be hard but we’ll survive.

Since I usually just post for Feedback, I always miss the drama.

This whole thread is hilarious